Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

Hello Hello!!!
  Oh my goodness it was soo fun to talk to you this week!!!!! I was on cloud 9 all day!  I looked forward to it until it happened, and then afterwards I just kept reliving the beauty that was it.  If I had been thinking I coulda recorded it and then I could have relistened to it, because boy that time flew right on by, but it was the best Christmas present Ever!!!
  Hahahaha oh my goodness Mom, don't worry about spoiling the surprise!!! Hahaha I think it was a more exciting way to find out about it anyways! :)  haha I love it by the way!!!!  It is so fun to listen to a good variety of music, in the apartment, so Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  Alright my goal of this week is to make this a very legitimately awesome email bcuz I feel the ones of late have been lackluster sorts of deals.  I have 36 minutes to make this happen so we shall see if I succeed.
Monday we spent some time in West Milton, nothing much happened, but we got to meet some people, and we actually really scared this member.  So funny story: We knocked on her door, but apparently she didn't hear the knock and she came to her door to see if some things had been delivered and surprise! there we were.  Needless to say she was a teeny bit surprised and it was pretty funny.  Monday night we took Tiffanie to an appointment with us.  It was awesome!!! Tiffanie is a Recent Convert and it was perfect bcuz at one point Sister Anderson and I had absolutely nothing to say and she was able to jump in and testify thru some of her life experiences and it was killer cool to watch her in action!! One problem we were outdoors, and it was freezing.  But cold toes are not a big deal when it comes to helping someone feel the light of the gospel in their lives.  I have decided I gotta stop complaining tho.........I feel like I'm a big baby :)
  Tuesday I was w/ Sister Floyd all day since we were on exchanges and our day really did not turn out as expected but it happens.  We ended up singing Joy to the World to this family and let me tell you that thrilled me to use my less than stellar vocals, but they clapped for us anyways......I love kind people!! :)  Haha  Christmas Eve dinner was fabulous!! We were over at the Stucki's and when I say we I mean the other 3 Sisters and me.  That family is soooo cute.  Brother Stucki told us a really cool story about some Elder in Bulgaria....or somewhere.....I can't really rem. but anyways he was adopted by an LDS family they gave him a choice to be baptized (obviously he was ;) and then he also chose to be sealed and anyways he got called to serve in the country where he was actually born, and then his first area was the town he was born in and he found his birth mom and was better than that and you've probably already heard it but I just love it!! That story is direct proof that God is in charge of our lives.  There is always a divine path we just have to follow where it leads us!
  CHRISTMAS!!! It was fun to be w/ a young family in the morning to watch the little girls excitement! Opening my presents was pretty fun too!! I'll be honest when we went back to our apartment after the call I opened my special gift :) Hahaha I'm not patient enough to wait.  We had a good quick visit w/ Mike and we had a pretty good visit with the Spencers and Earl and Jennifer.  We talked abt the most random things tho..........Dinner w/ the Nybergs was fabulous!!!  But I think my favorite part was talking w/ Brother Nyberg abt what we can do to further the work in the ward and how we can spend more quality time w/ the members...we came up w/ some good stuff and I am excited to see it put into actual works....I'll let you know how it goes k?  Sister Webb made all of us Missionaries a gift...mine was a stormy blue works pretty well. I've already tested it out.
  We had Sister Stucki come out w/ us on Thursday and one appt fell thru but JOHN!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh my heck I love him!   He is open to learning and when he reads the Book of Mormon he really understands it very well. He thought he was supposed to finish 1st Nephi by time we came back for the second lesson and he made it to chapter 16.  When we were there for the second lesson he was describing all these things that occur in 1st Nephi and he understood all of it.  It was so awesome to see! I am pretty certain he understands some of Lehi's vision better than I do :)  It is wonderful to see the Lord's hand in our work and to have it shown that it really isn't our work at all.  Basically it was one word.  Not too many other exciting things to I gotta move on for the sake of time.
  Friday was Sister Anderson's birthday.  We were walking since we are very low on miles.  We had a lesson w/ Mike, and he prayed!!!!! That was awesome, we were soooooooooooooooooooooo excited! Dinner with the Crumbs was great, she told us her and her husbands conversion story and it is pretty great.  They found the gospel over in England.....pretty darn cool I think.
  Saturday we had a lesson with Mrs./(Sister) Russell is what I call her!!! Haha I love her......I wish you could all meet her, I want to adopt her as my 3rd Grandma..........she is sooo funny.  But we had a good visit w/ her. 
  Church was awesome yesterday.  I took 4 sticky notes notes.   I shoulda taken more tho....whoops.  We had a really good visit w/ Sister McCracken and was able to find out abt her and her family..........we talked all abt what we had learned in church and it was soooo awesome to see it apply so directly into what we needed for the day.  PS go look up Alma 33:23 its a good one!
  I got to bring this to a close but I love you all so much and I am thankful for all your love and support.  I hope that you know how much you all mean to me!
I hope the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 is fabulous for you!
        Sister Julie Ann......aka Sister Christiansen

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  I can't hardly believe its this time of year already! Time has flown quite on by and now it is the best time of year to just celebrate Christ and how important He truly is to each of us.
  I told you some crazy intense stories of things that have happened this week and I hope that you like hearing them firsthand instead of by written word, because quite frankly I didn't want to have to write some of those things out, I thought it would come better by me speaking to you.  I am so so soooo thankful for all of your prayers.  I want you to know how much I feel them and what a difference they truly make.  This week I was shown multiple times that God truly does answer our prayers and He can answer them very quickly and directly.  It is amazing to be a witness of such power.
  This week I met one of my very favorite people on planet earth!! No joke I felt an instant love for him and I know that God placed me and Sister Anderson here to help him, and so that he could help us as well.  I don't think I have felt such an instant love for someone in a while, so that was amazing to feel that, because I have been praying to have more love and charity, so I guess Derek is a direct answer to some of my prayers. (I'll have you know I just thought of this right now as I was writing to you!) Isn't inspiration an amazing thing?????? yes, yes it is.
  Yesterday we met a very nice JW. She was so cute she gave us a Watchtower, but I was also able to give her a Restoration Pamphlet, nothing like a good trade huh?  Haha I really hope she reads it, because she is so dedicated to her faith it would be awesome to be able to teach her and bring her closer to God and have a better relationship with her Savior.  I know that this gospel is truly the only way to eternal happiness and I really wish more people would take the time to listen to it, but all we can do is sound the trump and give them a chance.
  This week really has been phenomenal in terms of my growth and lessons for me to learn.  I feel like Thursday was a turning point for me, now I just hope that I can really follow through and act on it for the rest of my mission! It was a really important day and I know that when you listen to my recordings you'll see why. 
  I GOT TO SEE SISTER ROLFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness my lovely Sister from Zion!! It was fabulous!! I have missed her soooo, sooooo, much!!! I spent as much time with her as I could and it was bliss!!! I loved, loved, loved it!!!
I want to leave you with my testimony. I know that this church is true, it is the way to complete happiness, and as we each take the time to read the Book of Mormon our individual questions about anything in life will be answered.  I know we have a living prophet on the earth today to lead and guide us, because Heavenly Father loves us just as much as He loved those in the past! I know that Christ is my Redeemer, Savior and Friend. He truly knows and loves me and He is the Light of this world.  May we each remember Him throughout our whole lives is my prayer.
I love you more than words can tell!!
I can't wait to talk to you in real life, its going to be great!!!! :)
        Sister Julie Ann Christiansen

