Monday, January 27, 2014

Well Hello February....where'd you come from? :)

Good Morning!!!
  So today I got this really fun package, that was exciting!!! Thank you guys, I love all you awesome champs :)
  I was lucky enough to get 2 packages this week, so talk about fun :) Grandma Donna thank you so much I loved it! I have already put much of it to use :)
  Alright so I told you a teensy bit about Zone Conference but not much so I'm going to do a short overview. My favorite quote from President was "You should not be surprised to see miracles. You should be shocked if there isn't one."  Ummm hello talk about awesome right? Because it is so true I see miracles everyday and I'm always like Ohhh my gosh what an awesome miracle, and it is, I'm not trying to diminish them at all, I'm just saying I shouldn't be nearly so surprised when they do, b/c this is the Lords work and so long as we/I do our/my part He will be able to step in and w/ the  enabling power of Grace!
  Anyways moving right a long.  I am sooooo jealous you all got to go to church yesterday. Ours was cancelled and it wasn't even bad, these Ohioans just need to get used to the snow, you think they would be sorta used to it by now, considering all that we've got this year, but ohhh well, I shouldn't complain, haha see I told you it was going to be a work in progress.......
  On to the weekly report:
Okay so Wednesday we tried to get a member out w/ us but it just didn't work out well, so we ended up doing our lesson w/ Jon at Arbys.  It was good and bad all at the same time. The background music was super hard for me to tune out, but we had a good discussion w/ him about how awesome Captain Moroni is, and Jon told us that he is his favorite person in the BoM, so we read that awesome scripture about Moroni w/ him.  I don't remember all that went on but just know that it was good.
  Thursday we had a good visit w/ Sister Landis and she babysits during the day and boy those babies are cute!!! I'm getting all super excited to be an aunt w/ seeing all these cute little kidies. :)  It was a good visit w/ her as well.  We also had a good quick visit w/ Brother Landis b/c it was very, very cold.  But it was a direct application of what we had learned on Tuesday, I was super bold w/ him in asking him a question, and he knows it is out of love, and he was totally cool w/ it.  We also took him some cookies b/c he has a serious sweet tooth :)  Then we were outta stuff to do and so we went to go visit a person in our complex, I really didn't want to, but we went and met the sweetest potential named Maria.  We had a prayer w/ her and I really like her.
  Alright one last thing to say about Thurs. and then I'll move on.  We went to visit Jon and take him a picture of Christ, but we didn't see his car, and we were still in our car said a prayer and saw a car come up the street. I was like I think that was Jon, but it didn't quite look like him, and we went and visited some other people, and then we decided to just go see if Jon was indeed home. We went up and gave him the pic. and he was excited about it, and then he showed us his hair cut. We were shocked all of his hair is GONE!!! It was a sad day in our life, we are still trying to get used to it.  His mom cut it and they were pressed for time so she used an 8, he was like I gotta rem. to have her use a 6.  My favorite part was when he said the world is 3 degrees colder now. haha too funny, I love him :)
  Friday we met this seriously awesome lady!!! One of my new favorite parts of West Milton that is for sure.  I loved, loved, loved our visit w/ her.  We had a a lesson w/ Jon and that was an awesome part of my day as well.  We ended up doing a partial lesson of the WoW and we were so not ready to do so. I've never taught that lesson before so that was exciting.  It was funny tho, b/c he still isn't sure why its coffee, and more importantly tea, he said but it just says hot drinks, couldn't that be a lot of things? We are probably just going to have him research it a bit for himself....b/c he's cool w/ that.
  Saturday was good, nothing is really standing out to me too much so I'll just move on to my sadness about not having church.  It was not a real Sunday to not have church.  So I am glad to hear you all enjoyed yours it sounds like it was fabulous.  President Porter would have definitely approved, b/c really the Temple is the goal, not baptism.
  Today we got a new investigator he is super cool....and is another single guy. haha funny huh? But I really, really, really like him, so I'm excited about that.
  This week is going to be awesome, I can feel it!! I hope yours is as well :)

Love you,
              Sister Julie Ann :)

Ohhh my goodness

I can't believe I forgot we did have something awesome happen on Saturday!!! We had a lesson w/ Jon :) haha I don't possibly know how I could forget to mention that!!! But it was good, we talked about repentance and I invited him to think about getting a blessing....we're going to have to check up and see what he's thinking about it :) But I couldn't let you think nothing awesome happened on Saturday when clearly it did :)

Love ya :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Polar Vortex Returns...

