Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, Monday.......its Monday

All you beautiful people Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
  This is gonna be a good one so hold on for the word vomit!!! Its Halloween....so I thought that was a fitting analogy to use :)
  Monday we went to visit this less active family and they were so very nice.  They have a super awesome dog, who's name is Zeus.  He is big and when he was walking down the stairs I was slightly afraid, but its all good because he is super nice.
  We had to make a pit stop at Walgreens Monday evening and we met a potential investigator, so I guess that comes to show that you can meet people anywhere.....which I thought I'd already learned, but apparently not well enough, because I keep learning it again, and again, and again.  (Did you hear that in the special voice from the book on tape we listened to once?? :) Because I did!) We were walking in the parking lot headed over to the car, when we started talking to the lady, she had brought a friend to the store and was waiting for her to come back out.  We had a pretty good conversation and I was able to get her name and phone number and address.  (Sometimes all the info we grab on people really makes me feel like a stalker, but its for a good cause......their Eternal Salvation, so I get over it and grab it anyways.) Turns out she has met with Missionaries before and she has a few hang-ups, for ex: Joseph Smith as a Prophet and adding to the Bible.....nothing the spirit can't help to fix right?? The answer is yes.  But that was pretty exciting, because before we got out of the car I just felt like I should grab a pass-along card and I did and then I used it for her.  So pretty cool to be able to feel a small prompting and have something come out of it.
  We went and hung out in the Meijer parking lot for a few minutes that evening.  Jk, actually we went to the parking lot to meet up for the exchange.  So then I said adios to Sister Ashby and hello to Sister Summers and then Sister Lee and I drove off to Milford.  The conference call was fabulous! They redid our Standards of Excellence so that they are attainable for everyone to reach.  We were also told how important it is that we use dignified language in all that we speak.  Also we were told that EVERY Companionship is to baptize in December.  Soooo I guess I better get busy!
  Tuesday was a good day.  Sister Lee cut herself some bangs.  I have a pretty funny video, but you'll have to wait to see it, because it is too big to send via email.  We had a bunch of plans to visit our investigators and such, but the Elders called and we ended up doing some service for a few hours instead.  It was good, and I even used a weedwacker.  I was pretty impressed with myself for doing so, so its okay if you want to be impressed too. :)  We had a member present lesson scheduled, and the member and us were present, but our investigator wasn't, so that was a shame.  Then we tried to contact some referrals with the same member, and that also did not go as planned.  When we were knocking on the one door she started laughing when it was apparent that no one was there, and she said "I can just see you doing this all day and not getting an answer, how fun."  We just laughed and said well it does happen a bunch, but sometimes we do actually get an answer.  It doesn't bother me, I just do what I can and hope that eventually something will work out, because the Lord is in charge and He wants there to be success, these are His children so I know something is going to happen.....hopefully soon tho :)
  Zone Conference!!!!!! Blessed day I was inspired!!! The spirit was phenomenal, it was so strong and I loved, loved, loved it.  I took 25 pages of notes, so that's gotta say something right.  We talked about lots of things and I wanted to go out and do everything that they taught us....right then.  I liked what President taught about how we live in the wilderness, and we need to learn to let it draw us closer to God, like Nephi and not be like Laman and have it pull us away.  One thing that truly stuck out was when President said "Your obedience influences someone else's Eternity."  How important obedience truly is!!!! It makes me want to be so much better, because exact obedience brings miracles.  President Bradley was there again, and everything he had to say was wonderful, as always!! He is an awesome man, I truly respect him, like lots and lots.  I
 loved when he told us we have authority to preach the gospel.  It is true and sometimes I think I forget how I have been Endowed with power and I need to make the choice to use it.  I don't know, I could just go on and on and on about what I learned, but I want to get to other stuff, before I run out of time.  But know this I was sitting in a room full of awesome power!!! The missionaries that I am surrounded by are fabulous examples and my leaders are inspired by God.  I know that to be absolutely true.
  Thursday we helped set up for our Ward's Halloween party and did a few things, and went to the Halloween party, and then helped clean up the party.  So that was good.  We also had a quick meeting with a potential who said that he would read the Restoration pamphlet and then get back to us....but I think we shall call him, just to make sure all is well and such.
  Friday we were domesticish and made Rice Crispy treats so that was fun.  We got to play with some adorable puppies which was fun. 
  Saturday we did some stuff..............I got adopted by this really nice old man. Who said that he would like to be my grandpa cool stuff huh?  I got the package from Grandma and yall.  That was fabulous timing, because it was chilly and I have been able to use some of the stuff that was sent.  I absolutely love the skirt, it was so cute, and my shirts and sweaters are greatly appreciated.
  Sunday is a wonderful day.  Sacrament meeting was fantastic!!!!! Like I took some really great notes.  "Faith is principle of action, nurture your faith".  Another was all abt being Children of God and was absolutely fabulous.  the last one was about Personal relationships and how important they are, and how the Atonement can help us thru anything.  It was such a good meeting.  We visited a less active family that is super nice.  We had sat down on their front step so I could write a note to leave on their door when they pulled into their driveway so that was good timing.  We looked kinda like weirdos sitting on their porch, but its all good.
  So tomorrow we are teaching Early Morning Seminary on 2 Ne 27. So I have reread that twice lately and it is so awesome.  I just can't imagine being Joseph Smith and translating it and realizing that Nephi was prophesying of you.  That would be crazy.  If you haven't read it lately I suggest you do because I really have enjoyed rereading it.
I love you and I love this gospel, I know that it is true.  Heavenly Father knows each one of us individually and we are each special to Him.  Jesus Christ did the will of the Father and He did it out of love for us.  Joseph Smith truly did see a vision and he Restored Christ's original gospel back to this earth.  We have a modern Prophet, and we can receive our own personal revelation.  Our testimony and our conversion are something that is so special and must be worked on everyday in order to stay strong. 
Have a fabulous week, and enjoy Halloween!!