Monday, December 16, 2013

This is a quick one

So I only have 14 minutes so sorry this is going to be super quick.  Those recordings took forever and a day to send so probably not so many next time round.
So I got 2 packages today, it was pretty fun I got one from G'ma an G'pa and then one from Uncle Larry and Aunt Becky.  Also I got my one from Grandma on Saturday and I opened it yesterday....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe its almost Christmas, time has seriously flown by!!
This week has been a fabulous week.  Sister Anderson and I have been able to witness the many small miracles that God gives to us daily.  I have truly been blessed.  One of the highlights of my week was indeed Zone Conference!! I absolutely had an amazing revelatory experience and I was able to receive answers to both of my questions.  Not only did I receive answers though, things really stuck out to me on action plans as well, because I know it is great to receive answers, but it is also important to know how those answers are truly going to help me out.  I also loved the opportunity to hear from Elder Christofferson, and then to be able to tell people things that he said that were relevant to them and their personal situations.  It reminded me of how Elder Bednar has said that the things you study will come into direct use each day if you are studying as you should.
There is a quick blurb for you...on to some stories.
So one time we were walking and these nice people said Hi to us, and so I wrote down where they lived.  This week we went for a walking journey and were going to go knock on their door, but Heavenly Father was smarter and had them be outside.  We were able to talk to them really quick like and gave them a Pamp, and then yesterday we went and dropped off some cookies and set up a return appt.  I love how the Lord works.  You can truly tell He is at the head of this work, because sometimes we have these little ideas that He totally magnifies.  I love it, talk about the best Boss ever!
So another story...I was told I looked tired at Zone Conference....Probably yes I was, but thats a bummer that I looked it.  We had to get up at 5 to make it there on time since it was down in Middletown. But it was so worth it and beyond.  I loved learning from President and Sister Porter, and then Elder and Sister Perkins were absolutely fantastic.  THey are inspired people and I love hearing people who truly let the Spirit work thru them. 
Stake Conference was phenomenal!! Elder Smith and Elder Christofferson spoke so wonderfully.  At the end yesterday it was really cool cuz Elder Christofferson gave the people a good 2 or 3 minutes worth of blessings.  It was so cool to be able to be there to witness it.  One thing that really stuck out to me was how He talked abt Faith being an action and how sometimes we have to repent before we gain the faith we need.  Insights He gave were so fabulous!! I just wish that I had my notebook so I could share more with you right now. 
This next week is going to be a week of miracles, I am throughly convinced that I need to step my game up so that I can receive all the blessings God is willing to give me so long as I do what I have covenanted to do. 
In Zone Conference they talked all about how our obedience brings us so many blessings and that is definitely something I have seen over and over again, and the reason we always talk abt it is because you can always do better.  There is always something to increase some step that we can reach a little farther for.  I am so grateful for each and every one of you.  Your love, support, and prayers truly make a difference in my life, and it makes me want to be so much better, because of your examples to me.  I cannot tell you how much my testimony has grown, and my understanding of the Atonement and tho it is something I will never understand or comprehend I know that it is for me, and you specifically.  Jesus Christ was born so that I can be born again, so I can be made clean.  I know that He is the only Begotton of the Father and I am forever grateful to Him and His sacrifice for me.
I love you!! I hope you each take some time to study the Atonement and what it means to you as we all take time to Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!!
        Sister Julie Ann :)

Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello hello from Snowy Dayton!!
  Yes my dear familia it did indeed snow this week.  It was a bit chilly too but you know such is winter, and I think I'll take my degrees over yours, however I could do w/out the humidity, seeing as that can make things a bit more chilly.
  Sorry to have worried you, but I love my companion.  She is super cute and quiet, but we have lots of fun together.  We are working on each other getting to be all boldsauce and everything.  Sister Anderson is from Orem, and she has been out a bit longer than a year.  She doesn't like to drive in the snow, so the official driver for now is yours truly.  Basically I love to drive, and the weather really doesn't bother me.  

  Cole, Jordan, Robyn, Kent, Jessie, Colton and Dillon Good luck this week!!!! I know you are all going to do fabulous on your finals, because you are all the smartest people I know!! :)

Time In!