Hello From the Frozen Tundra that is Ohio!
  Haha this weather is crazy, it can't decide what it wants to do, but I think I should work on not complaining about being cold and such.....stay tuned, because it's going to be a work in progress. :)
  Monday we were able to do our Zone Fun day and I think I told you about it already so I'm going to skip right along.  We visited Sister Spencer and Tiffanie and then we met the Elders and Sisters at the church and had a quick meeting, and that was Monday.
  Tuesday we went to try a few new potentials and we visited some people.  We had a lesson w/ Jon and it was awesome as always.  He was telling us how the Lamanites are God's hand in cleaning out the Nephites when they become all wicked.  I thought that was pretty cool because I had never thought of it like that but hello, its so true!!! I love learning from him :)  We visited Mike for a few minutes and talked about faith.  I'll tell you what I have never studied on faith so much in my life as I have the past few weeks.  It has been so fun to learn so much more about it and to see how you can never learn too much about it. :)  What an amazing subject.
  Wednesday we had an awesome Zone Meeting.  I learned a lot and don't you know I left my notebook at home, but just know it was good.  We went to Penn Station for lunch and it was delicious.....I just figure I haven't told you about any meals lately huh :) haha  We had a good quick visit with Derek, totally unplanned but it was fun.  We were knocking on his door as he got home from work, talk about inspired timing huh? :)  We had a lesson with Jon and Sister Holland and Christian.  That was good to actually introduce Jon to someone of his same gender since we always have the ladies of the ward with us. But he is so chill with it, it doesn't really matter.  We talked a lot about the spirit.  Also a good lesson.  We went to the Tiptons for dinner and got to see baby Shelby, (she was born on New Years Day) and is soooo cute.  We knocked on a few doors ya know, living the life :)
  Thursday we were on exchanges with the other Sisters.  I was with Sister Schmitt and we went to Early Morning Seminary, I still think Early Morning Graduates are champs.  I am ever  so grateful I never had to do it!!! We won the game so Sister Ware gave us cake pops that were super good and I'm convinced that it was worth the 5:00 wake up call :) It was Sister Schmitt's one year mark, so that was exciting.  We were meeting the other Sisters for dinner at Bob Evans, but we had a few minutes so we went to see one of their former investigators, but he wasn't home but there was a guy outside with his little kid so we went and talked w/ him.  It was funny b/c at first he was not interested in having a card but when one of his neighbors came out and was talking to us as well and we offered him a card the first guy came back over and took one as well....... They were both nice and it was a lovely time, but then we scadled off to dinner. We were at B.E. and looking around not seeing them so we gave them a call, turns out we went to the wrong one so we had to leave and go to the right embarrasing huh? haha not really but it was funny
  Friday we had a lesson with Jon.....common theme huh? :)  It was wonderful, until the end when our member decided to talk about a bunch of random things like fast Sunday, fasting, Fast offerings and then the WoW. We wondered where in the heck all of that came from!!!!  Jon's face was absolutely priceless when he found out that tea is against the WoW.  We had an appointment we had to go to so we were like Jon it is okay we will talk about it later we promise.  Ohhh boy totally not the way we wanted him to learn about some of those things, but ohh well, what can you do.  Sometimes people forget that investigators don't need to know everything all at once, which can be super fun.  I just am sooo grateful that Jon is so cool with things, b/c if he wasn't we might have a bit of a problem w/ some of the way he has learned a bunch of random things....from our members.  I love them, but boy oh boy we need to do better at helping them know what things to say and not to say. :)  We had dinner w/ Tiffanie and I just love her :) She is so sweet and I love spending time w/ her.  My only problem is that her dog covers me in white hair everytime, but oh well, I'm over it.
  Saturday we had our social media day.  It turned out a slight bit different than we had hoped but it was still good. We had 3 different members come out with us, and they are all such sweet ladies.  Jon came to the baptism and that was good.  We also had a killer awesome lesson with Jennifer, Earl got a phone call so he was absent but oh well.  We also had a good visit w/ Sister Weir.  I love her so much! (She is who text you last night mom) I have thus adopted her to be my 3rd grandma :)
  Sunday Jon came to church.....happy dance that was super exciting!!! :)  Church was good I learned always. Jon coming was definitely the highlight of that day.  Also Sister Anderson gave a lovely talk in case you were wondering.
  Monday we had a good day.  Tiffanie had told us to get a B-Vitamin complex so we did and I am trying them out.  We saw 2 that I wanted to try so I am switching off one every other day. I'll let you know how it goes :)  We just had a few short visits with people. I wrote you a letter but I haven't been able to send it yet, it should be on its way today however.
  Tuesday.....Zone Conference. OHHHHHH my goodness!! I learned soooo many things. It went over by 2 hours, b/c there was so much for them to teach us.  We are trying to change lots of things to become better teachers, and as we implement the things they taught us we are going to constantly see miracles so I am excited.  One thing we are working on as a whole mission is our accountability.  We are going to all do better at that so stay tuned.
  Random side note, I couldn't wait to find out who won, and Derek was so kind as to let me know who won out of the 49ers and Seahawks, and boy oh boy I am so excited.  I told Nina forever ago that I wanted the Seahawks to win the Superbowl.....they are my team :)
  Whelp I love you all! Thanks for all your love and prayers
        Sister Julie Ann