        Sister Julie Ann

 My space...decorated so well huh?

Doesn't it look good.

Only in the Trailer park.......haha

Excuse the crazy hair.....it was at the end of a long day

We make good faces

So adorable huh????

 It was cold!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Starting new!!

It is one of my very favorite days.....all over again!!
  Hello everyone, I just love Mondays.....they are quite possibly the most exciting days of the week in my life, why, you ask, because I get to hear from all you beautiful people!!
Sometimes our weeks are weird, and that would be an accurate description of my past week.  We had a bunch of goals that we weren't able to meet and that was unfortunate, but good thing Monday always rolls around so we can try again.  Also I am glad that God is patient with us, because sometimes I feel like I use a lot of his patience.
  Monday night we went to go contact a few ward members that are unknown on our copy.  So we ended up at a Retirement home, and we went and looked at the list of people who live there and noticed that the lady we wanted to visit wasn't on the list, which left us two options, either she had moved or was dead.  As it turns out both of those things were true.  We were walking in the parking lot and this older gentleman was like "Who are you looking for?"  We told him who it was and he was like "She's dead, has been for a year".  Whoops!! Haha gotta love it when the people in the ward don't know what has become of those that live there so their records are still there.  Point of the story is that his name is Vance and he is a really awesome guy! He sat and talked with us in the parking lot for quite a while.  I love how even though we might go to an area for one reason we end up leaving it having fulfilled a completely different purpose.  We had no idea that we were going to meet such a great guy that night, but the Lord blessed us and Vance was placed directly in our path. :)  He is going to be turning 81 this next month and we are planning to find out when his birthday is and make him a cake, because that would be so fun huh??? Besides I love birthdays, and ain't nothing like having a celebration! 
  Tuesday was an indoor day.  Sister Ashby apparently did not fare as well as I did from our fast, so we did not really venture out into the world.  I was able to work on our map for quite a while and I also was able to read and mark more of the BoM.  I really want to put in a plug right here, I seriously suggest that if you want to get more out the Book of Mormon that you do a thing like we are.  It doesn't have to be the same as what we are doing, but I am gaining so much more from the BoM then I ever have before.  I have always loved the BoM but this time it is so much more to me.  I really, really, really, love my Blue copy.  It is kind of funny because I only read out of it now, so when I go to look for scriptures that I have marked I can't find them in my quad.  But anyways something for you all to consider.
  Wednesday we went to the library so Sister Ashby could do some of her training and I was so so excited, because that meant that I was able to spend some time on mormon.org and lds.org.   Which was absolutely fabulous in case you were wondering!! Who knew that those 2 sites would come to bring me so much joy?? Not me, but I love them!! I wrote down little phrases from each Apostle and the Prophet that they highlighted on the website.  I was also able to watch a million of the Mormon Messages, and I have a bunch that you should all watch.  The first one I'd suggest is called Courage....I think.  It is about Ester and it was awesome.  It was short sweet and powerful.....it might also be called Brave....I can't remember for sure...sorry. But you all have greater access to the 'net so I have full faith that you can figure it out.  This one is the most important one: Eric Lund!!!!!!!! Watch it and love it, I know that I did.  I'm not really sure why I loved this one so much, I just did.  It is a good one.  I also watched the one about Chris Williams and I almost started crying, I just want to be that amazing of a person and allow Christ to work through me that well.  His story amazes me everytime I think of it, and I wish that I was such a person.  But actually I never want a trial like his, so that I have cause to forgive in the same way as him.  Also I was able to watch a bunch more of them and they were all lovely so if you ever have some extra time on the internet you could head there and watch a few.  I was also able to make it 20 minutes into the Restoration, which was absolutely fantastic!! I love that movie so, so much!!! It just filled me with a desire to go and share the story with everyone, so they could know about it as well.  I love Joseph Smith so much and am so glad that he was inquisitive and asked God his questions.  I know that he truly was a prophet and that he was prepared from the beginning for his divine and distinct role to guide us in the last dispensation.  How amazing it is to be in the same state as where he lived for a while, even if I am no where near where he was.....it is still cool to think about it.
  Did I tell you how much I love the Snowdens?? and more specifically Sister Snowden? Because I really, really do.  We visited them on Wednesday and they are so wonderful.  They take good care of us, and Sister Snowden is actually the one that text you for me Karen.
  Thursday we had  District Meeting.  And I started wearing my jacket, and I am pretty sure that I am never taking it off until Summer comes again!!  District meeting was good, we were able to meet our new Montgomery Elders and that was exciting.  We (Sister Ashby and i) were able to do a role play with Elder Moore, which was just fabulous, because I always learn so much from him.  He was able to give us some good feedback and then when he taught us it was amazing!! He was teaching and testifying and it was just powerful!  After when we were talking about it I told him how I loved that he bore his testimony and he said that as soon as he bears his testimony it makes him comfortable and as soon as he is comfortable the spirit is able to take over and it is amazing.  So that is something that I shall be working on. I am so excited to work on it, because I know that the Lord will be able to bless me even more as I work on all my skills.  This is just going to be another powerful tool to use, so that is exciting.