  I know nothing about how Christmas is going down.  Sorry about that, but I am as in the dark as all of yall.  President is a little busy right now, seeing as this week is a mission tour with a member of the 1st quorum of the Seventy...Elder Perkins....I think....actually I'm almost positive.  You'll be the first to know when I find out tho, I assure you.
  This week we have had a few set-backs with people not being there for the appointments we had scheduled, but I know that this week there is going to be a lot of change.  We are very determined to do everything we can with the Lord to see miracles.  I know that He is in charge of this mission and I need to give Him the opportunity to lead me.  I love that we have the opportunity to speak with Him whenever we want, and that we can receive very direct answers.  This week I had a blessing and the  words that were spoken were exactly what I needed to hear.  I love that our church has the Priesthood, and we can be directly blessed by the same power that created the Earth.  My testimony is so strong on how the Lord gives us exactly what we need, in the exact time we need it.  I am so excited for Zone Conference this week and Stake Conference as well.  I know that everything is going to be amazing! 
  So that is some of what I told President this week, I decided to insert it just in case I'm not able to give you full details of everything that happened this week.
  Monday I lost our phone.  It was a bit of a problem, but hey that is what prayer is for right??? We did indeed find it again with the Lords help so no worries all is made right in the  phone life....t'would have been real awkward esp since we had a very imp call that night.....our Conference call.  
  We also met the coolest guy ever on Monday night and set up a return appt for the next day and we got a member to come with us and everything and he has been going thru a bit of rough time and so we weren't able to actually go in and teach him, but he did accept the BoM and the Restoration and PoS pamphlets and he said that we could go back and visit him in a few I'll keep you posted on him.
  We tried a bunch a people all thru/out this week and the common theme was that people weren't home so not as much turned out as we were hoping, but hey there is always a new week right?? least until there isn't!
  We had dinner w/ Sister Terry this week and I love her, she is so sweet and she does so much for all of us missionaries, I feel bad that she does so much but I really appreciate all she does for us.
  We had an awesome companionship study this week.  On Wednesday we worked on using the pamphlets more and it was awesome.  There is definite power in using them, because those pictures and the simple statements speak wonders.  Elder Barnett started us off, and then Elder Thompson came in for a few minutes until Elder Elquist got there, and then Elder Thompson actually came in to teach us.  But then at the end Elder Elquist had us tell Elder Barnett he was going to hell for smoking....he was trying to get all of us Sisters to be bold.  I tried to get away with using a scripture about damnation instead....(since all damnation really means is that your progression is stopped) but they didn't let me do that, they made me be bold and call him out.  But to make a long story short it was a really good study time, I learned a lot and Sister Anderson and I are trying to be better at teaching simply and using the pamphlets.
  We had a visit w/ a LA who says that she has been thinking about coming back to church, but she would have to change her work schedule, but she sounds serious about it so that would be phenomenal ya know....she has already talked to another girl at work about switching days after the end of this year.  So I'mma pray for that.
  We taught this really awesome lady on her porch this week and tried to set up a return appt but she was like I'm expecting in two weeks so I don't know when would be a good time.  I felt like that was a legitimate reason to not set up a return appt but we have her address and we are planning on dropping back in sometime she took the BoM and pamphlet so we can check up on that and her and the baby.  4 birds one stone sorta deal.
  This one LA that we both adore we met her BF this week. He is really awesome and I feel like he has potential but we gotta work up to that point I suppose.
  Zone meeting was good.  I got to be companions w/ an Elder during a RP which is always slightly awkward....but it all worked out.  I learned lots and again it was stressed to us to use the pamphlets.
  Friday night all the cars in the mission were grounded, so we met some neighbors.
  Saturday the Elders had a baptism and then I had Elder Barnett give me a blessing.  It was just what I needed.  I am so grateful for the Priesthood.  Also I am glad that I already knew Elder Barnett, because its always nice to have someone you know give you a blessing.
  Church was good and the Devotional was fantastic!!!

I hope you have a killer good week!! I love you all :)

        Sister Christiansen....aka Sister Julie Ann

Monday, December 2, 2013

Englewood Ward Newbies!!

Hey you beautiful people!
  I'm going to start off by saying, Ohhhh my Gosh!!!!! I can't believe that Paul Walker is dead! That is horrible!!! But I really also can't believe the irony of him dying in a car and all........weird.  Sad day tho! I think my heart broke a wee bit.
On to other things now.......I don't mean to be insensitive to him or anything but yeah.....
Tuesday I cried when I had to say bye to Sister Summers, it was very hard, she is like another legit Sister to me.  But crazy sauce.  She is the Senior comp to Sister Ashby nowadays.  Crazy huh?  I was really sad to leave the Cincinnati East Zone, but now I am in the Dayton Zone so that is exciting, and I have been able to be on a campus for a brief moment.  Cool for sure.  So Dayton is very proud of the fact that the Wright brothers are from around here.  We see stuff about them around many places. 
  Like I said in my other email, we were doubled in. We now have a beautiful 2014 Silver Chevy Cruze....its so nice.  Sister Anderson and I are over Vandalia, and we have a ton, a ton, a TON of Less Actives, that we are going to fire up about coming back to Church.  The ward is pretty small, as in attendees on Sunday, the roster is huge tho.  We are going to do our very best to rekindle the fire of these people's conversion tho, and bring them back, because you never completely lose your testimony, so I know its there....somewhere.
  Also there is a new sister from Grace Idaho. cool huh?
We have met a ton of cool people and I am way excited to continue to keep meeting the children of God that He has prepared for us. 
The Church is true and I love each and every single one of you!
Have a great week!!
Love Sister Julie Ann

I am quite sad about the Aggies, but it looks like it was killer fun to be there at the ESA! You lucky people you! :)
I am with Sister Anderson and we were doubled in.  We are now the 3rd set in this ward.
Sister Anderson was the first Missionary that Sis. Ward trained cool huh?
We actually live in Vandalia! Which is right next door to the Dayton International Airport.  Cool beans eh? 

We have the cutest couple that we have gone and visited twice since we got here and I love them to absolute pieces, they are so sweet to us.  We have gone thru and visited a ton of the Formers and we found one investigator out if it so far, but I'm optimistic something else is going to come of them.  They all seem to be awesome people. 
  Ohhhh also guess what?  Elder Barnett is one of my Zone Leaders that is kinda fun.  We get to serve in the same ward again.  Also we are in the same ward as the Zone Leaders, and the Sister Training leaders.  At this last transfer they put almost all of the Sister Training Leaders together.  Mine are Sisters Floyd and Schmitt.  Sister Schmitt is so sweet, I really really like her.  Also I do like my new Companion she is really quiet and very nice.  I love you all!!!
Love, Sister C......because everyone here seems to think that Sister Christiansen is much tooooo long and complicated to say.....hahaha

Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey Everyone,
  The big news of the week is that........I'm being transferred.  Tomorrow Sister Marchant has so kindly agreed to take us to the meeting so Sister Ashby and I can meet our new companions.  We never got a training call, so I think both of us might be having a Senior Companion, which would be lovely.  I had a feeling most of the week that this was going to be the outcome of today's call, and I was right.  Thank goodness for those feelings that prepare us for the change that is going to occur.  I finally told Sister Ashby on Friday that I was pretty sure I was going to be transferred, so she had a few days to get used to the idea, before it actually happened. 
  I am really excited though!! I have the opportunity to go and meet a bunch of new people and have an awesome new companion I am sure.  I'll let yall know next week all the new deets of my new situation.
  Sad news of the day, alas I did not get a picture of Kevin, he has been out of the State for awhile.  I guess I'll just have to get transferred back so you can see who it was that I was talking about lots and lots.  Also Emily is indeed Kevin and Jamie's little girl.  She's so cute huh?
  Tuesday we invited Matt to be baptized and he told us not right now, there are a few things he needs to take care of first, but it was the first extension the two of us have done together.  Bummer it didn't really turn out as expected, but hey its a work in progress.   We had dinner with the Hillards on Tuesday and Sister Hillard is from South Africa! Cool huh? She is actually from Cape Town, and has a killer awesome accent.
  Wednesday we went and got to help Sister Scott with a BoM timeline for her Seminary Students.  It is pretty cool, I love it, and want a picture to put in my scriptures so that I can have the timeline make sense to me, in order for me to better teach it to others.  We taught Sister Snowden how to do a sock bun, that was pretty exciting! 
  Thursday we went and visited with Sister Johns for a few minutes and I just think she is the coolest lady ever!! Not a joke I want to be like her when I grow up.  We had a late lunch with the Scotts and the YSA Sisters, and then Sister Scott came with us to a lesson.  It turned out fabulous!!! It was the most progress that we have made with Judy yet.  I was sitting there in awe from the things that were transpiring.  Too cool for words, the Spirit is simply phenomenal!!!!! 
  Friday we had an appointment with a Less Active family.  With them it is just slow and steady progress I believe.  Hopefully they can find their way back to activity, I feel that with the right fellowshipping he will definitely come back, she however will take a bit more work.  Exciting news for Friday afternoon however was, we found this really awesome boy a few weeks ago and it just hasn't worked out to actually teach him, but we set up an appointment with him for Fridayand we felt really good about it.  As we were studying we both felt that we should extend baptism to him, and we were both very excited.  When we got there on Friday afternoon he came out of his door and said, "I already know what you are going to ask me."  We were both a little shocked, and so he went on to tell us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon, finished the For the Strength of the Youth, and he has read the Restoration pamphlet we gave him.  He said that it all makes sense and that he wants to get baptized, however his family is not religious and so he is planning on waiting until his 18th birthday, which unfortunately is next August.  He has already progressed so far without missionaries because he has a good friend who is a member who has been a good example to him and given him the FTSOTY and BOM.  Sister Ashby is planning on keeping up with him and seeing if they can't help him progress to getting baptized a little sooner.
  Cool huh?  I think so.  I just hope that if it is his family that is indeed holding him back, which definitely seems to be the case that they soften more to the Church so that he doesn't have to wait so long.
  Saturday we spent some time with Sister Belliston which was fabulous!!!  She helped us update my GPS and it was a lovely time.  We had a referral that we were able to contact and she ended up becoming an investigator, which is very exciting.  I think there is some definite work to be had there.  I also think that Sister Ashby and her new companion might be able to help her a lot in her life, and also they might be able to get some of her family more interested in what the Gospel can offer them. 
  Sunday Church was really good.  Sister Johns spoke about Missionary work and it was absolutely fabulous!! Brother Creer our WML also spoke and he told some hilarious stories, which was fun, but his talk was also very good, his happened to be on Agency though.  Dinner with the Dalziels was so fun!!!  They are a super, super fun family.  I am super glad that I got to go over to dinner with them before I left.  YW in Excellence was great, we went to it with the Dalziels.  The girls in the ward are so cute, I am so impressed with the trials they face everyday, and that they are able to stay so strong to what they believe. 
  Today has been a day full of packing, and unfortunately I'm not finished yet!! Geeze-Louise I gotta stop accumulating things.....  Good news folks! Your package came today, so now I don't have to worry that I might not get it for eons of time because it came before I left. 
I would definitely suggest that you all take a chance to read Joseph Smith History 1:11-13 as soon as you get the chance it is great.  I spent some time there this morning and it was time very well spent!!
Austin.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I can't believe you are 12 buddy!! I hope that you have an awesome day!!
I love you all very much and am so grateful for each and everyone of you!! I hope that you know how much I  love you and the love and support you give to me!! I hope that your Thanksgiving is simply the Best!!!!!
Love you!!!
Love Sister Julie Annie

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Experiences!!