Monday, January 13, 2014

Me Again!

Hey so I'm still in Englewood!
  I forgot my planner so I am going off of memory so sorry if this isn't too much.
  Monday it was freezing but we survived. We visited a less active and she wanted to know what we were doing out in this weather, but it was all good we survived. On the conference call President told us that the Toronto mission goes out until its 40 below.  Fun times for them huh?
  Tuesday we had a lesson w/ Jon. We tried to get Derek to come too, but he backed out so that was a bummer, but we had such a good spiritual experience w/ Jon. We talked about the Priesthood and a few other things but it was so super awesome.  I loved it.  I just never want to leave Jon's after we get there, b/c we have too many good experience w/ him.
  Wednesday I honestly can't remember, so I'm going to forget days and just go w/ what highlights I can remember.  Just kidding I do remember we visited the Hollands that night.  They are so super awesome and I really enjoyed getting to know them.  Plus their son Christian said he would like to meet Jon so we are trying to set up a lesson w/ Sister Holland and Christian this week.  I am excited, it would be good for Jon to meet Christian, plus Christian is a cool guy so it would be lovely to have that happen.
  We had a lesson w/ Jon at the Dotson's on Thursday.  It was awesome!!!!  Also Sister Dotson's brother Nate came too.  It was cool.  Jon is the coolest investigator I just love him.  Sorry I talk about him so much but, he is the best ever.
  We had a Relief Society meeting about goals and I decided I need to be better at goals.  
  Friday we saw Derek.  He makes me sad.  He really needs some serious love and outreach from others.  The environment he is in is not really super conducive to the Spirit and it is too easy for him to get distracted. So Karen if you could send me some positive and self-esteem building quotes that would be super appreciated.  Thanks darling :)  We found two potential investigators they said they would call us, but if they don't we know where they live so its all good.  Nothing like being a stalker right.  
  Oh I made the cake cookies this week and so far everyone has really liked them.  Good news huh?  I love how easy they are. That is my favorite part.
  Sister Weir is back from Cali. I am so happy.  I love her very very much.  I did a recording about our night w/ her and I hope you enjoy it as much as me Hahaha
  Yesterday was ward conference and I really enjoyed it.  It was fun to hear from President Valencia.  He seems like he will be good to work under.  We have Zone Conference next Tuesday.  We found a new investigator yesterday and it was awesome.  He is pretty chill too, but in a different way than Jon.  It is so funny that all of our investigators seem to be guys, good thing we have Gaylene.  She is so funny.  We weren't able to meet w/  her this week which was a bummer.  
But I gotta go so sorry this is so scattered, but this is what happens when I forget my planner.  Love you all!!
I hope your week is fabulous. Oh and by the way next week Sister Anderson will be speaking in church so far I haven't had to, besides bearing my testimony.  I don't know how I've lucked out so far.
          Sister Christiansen

Monday, January 6, 2014

Its a FRIGID Day!!!!