  I shook Elder Foster's hand as he walked out the door, but I haven't actually met him yet.  I was able to see Sister Summers again, which just made my day!! I love her so much, and I hope that we can be companions at some point!
  We had lunch with Sister Scott and Melissa, it was so delicious and fun to have lunch with them.  I adore Sister Scott!! Also we are going to do some service for her.  We are going to teach Early Morning Seminary next Tuesday.  Crazy fun huh??? It starts at 5:50....so we are going to have to get up early and it shall be a new experience for us seeing as we never had to go to Early Morning before.  We went and visited one of my favorite Less Actives on Thursday.  I love her! So that was exciting.  We went over to the Newberry's for service and dinner that evening and we were a few minutes early so we went to do visit with this kid that was outside and it took him a second to warm up to us and then it turned out really well.  He told us later that he thought we were JW's so I am glad that we were not so that he was able to warm up to us.  He said that we could come back and talk to him sometime and it turns out he is dating one of the ward member's daughters.  How convenient huh?  Service was fun, we got to wrap presents for an early Christmas party.
  On Friday we had an appointment set up, so we had to break up Weekly Planning.  When we got to the appointment she wasn't there so we did a few other things in the area, and we went about our plans that we had set.  One of those plans was to go visit a referral from the Little Miami Sisters and when we got there they had a dog that was really not too happy that we were there.  He had a very, very mean bark and I was terrified....on the inside.  It took us a good 5 minutes to make it to their porch, but we did make it there.  I'm not so sure the guy was too impressed that we had actually made it too his porch.  He said that the dog has actually nipped people before.  So moral of the story is the Lord will bless you when you ask for the mean dog to not bite you.  I am living proof!!!! Thank goodness for answered prayers! As we were headed back home to finish weekly planning I had feeling that we should go visit a lady that had been a nonmember referral that we had contacted when we first got to Milford.  She had been really nice to us and said to try back in a month, so we went back on Friday and were able to have a prayer with her.  She is really a great lady, and we are excited because we have an appointment with her on Tuesday and one of our Ward Missionaries said that she could come with us to the appointment, so that is really exciting.  It just showed me that I really need to pay attention to the small things, because they can lead to miracles, such as finding an investigator.
  Saturday was also an excellent day, because Sister Ashby and I were able to go down to Abby's baptism, down in Cherry Grove.  I was so excited to know that Abby had made the decision to be baptized, and I am so glad that I was able to be there to see her on her special day.  It was such a great service, and I was excited to be a part of it.  As soon as we sat down and it started I started to actually think about the fact that I was speaking and then I was so nervous.  I was shaking a bit, but then I got up there and I just spoke straight to Abby.  I'm not sure I even looked at anyone else.  Afterwards people told me I did a good job, so that was nice of them.  Haha :)  I loved seeing my Cherry Grove Peeps again!!!!!!!!!!! One thing I did not realize was how attached I would get to everyone, and so going back and seeing some of my favorite people again was so wonderful.  They were all so nice and came over and talked to me and said how good it was to see me again....so I am pretty sure the feeling was mutual.
  Saturday was a wonderful day tho.  We were also able to see an investigator that we picked up a few weeks ago, but she has been really busy so we had had to cancel with her and we had pushed off meeting with her for a month, but I just felt like we should go drop off some cookies and we did and then she told us we could come back in the next week or two, so I am excited about that.
  Sunday yay for blessed Sunday.  We had a good correlation and Ward council meeting.  It is so fascinating for me to see the inner workings of the ward and listen to the ways that the leaders have been inspired about the ward.  It is also cool to know the same thing is happening all over the world every few Sundays!  I got this really cool quote from the RS lesson yesterday, "So long as there remains a step forward to be taken, that step should be taken." President Snow said that, and I love it, so I'd thought I'd share.
  We went and visited Kevin last night, and I just love him!!!! Like lots and lots.  He also kills me every time we go over, because he is so funny.  But I think he is in my top 5 of people that I love in this area.  I just hope that at some point he gains an interest in the Church.
  So in our conf. call this morning one of the Elders decided that we should go for 50 member present lessons this week! Holy cow huh?  We had 39 this week, so I hope that we can all do it this week.  I know that the Lord will bless us as we put in our effort though. I just hope that I can do my part, so I can be blessed.
I love you all so much!! Also I am sooooo, sooo, excited that you have Sister Missionaries now!!! I may be slightly biased, but Sisters are fun!!!
Have a fabulous week!!!
Love Sister Juile Ann
TJ Happy Birthday!!!! I hope that 12 is an awesome year for you! :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Week Gone Again