Hello, Hello!
  Yesterday we were indeed under a tornado watch/warning.  Cool beans huh?  As we were walking out of church Brother Belliston asked if either of us had ever been in a warning for a tornado to which we both responded no, and he said "Well now we're under one!"  It was pretty funny.  So we were a tinsy bit apprehensive about what was going to happen, because we went to visit a potential on Saturday and she was the first person to tell us about there being a tornado watch.  She actually told us not to leave our apartment.  She said make up some excuse, don't go anywhere tomorrow!  I don't care if you have to tell them you have an aching toe! (not going to lie, I couldn't hold back my laughter at that excuse she made up for us).  Against her advice we surely did leave the house on Sunday, but church is important ya know!?! :)  Besides I have it on good authority the Lord protects the Montogomery Church (there was a tornado that took out a part of the neighborhood surrounding our building, but the church wasn't harmed at all, a few years ago.)  We had dinner with the Keiffers and then we went and visited the Bryants.  While we had been at the Keiffers the sirens had gone off, but we didn't really know if it was the watch or warning, so we decided better to be safe than sorry right? and off we went to the Bryants.  They are such a fun family, and their daughter Emily is the one who text you yesterday Mom.  So all in all my first experience under a tornado watch ended up just fine, because we didn't have one.
  Alright on to the rest of the week!
Tuesday we had dinner with the cutest family ever!!!!! The Farnsworth's had us over and they have four of the cutest little girls I have ever seen! Also they live on one of the coolest streets......ever, so that was a definite plus.  I took a picture and you know that I will be sending it to you, because it was to great of a thing to pass up!  We also had to head off to the Little Miami Sisters place for our exchange.  We made a slight detour to the Church because Sister Ashby had left her BoM there on accident when we had been there that morning.  We weren't sure if it was going to be open or not, so we had the Montgomery Sisters meet us there, and we got in, but we couldn't find it, sad day!!  Off we went to Little Miami to be with our other Sisters. 
  Wednesday.  I was supposed to be on exchange with Sister Lee, but I ended up with Sister Summers!  Sister Summers and Sister Ashby were going to go do service but they hadn't told us that, so Sister Ashby did not have a pair of jeans to do service in, and since Sister Summers and I are the same size she loaned me a pair of her jeans and we were going to do the service project and then switch later, but Sis. Summers and I did all our studying together and had this awesome lesson planned for two of their investigators, and we had a little bit of inspiration regarding another one, and since we had role-played and all that together Sister Lee decided that we could be together for the day.  It was a good day.  I love being with Sister Summers!! She is so fun and we are similar in many, many ways so it was great to be with her all day long.  I went with her to their ward correlation meeting and I have an awesome quote to share.  "Prayer is not a trival matter, rather it is a sacred privilege."  I love that, because I know that sometimes I forget that myself, and I want to be better at making sure that I treat prayer as the special thing it is, instead of looking at it as something that I have to do before I do something else. 
  Later we found out that Sister Mandigo, one of the Montgomery Sisters who had been here on a trial mission had to go home with health problems on Wednesday, so that was sad.  I am glad that we got to see her on Tuesday and tell her I loved her.  Things happen quickly and that was a reminder to me of that.
  Thursday we were back in our Milford area.  We had our lesson with Derrick.  He is really awesome.  Last time we met with him we were not able to answer all of his questions, and the best way to truly answer them was with the Restoration.  He believes in the Trinity and he does not see how we can say that God has a body of flesh and bones, we explained that it really comes down to if Joseph Smith is a true Prophet.  He is also a little concerned about that as well.  The good news is we haven't been able to answer all of his questions both times that we have gone and had a lesson with him, so it gives us a good chance to come back with answers to his questions.  He is really an awesome guy, and I am so glad that I have had a chance to meet him.  I really enjoy teaching him, because even though he knows the Bible much better than I, he is willing to listen to what I have to say about the different verses he pulls out to discuss.  We were able to leave two copies of the Book of Mormon with him, and he said that he would read it.  We told him that is how he will find his answer. 
  I really, really love Derrick.  It makes me so happy to actually teach someone who is sorta looking for an answer.  He is a little wary of our religion, but there is such potential there I know that the Spirit can work wonders on him.  We met this awesome guy named Damien and we haven't been able to get incontact with him since, but I had a good feeling about him, so we shall see.  There is this one super cute lady that we have talked with a few times, she hasn't been interested in our church yet, but she does ask us some questions.  We just dropped by randomly and talked with her for a while on Thurs, but she wants to have us over for lunch and then we told her we could help her with some of the projects she is looking to get done.  Service opportunities are the best!!
  All in all, I loved Thursday
  Friday this really sweet lady had us over to breakfast, and we were able to answer some of her questions.  I think that the Lord is slowly working on her.  I don't think I will ever be able to make too much progress with her, but who knows the Spirit works miracles so maybe it can happen!  But we told her we could come back later in the day to help her with some service, and as we were driving there she told us not to come because it was too windy.  We had already driven over there and so we decided to go do service for someone in the general area.  We prayed about it and orginally we had 6 names of everyone in the general area, and then we narrowed in down to 2.  Sister Ashby suggested this one family, and I was hesitant to go there, because we had just been there on Tuesday, but we prayed again and I got the name too.  I was still not sure that is where I wanted to go, but the Spirit said to go, so we did.  We actually ended up cleaning their garage. I know that when they woke up cleaning their garage was not even on the agenda, but then we showed up and we gave it a good go.  Lesson learned follow the spirit, even if you don't want to.  I also think we won't be showing up at their house, at least until it is actually scheduled.
  Saturday Happy 29th Anniversary Parental Units!!!! :)  We went and visited this sweet older lady from the Eastgate ward who is in a care center just a few minutes from us.  She was so sweet.  Sister Ashby and I sang "I am a child of God" to her, and oh boy we messed up the second verse.  We had a bit of a hiccup remembering the words, lesson learned, carry your hymn book all the time, so as not to mess up easy songs!! When we got back in the car I just laughed, I don't even know how many times I have sang that song, and then to mess up when you are singing to someone bad :)  We had our correlation meeting, and afterwards the Creers fed us Hawaiian Haystacks, which were fabulous!  Neither of us had had them in a while, so it was fun.  We went and visited a few people and overall it was a pretty good day. 
  Sunday is always a lovely day, I mean, I get to take the Sacrament, so what wouldn't be great about that?  In Ward Council Brother Beck said this awesome thing about prayer, I actually can't remember what it was exactly, but just know that it was cool, and again reminded me of how important prayer really is.  In RS we had this awesome lesson on Charity and I was reminded of how much better I need to be at having charity for everyone, and always put others in front of myself. 
  Today, I was reading in Alma and I read Pahoran's epistle back to Moroni, after he had kinda been harsh to him, and the thing that stuck out to me was how much charity Pahoran had.  He was not mad at Moroni at all, he just said I'm sorry you are upset you have a right to be upset, but you don't really know the whole situation.  I thought that was an awesome way to handle that, because if it had been me, it wouldn't have been handled in that sort of way, I think I would have been all worked up and who knows what would have happened.  Kind of cool to see the lesson we had yesterday come into play in my studies today. 
  Sister Garcia and Jessica came and picked us up and we went down to Jungle Jim's which was pretty fun.  Sister Garcia is so nice!! She said to tell you Hi Mom.  So Hi from Sister Garcia!!
I think this week is going to be a normal far as I know.  We are going to be focused on finding, because we really need to have a teaching pool.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary.  Today in our Zone call I just was able to have this awesome reminder of how this truly is such a short time, and how I need to completely immerse myself in the work!!  I love you all and I hope that you have a great week. 
I would also suggest that you all go thru and reread the talk from this last conference by Elder Richard G. Scott.  We read it this week and it is just fabulous!!!
I Love you lots and lots!!!!
         Sister Julie Ann

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What a Week

Hey You Beautiful Peeps!!
  This is going to be short and sweeeeeet, not unlike myself :) haha that was a joke so be sure and laugh for me.
I am so glad that Sister Richins is safe, I had no idea the magnitude of what was happening until last night at dinner when the Talberts were telling us all about it, and I got sick thinking about Kelsie.  So thanks for keeping me updated on her.
  Happy Late Veterans Day!!  My day was wonderous, so I hope all of yours were fabulous as well.
  Mom thanks for grabbing me the Ensign.  I got it today, and I am so happy to be able to read and mark up what I will.  There isn't anything like having modern day revelation at your fingertips huh? :)
  We had dinner with the Garcias this week, and that family is fabuolous!! I just love them they are super awesome,  Sister Garcia made homemade bread and cookies to send home with us too, so we went and dropped some off to Kevin, because we just couldn't eat them all, and that way we were able to visit with him for awhile, which is always fun. 
  So I have this new way of marking my scriptures with tabs, that are really pretty cool, when I'm all finished I'm going to send you a picture of the beautifulness that is them. 
  We did not have District Meeting since there was a humungus meeting for all of our leaders with President, and some Salt Lake People.  This week we have graduated from Rice crispies to actually making cookies, so we have been delivering those to lots of people this week, which has been fun.
  Our power went out on Wednesday for a while, so that was fun.
  We spent a bit more time in one of the trailer parks this week. Not as much as usual, but we had an investigator, that unfortunately we can never get in contact with.  We'll keep trying but we shall see what comes of it.
  Friday was a high milage day.  We went visiting people in Goshen we have never met before, and saw part of our area we  have never before seen til that day.  We went to visit an unknown on the ward list and ended up meeting this really nice guy from Alabama, whoes name was Chuckie, and automatically I thought of #HolyChuckieKeeton!! I can't help it :)  Also we met this other really friendly guy who talked to us a lot, and he said we can come back so hopefully we will be able to teach him about the Gospel, because we found out thru our convo that he already lives some of what we believe, so it would only be a few more do-able!!
  We met this really nice girl on Saturday who is dating someone from the ward, and she liked us so that was good news.  We are actually going to go back today and see if we can't catch her home again!
  We went and visited a family on Sunday evening and were actually able to share a really awesome message with them considering this week that they have.  One of their daughters actually was killed in a car accident 3 years ago tomorrow, and the message we shared was about trials and how God knows everything and we go thru things to help us. 
Today we had Zone Meeting and it was fabulous!! I learned a lot about being a better missionary, by better understanding my purpose.  It was a great experience. 
Sorry that this is so short, but know that I love you all to pieces, and your love, support and prayers mean more than you know!!!!!!!!
I Love you!
        Sister Julie Ann

