Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello hello from Snowy Dayton!!
  Yes my dear familia it did indeed snow this week.  It was a bit chilly too but you know such is winter, and I think I'll take my degrees over yours, however I could do w/out the humidity, seeing as that can make things a bit more chilly.
  Sorry to have worried you, but I love my companion.  She is super cute and quiet, but we have lots of fun together.  We are working on each other getting to be all boldsauce and everything.  Sister Anderson is from Orem, and she has been out a bit longer than a year.  She doesn't like to drive in the snow, so the official driver for now is yours truly.  Basically I love to drive, and the weather really doesn't bother me.  

  Cole, Jordan, Robyn, Kent, Jessie, Colton and Dillon Good luck this week!!!! I know you are all going to do fabulous on your finals, because you are all the smartest people I know!! :)

Time In!

  I know nothing about how Christmas is going down.  Sorry about that, but I am as in the dark as all of yall.  President is a little busy right now, seeing as this week is a mission tour with a member of the 1st quorum of the Seventy...Elder Perkins....I think....actually I'm almost positive.  You'll be the first to know when I find out tho, I assure you.
  This week we have had a few set-backs with people not being there for the appointments we had scheduled, but I know that this week there is going to be a lot of change.  We are very determined to do everything we can with the Lord to see miracles.  I know that He is in charge of this mission and I need to give Him the opportunity to lead me.  I love that we have the opportunity to speak with Him whenever we want, and that we can receive very direct answers.  This week I had a blessing and the  words that were spoken were exactly what I needed to hear.  I love that our church has the Priesthood, and we can be directly blessed by the same power that created the Earth.  My testimony is so strong on how the Lord gives us exactly what we need, in the exact time we need it.  I am so excited for Zone Conference this week and Stake Conference as well.  I know that everything is going to be amazing! 
  So that is some of what I told President this week, I decided to insert it just in case I'm not able to give you full details of everything that happened this week.
  Monday I lost our phone.  It was a bit of a problem, but hey that is what prayer is for right??? We did indeed find it again with the Lords help so no worries all is made right in the  phone life....t'would have been real awkward esp since we had a very imp call that night.....our Conference call.  
  We also met the coolest guy ever on Monday night and set up a return appt for the next day and we got a member to come with us and everything and he has been going thru a bit of rough time and so we weren't able to actually go in and teach him, but he did accept the BoM and the Restoration and PoS pamphlets and he said that we could go back and visit him in a few I'll keep you posted on him.
  We tried a bunch a people all thru/out this week and the common theme was that people weren't home so not as much turned out as we were hoping, but hey there is always a new week right?? least until there isn't!
  We had dinner w/ Sister Terry this week and I love her, she is so sweet and she does so much for all of us missionaries, I feel bad that she does so much but I really appreciate all she does for us.
  We had an awesome companionship study this week.  On Wednesday we worked on using the pamphlets more and it was awesome.  There is definite power in using them, because those pictures and the simple statements speak wonders.  Elder Barnett started us off, and then Elder Thompson came in for a few minutes until Elder Elquist got there, and then Elder Thompson actually came in to teach us.  But then at the end Elder Elquist had us tell Elder Barnett he was going to hell for smoking....he was trying to get all of us Sisters to be bold.  I tried to get away with using a scripture about damnation instead....(since all damnation really means is that your progression is stopped) but they didn't let me do that, they made me be bold and call him out.  But to make a long story short it was a really good study time, I learned a lot and Sister Anderson and I are trying to be better at teaching simply and using the pamphlets.
  We had a visit w/ a LA who says that she has been thinking about coming back to church, but she would have to change her work schedule, but she sounds serious about it so that would be phenomenal ya know....she has already talked to another girl at work about switching days after the end of this year.  So I'mma pray for that.
  We taught this really awesome lady on her porch this week and tried to set up a return appt but she was like I'm expecting in two weeks so I don't know when would be a good time.  I felt like that was a legitimate reason to not set up a return appt but we have her address and we are planning on dropping back in sometime she took the BoM and pamphlet so we can check up on that and her and the baby.  4 birds one stone sorta deal.
  This one LA that we both adore we met her BF this week. He is really awesome and I feel like he has potential but we gotta work up to that point I suppose.
  Zone meeting was good.  I got to be companions w/ an Elder during a RP which is always slightly awkward....but it all worked out.  I learned lots and again it was stressed to us to use the pamphlets.
  Friday night all the cars in the mission were grounded, so we met some neighbors.
  Saturday the Elders had a baptism and then I had Elder Barnett give me a blessing.  It was just what I needed.  I am so grateful for the Priesthood.  Also I am glad that I already knew Elder Barnett, because its always nice to have someone you know give you a blessing.
  Church was good and the Devotional was fantastic!!!

I hope you have a killer good week!! I love you all :)

        Sister Christiansen....aka Sister Julie Ann

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