Good Morning!!
  Hello everyone, so its Monday again.  And good news this library doesn't care that it is Columbus day and is still open so I get to come email you!!! Happy day!! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to and that made me sad, actually it made me very very sad. But here I am, so we're all good! :)
  Also I forgot to say, but I am staying in Milford for the next transfer, and I am still training Sister Ashby. We are losing Elder Martin, which is so very very sad, but I know that he is going to be great, no matter where he goes.  Elder Lemmon is also leaving from our zone, and we are gaining  2 new sets of Elders in the Zone, so we will have 2 wards with 3 sets of Missionaries.  Crazy huh? The work is progressing and missionaries are everywhere!!! :)
  On Monday we visited a less active that is very sweet.  I was really hoping that she would invite us into her house, because it was sorta chilly, but nope that my friends did not happen.  So we stood on her porch and had a little visit with her...good times my friends. Note to myself though, I gotta start carrying my cardigan around at least in the car, because the day starts out a little chilly, not too bad tho, and then it is very pleasant, sometimes even hot, and then the evenings are beginning to be chilly so I need to work on my remembering skills I guess.  Monday evening we helped this sweet old lady in our complex take some groceries to her apartment.  She has a cane and she couldn't carry all of her groceries so she very willingly let us help her, which was fabulous, because sometimes we offer and people just look at us like we are crazy!!! Not a joke.  So she was really nice and invited us back anytime, which was a fabulous offer.
  Tuesday we had a great member present lesson with our investigator named Judy.  She also really seemed to like Sister Marchant, who until Sunday was our Relief Society President.  Judy thinks that all religions are good and she doesn't seem to think that there is a need to associate herself with us, and be baptized, but she does like us lots and said that she was getting attached to us, so that is good....at least I hope so.  The lesson went pretty well, when we actually got to it, she has a tendency to talk lots so we spent a bit of time off topic, but that's all good.  We are building a relationship and trust with her first, so then hopefully it will transition to her wanting to come to church with us.  She is a half-way progressing investigator, this week she is going to Tennessee with her sister, so we won't see her till the next week, but its all good.  We went and visited the Scotts and I love them, they are awesome!!  I really love Sister Scott, she is the nicest lady. She gave us a bag of chocolate which was so very nice, especially since it was Dove!  We went to the Hales for dinner and it was fun because one of their daughters was visiting and her kids were cute and funny.  And then we met up with Sister Fletcher and Sister Chapa for our exchange.  We found out about the exchange on Monday evening, but it was just for the evening, which was good news, because I have no idea how I ever would have planned for 2 days in our area!!! Planning for one day can practically kill me.  But the Exchange with Sister Fletcher and Sister Chapa went really well.  Sister Chapa and I visited a few members and I was really impressed with her.  I think that she is a great missionary.  I love Sister Fletcher and it was great to get some advice from her on how to do a few different things. Sister Fletcher is Sister Ward's replacement in being over all the Sister Training Leaders.  She is awesome and she left us some really cute notes on Wednesday morning.  She is fabulous and so fun.