Monday, November 4, 2013

Its a quickie

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like outstandingly much!!! 
  Sorry that there are no individual emails this week, but know that I love you all very much so in an individual way.  We are going to do some service for a member in the ward, so we are not spending all of Preparation week to get ready, hence the shorter email time this week, but I wanted to forwarn you all.
  We had 22 lessons this week!! That was exciting.  Only one was to an investigator, but hey I'll take it.  We pretty much exhausted our supply of members in our half of the area.  I love being busy and that's what we were this week. 
  This weekly round-up is going to be significantly shorter but better luck next time eh?
  Monday I'm skipping.
  Tuesday we got to go visit the sweetest 87 year old lady.....she even gave us each a picture of her. So that was exciting.  Sister Ashby and I had had the best study session earlier that day, but the person we were studying for cancelled her lesson w/ us and we rescheduled for tomorrow, and Sister Marchant is coming with us so that is awesome!  Also that day turned into our day of service, it was pretty fun we did things from yard work to wiping down blinds.  Nothing like a good array of things right? :)
  We had an awesome lesson!!! It was w/ a media referral, which are kinda my favorite things ever!!! I'm going to insert part of my letter to President so I don't have to rewrite things, because hey this is me we are talking about and we all know that I'm kinda lazy :)  The highlight of my week was contacting our media referral.  When the visit first started it was mostly a question and answer sort of deal, because he is taking a world religions class and he wanted to find out about our faith.  However as time went on he was asking questions for his own knowledge.  It was honestly one of the highlights of my time in Milford.  It felt so good to be teaching people who were not members, seeing as his wife came and joined us as well.  They are really awesome and it worked out quite well that we weren't able to answer all of his questions, because we have a return appointment set for this week.  I honestly could not stop grinning during the appointment and I walked out their door already loving them!!!! Like lots and lots.
  Thursday we spent some time with Sister Snowden and I have a recording to tell you about that day, so I hope you enjoy.  Basically I think you should all be impressed by the service I did that day, and yes, I am counting it as service!!
  Going in early was weirdly nice.  I think the weirdest part was that we had to have our weekly planning so condensed.  It did not feel like enough time, but hey we got it done.
  We went and visited a mem. referral, which I'm going to throw a plug out, I also love them lots and lots!!  She was awesome...hopefully we will be heading back soon to do some painting.  Also Sister Dalziel gave us an Ab Circle, so we'll see if it does anything for us......Here's to hoping.
  Saturday we visited one of my favorite less actives and we even got to meet her husband he was awesome.  We shared a quote with her from GC and she loved it so much that she went and copied it for herself.
  Sunday!! Fast and testimony meeting was incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like oh my gosh!! The spirit was so strong.  After church we went and found a lady that moved into our ward from Cherry Grove and then we got in the car and both wanted to go visit Kevin so off we went.  Turns out Jamie was home this weekend so we got there and was able to chat with both of them for awhile.  I love them!! It was a good thing we went when we did since they had to leave so Jamie could head back to Virginia. 
Well folks that's about it......sorry its short.
Also Mom don't worry too much about sending me skirts, I got a bunch from Sister Snowden today.  So really don't worry about finding any for the time being, because my wardrobe just kinda got doubled skirt wise.
Have a great week :)