  Wednesday we had district meeting which was great.  I learned lots and I loved the inspiration/revelation that I got from everyone else.  Especially Elder Martin he did this awesome training on simplifying and intensifying and he did it by his testimony of the BoM.  I didn't really explain that very well, but the point is it was good.  Lunch was fun. Wendy's is always good.  We did service for Sister Johns, and I love her!! She is awesome.  We spent some time in the park and met a some nice people, I don't know that anything will come of it, but it's always good to meet new people.
  We had an appointment that fell thru, but we ended up heading to a LA family's house and had a good visit with him.  We also found out that one person on the list no longer lives at the address listed on the list, but we did make the lady's day by giving her some cookies!  We went and met another Less Active, whom I also love! She is awesome, she invited us back anytime.  Which is great,it is always lovely when we have an open invitation, much better then when they half smile and say see you later.  We also went and visited one of our VTing people that we were assigned, one down two to go.
  We had a lesson with Sara, and she was a cute lady, but on Saturday she dropped us.  She was very nice about it tho. We spent some time over at Sister Snowden's and we love them, we actually visit them quite frequently.  Poor little Daniel, their not quite 2 year old son fractured his Tibia this week, so he is getting his hard cast today.  The poor little guy has already broken his ankle, on the same leg.  He is a cutie tho.
  Saturday was a lovely day! We were so excited all day that we were going to a baptism.  We spent some time at the park and met some awesome people, and then we checked the phone and found out that Sara didn't want to go to the baptism anymore.  Sad day! We really, really, really wanted to go, so we went and did an impromtu visit with Joanna, and convinced her to come to the baptism. Elder Moore gave a fabulous talk on baptism and Elder Martin baptized Kristen and their bishop baptized Issa.  The Spirit was so powerful! It was amazing, we were also able to give her a Chapel Tour afterwards.  She liked the building and she thought the baptismal service was nice.  She didn't come to church, but she did have a very good experience on Saturday, so hopefully she will want to come and feel that again. 
  Sunday we had church and actually before church we tried to take breakfast to a few people in hopes of getting them to church, but no luck, no one was home or would answer their phone.  So  I had tortured us unnecessarily that morning with the smell of cinnamon rolls. but oh well.  The Newberry's fed us dinner.  Skyline Chili, it was Sister Ashby's first taste....
  Oh so at church we had this awesome lesson in SS and  it was about the handcart pioneers and other such things, but Brother Talbert pulled in Mosiah 4:16-17 and talked about how we see someone we love stray and they struggle and that is how we may feel, but then you read verses 18-19 and that is what we need to do, because we all have things to repent of and we are called to rescue those that need help.  It was pretty powerful, so I had to share it with you!
  Today is shaping up to be a lovely day! I hope that you all enjoy your week and that you know how much I truly love you!!!
Read those verses and think about the revelation you yourselves get, because it is good stuff!
I love you all so much!!
         Sister Julie Ann

Our area

The day I found my camera.....I was soooooo happy!

Isn't Emily the cutest?!?

Check out my sweet band-aid.....in case you were wondering I do still seem to cut myself, quite often

The four of us

I love Sister Fletcher!!!

My cookie had no frosting!! it was tragic

Check out this cute outfit!

I really loved the chocolate!

Sweet tan huh?