         Sister Julie Ann

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, Monday.......its Monday

All you beautiful people Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
  This is gonna be a good one so hold on for the word vomit!!! Its I thought that was a fitting analogy to use :)
  Monday we went to visit this less active family and they were so very nice.  They have a super awesome dog, who's name is Zeus.  He is big and when he was walking down the stairs I was slightly afraid, but its all good because he is super nice.
  We had to make a pit stop at Walgreens Monday evening and we met a potential investigator, so I guess that comes to show that you can meet people anywhere.....which I thought I'd already learned, but apparently not well enough, because I keep learning it again, and again, and again.  (Did you hear that in the special voice from the book on tape we listened to once?? :) Because I did!) We were walking in the parking lot headed over to the car, when we started talking to the lady, she had brought a friend to the store and was waiting for her to come back out.  We had a pretty good conversation and I was able to get her name and phone number and address.  (Sometimes all the info we grab on people really makes me feel like a stalker, but its for a good cause......their Eternal Salvation, so I get over it and grab it anyways.) Turns out she has met with Missionaries before and she has a few hang-ups, for ex: Joseph Smith as a Prophet and adding to the Bible.....nothing the spirit can't help to fix right?? The answer is yes.  But that was pretty exciting, because before we got out of the car I just felt like I should grab a pass-along card and I did and then I used it for her.  So pretty cool to be able to feel a small prompting and have something come out of it.
  We went and hung out in the Meijer parking lot for a few minutes that evening.  Jk, actually we went to the parking lot to meet up for the exchange.  So then I said adios to Sister Ashby and hello to Sister Summers and then Sister Lee and I drove off to Milford.  The conference call was fabulous! They redid our Standards of Excellence so that they are attainable for everyone to reach.  We were also told how important it is that we use dignified language in all that we speak.  Also we were told that EVERY Companionship is to baptize in December.  Soooo I guess I better get busy!
  Tuesday was a good day.  Sister Lee cut herself some bangs.  I have a pretty funny video, but you'll have to wait to see it, because it is too big to send via email.  We had a bunch of plans to visit our investigators and such, but the Elders called and we ended up doing some service for a few hours instead.  It was good, and I even used a weedwacker.  I was pretty impressed with myself for doing so, so its okay if you want to be impressed too. :)  We had a member present lesson scheduled, and the member and us were present, but our investigator wasn't, so that was a shame.  Then we tried to contact some referrals with the same member, and that also did not go as planned.  When we were knocking on the one door she started laughing when it was apparent that no one was there, and she said "I can just see you doing this all day and not getting an answer, how fun."  We just laughed and said well it does happen a bunch, but sometimes we do actually get an answer.  It doesn't bother me, I just do what I can and hope that eventually something will work out, because the Lord is in charge and He wants there to be success, these are His children so I know something is going to happen.....hopefully soon tho :)
  Zone Conference!!!!!! Blessed day I was inspired!!! The spirit was phenomenal, it was so strong and I loved, loved, loved it.  I took 25 pages of notes, so that's gotta say something right.  We talked about lots of things and I wanted to go out and do everything that they taught us....right then.  I liked what President taught about how we live in the wilderness, and we need to learn to let it draw us closer to God, like Nephi and not be like Laman and have it pull us away.  One thing that truly stuck out was when President said "Your obedience influences someone else's Eternity."  How important obedience truly is!!!! It makes me want to be so much better, because exact obedience brings miracles.  President Bradley was there again, and everything he had to say was wonderful, as always!! He is an awesome man, I truly respect him, like lots and lots.  I
 loved when he told us we have authority to preach the gospel.  It is true and sometimes I think I forget how I have been Endowed with power and I need to make the choice to use it.  I don't know, I could just go on and on and on about what I learned, but I want to get to other stuff, before I run out of time.  But know this I was sitting in a room full of awesome power!!! The missionaries that I am surrounded by are fabulous examples and my leaders are inspired by God.  I know that to be absolutely true.
  Thursday we helped set up for our Ward's Halloween party and did a few things, and went to the Halloween party, and then helped clean up the party.  So that was good.  We also had a quick meeting with a potential who said that he would read the Restoration pamphlet and then get back to us....but I think we shall call him, just to make sure all is well and such.
  Friday we were domesticish and made Rice Crispy treats so that was fun.  We got to play with some adorable puppies which was fun. 
  Saturday we did some stuff..............I got adopted by this really nice old man. Who said that he would like to be my grandpa cool stuff huh?  I got the package from Grandma and yall.  That was fabulous timing, because it was chilly and I have been able to use some of the stuff that was sent.  I absolutely love the skirt, it was so cute, and my shirts and sweaters are greatly appreciated.
  Sunday is a wonderful day.  Sacrament meeting was fantastic!!!!! Like I took some really great notes.  "Faith is principle of action, nurture your faith".  Another was all abt being Children of God and was absolutely fabulous.  the last one was about Personal relationships and how important they are, and how the Atonement can help us thru anything.  It was such a good meeting.  We visited a less active family that is super nice.  We had sat down on their front step so I could write a note to leave on their door when they pulled into their driveway so that was good timing.  We looked kinda like weirdos sitting on their porch, but its all good.
  So tomorrow we are teaching Early Morning Seminary on 2 Ne 27. So I have reread that twice lately and it is so awesome.  I just can't imagine being Joseph Smith and translating it and realizing that Nephi was prophesying of you.  That would be crazy.  If you haven't read it lately I suggest you do because I really have enjoyed rereading it.
I love you and I love this gospel, I know that it is true.  Heavenly Father knows each one of us individually and we are each special to Him.  Jesus Christ did the will of the Father and He did it out of love for us.  Joseph Smith truly did see a vision and he Restored Christ's original gospel back to this earth.  We have a modern Prophet, and we can receive our own personal revelation.  Our testimony and our conversion are something that is so special and must be worked on everyday in order to stay strong. 
Have a fabulous week, and enjoy Halloween!!

        Sister Julie Ann

 My space...decorated so well huh?

Doesn't it look good.

Only in the Trailer park.......haha

Excuse the crazy was at the end of a long day

We make good faces

So adorable huh????

 It was cold!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Starting new!!

It is one of my very favorite days.....all over again!!
  Hello everyone, I just love Mondays.....they are quite possibly the most exciting days of the week in my life, why, you ask, because I get to hear from all you beautiful people!!
Sometimes our weeks are weird, and that would be an accurate description of my past week.  We had a bunch of goals that we weren't able to meet and that was unfortunate, but good thing Monday always rolls around so we can try again.  Also I am glad that God is patient with us, because sometimes I feel like I use a lot of his patience.
  Monday night we went to go contact a few ward members that are unknown on our copy.  So we ended up at a Retirement home, and we went and looked at the list of people who live there and noticed that the lady we wanted to visit wasn't on the list, which left us two options, either she had moved or was dead.  As it turns out both of those things were true.  We were walking in the parking lot and this older gentleman was like "Who are you looking for?"  We told him who it was and he was like "She's dead, has been for a year".  Whoops!! Haha gotta love it when the people in the ward don't know what has become of those that live there so their records are still there.  Point of the story is that his name is Vance and he is a really awesome guy! He sat and talked with us in the parking lot for quite a while.  I love how even though we might go to an area for one reason we end up leaving it having fulfilled a completely different purpose.  We had no idea that we were going to meet such a great guy that night, but the Lord blessed us and Vance was placed directly in our path. :)  He is going to be turning 81 this next month and we are planning to find out when his birthday is and make him a cake, because that would be so fun huh??? Besides I love birthdays, and ain't nothing like having a celebration! 
  Tuesday was an indoor day.  Sister Ashby apparently did not fare as well as I did from our fast, so we did not really venture out into the world.  I was able to work on our map for quite a while and I also was able to read and mark more of the BoM.  I really want to put in a plug right here, I seriously suggest that if you want to get more out the Book of Mormon that you do a thing like we are.  It doesn't have to be the same as what we are doing, but I am gaining so much more from the BoM then I ever have before.  I have always loved the BoM but this time it is so much more to me.  I really, really, really, love my Blue copy.  It is kind of funny because I only read out of it now, so when I go to look for scriptures that I have marked I can't find them in my quad.  But anyways something for you all to consider.
  Wednesday we went to the library so Sister Ashby could do some of her training and I was so so excited, because that meant that I was able to spend some time on and   Which was absolutely fabulous in case you were wondering!! Who knew that those 2 sites would come to bring me so much joy?? Not me, but I love them!! I wrote down little phrases from each Apostle and the Prophet that they highlighted on the website.  I was also able to watch a million of the Mormon Messages, and I have a bunch that you should all watch.  The first one I'd suggest is called Courage....I think.  It is about Ester and it was awesome.  It was short sweet and might also be called Brave....I can't remember for sure...sorry. But you all have greater access to the 'net so I have full faith that you can figure it out.  This one is the most important one: Eric Lund!!!!!!!! Watch it and love it, I know that I did.  I'm not really sure why I loved this one so much, I just did.  It is a good one.  I also watched the one about Chris Williams and I almost started crying, I just want to be that amazing of a person and allow Christ to work through me that well.  His story amazes me everytime I think of it, and I wish that I was such a person.  But actually I never want a trial like his, so that I have cause to forgive in the same way as him.  Also I was able to watch a bunch more of them and they were all lovely so if you ever have some extra time on the internet you could head there and watch a few.  I was also able to make it 20 minutes into the Restoration, which was absolutely fantastic!! I love that movie so, so much!!! It just filled me with a desire to go and share the story with everyone, so they could know about it as well.  I love Joseph Smith so much and am so glad that he was inquisitive and asked God his questions.  I know that he truly was a prophet and that he was prepared from the beginning for his divine and distinct role to guide us in the last dispensation.  How amazing it is to be in the same state as where he lived for a while, even if I am no where near where he is still cool to think about it.
  Did I tell you how much I love the Snowdens?? and more specifically Sister Snowden? Because I really, really do.  We visited them on Wednesday and they are so wonderful.  They take good care of us, and Sister Snowden is actually the one that text you for me Karen.
  Thursday we had  District Meeting.  And I started wearing my jacket, and I am pretty sure that I am never taking it off until Summer comes again!!  District meeting was good, we were able to meet our new Montgomery Elders and that was exciting.  We (Sister Ashby and i) were able to do a role play with Elder Moore, which was just fabulous, because I always learn so much from him.  He was able to give us some good feedback and then when he taught us it was amazing!! He was teaching and testifying and it was just powerful!  After when we were talking about it I told him how I loved that he bore his testimony and he said that as soon as he bears his testimony it makes him comfortable and as soon as he is comfortable the spirit is able to take over and it is amazing.  So that is something that I shall be working on. I am so excited to work on it, because I know that the Lord will be able to bless me even more as I work on all my skills.  This is just going to be another powerful tool to use, so that is exciting.
  I shook Elder Foster's hand as he walked out the door, but I haven't actually met him yet.  I was able to see Sister Summers again, which just made my day!! I love her so much, and I hope that we can be companions at some point!
  We had lunch with Sister Scott and Melissa, it was so delicious and fun to have lunch with them.  I adore Sister Scott!! Also we are going to do some service for her.  We are going to teach Early Morning Seminary next Tuesday.  Crazy fun huh??? It starts at we are going to have to get up early and it shall be a new experience for us seeing as we never had to go to Early Morning before.  We went and visited one of my favorite Less Actives on Thursday.  I love her! So that was exciting.  We went over to the Newberry's for service and dinner that evening and we were a few minutes early so we went to do visit with this kid that was outside and it took him a second to warm up to us and then it turned out really well.  He told us later that he thought we were JW's so I am glad that we were not so that he was able to warm up to us.  He said that we could come back and talk to him sometime and it turns out he is dating one of the ward member's daughters.  How convenient huh?  Service was fun, we got to wrap presents for an early Christmas party.
  On Friday we had an appointment set up, so we had to break up Weekly Planning.  When we got to the appointment she wasn't there so we did a few other things in the area, and we went about our plans that we had set.  One of those plans was to go visit a referral from the Little Miami Sisters and when we got there they had a dog that was really not too happy that we were there.  He had a very, very mean bark and I was terrified....on the inside.  It took us a good 5 minutes to make it to their porch, but we did make it there.  I'm not so sure the guy was too impressed that we had actually made it too his porch.  He said that the dog has actually nipped people before.  So moral of the story is the Lord will bless you when you ask for the mean dog to not bite you.  I am living proof!!!! Thank goodness for answered prayers! As we were headed back home to finish weekly planning I had feeling that we should go visit a lady that had been a nonmember referral that we had contacted when we first got to Milford.  She had been really nice to us and said to try back in a month, so we went back on Friday and were able to have a prayer with her.  She is really a great lady, and we are excited because we have an appointment with her on Tuesday and one of our Ward Missionaries said that she could come with us to the appointment, so that is really exciting.  It just showed me that I really need to pay attention to the small things, because they can lead to miracles, such as finding an investigator.
  Saturday was also an excellent day, because Sister Ashby and I were able to go down to Abby's baptism, down in Cherry Grove.  I was so excited to know that Abby had made the decision to be baptized, and I am so glad that I was able to be there to see her on her special day.  It was such a great service, and I was excited to be a part of it.  As soon as we sat down and it started I started to actually think about the fact that I was speaking and then I was so nervous.  I was shaking a bit, but then I got up there and I just spoke straight to Abby.  I'm not sure I even looked at anyone else.  Afterwards people told me I did a good job, so that was nice of them.  Haha :)  I loved seeing my Cherry Grove Peeps again!!!!!!!!!!! One thing I did not realize was how attached I would get to everyone, and so going back and seeing some of my favorite people again was so wonderful.  They were all so nice and came over and talked to me and said how good it was to see me I am pretty sure the feeling was mutual.
  Saturday was a wonderful day tho.  We were also able to see an investigator that we picked up a few weeks ago, but she has been really busy so we had had to cancel with her and we had pushed off meeting with her for a month, but I just felt like we should go drop off some cookies and we did and then she told us we could come back in the next week or two, so I am excited about that.
  Sunday yay for blessed Sunday.  We had a good correlation and Ward council meeting.  It is so fascinating for me to see the inner workings of the ward and listen to the ways that the leaders have been inspired about the ward.  It is also cool to know the same thing is happening all over the world every few Sundays!  I got this really cool quote from the RS lesson yesterday, "So long as there remains a step forward to be taken, that step should be taken." President Snow said that, and I love it, so I'd thought I'd share.
  We went and visited Kevin last night, and I just love him!!!! Like lots and lots.  He also kills me every time we go over, because he is so funny.  But I think he is in my top 5 of people that I love in this area.  I just hope that at some point he gains an interest in the Church.
  So in our conf. call this morning one of the Elders decided that we should go for 50 member present lessons this week! Holy cow huh?  We had 39 this week, so I hope that we can all do it this week.  I know that the Lord will bless us as we put in our effort though. I just hope that I can do my part, so I can be blessed.
I love you all so much!! Also I am sooooo, sooo, excited that you have Sister Missionaries now!!! I may be slightly biased, but Sisters are fun!!!
Have a fabulous week!!!
Love Sister Juile Ann
TJ Happy Birthday!!!! I hope that 12 is an awesome year for you! :)