Hey yall,
  I sincerely hope that you are all much warmer than me today!!! We had a bit of an adventure even making it to the library today to come email all of you wonderful people.  I took some videos of us trying to open our car doors.....they were frozen in a super solid way, I was afraid I was going to break the handle trying to open up the times eh???
  But on to the meat of the email:  This week has been solid gold!!! I have had such a good week it has been great!!  The Lord has truly blessed me and Sister Anderson and we have just been so amazed at what He has done for us.  I am going to paste in my cliff notes version and then I'm going to pick and choose what I give you the full deets on because I am feeling mighty lazy today! haha
  This past week has been absolutely phenomenal for Sister Anderson and I.  We have truly seen that this is the Lords work and we are merely His instruments.  We have been able to meet with Jon three times this week and he is amazing.  His grasp of the scriptures is really good, and it is especially cool to see, because this is the first time he has ever read any scriptures.  He really wants to know and that is amazing to see someone with such a desire to know truth.  
  I absolutely loved the chance we had to read the Fourth Missionary and to go through our Patriachal Blessings.  It taught me a lot and I feel like it is truly going to change the way I approach the rest of my mission.  I am so grateful to be here in the Englewood Ward, but more especially to be serving in Vandalia.  I know that this is a mission of miracles because the start of this new year truly has been one for me.  
  There truly has been so much that has happened for us this week and I don't want to take too much more of your time, but I just want to tell you one last story.  We have an investigator named Mike that we  have been talking to at his door since Thanksgiving.  We were able to set up a legitimate appointment with him and get a member out with us.  We had a really great weekly planning session this week and we really felt like we needed to invite Mike to be baptized on a specific date.  So after we taught him the Plan of Salvation Sister Anderson invited Mike to be baptized.  He didn't really say yes, but he was excited and at the end of the lesson when he said the prayer he told the Lord that we had set a goal for  a day to be baptized.  It was so exciting!!! I can't believe the joy that comes with helping people truly progress toward the Lord, it is such a privilege to me to be a part of this work.  
  Alright so I just have to tell you all about Jon because he is AMAZING!!!!!!!  I love him.  We had a church tour with him on Tuesday and when we text him to confirm it he backed out of the tour, we were terrified that he was dropping us, but nope he just really didn't feel comfortable going to the church, so we were able to go to his apartment and teach him there.  He is cool.  I wish you could all meet my new bestie....I don't think he knows that I count him as one of my besties, but thats besides the point.  We had a good lesson with him and were able to answer some of his questions, encouraged him to keep reading and set up a return appointment for Friday.  Sister Dotson was kind enough to come out with us, and she was able to bear testimony to him and answer one of his questions that Sister Anderson and I really didn't know too much about....and then Jon gave us some random facts about the elite runners in Kenya and what makes them so good.....basically they have a very, very, very high tolerance for pain.  Anyways we went back on Sunday because why not keep going back to someone who welcomes you to come and is genuinely happy to see you?!?  I never turn down such awesome experiences thats for sure.  We were able to give him a Bible so he can look things up on his own....maybe it will help him.  He really is one of the coolest people I have met in Ohio. He is surely in my top ten, so it is so fun to be able to visit him.  I told him to watch the Joseph Smith movie on and he liked it this was his quote about it: "It was a very touching movie"  haha I love him......When he texts us randomly it is my favorite.
  Alright I feel like I should probably move on to other things as well, I could probably write you a whole novel on Jon and still have more to say :)
  We finally were able to see Derek on Saturday!!! That was an accomplishment.  We have been trying to see him for eons, and it just never has worked.  He is so special to both of us, so it is so disapointing when it doesn't work out for us to go see him. He told us that even if he doesn't respond back to our texts he loves hearing from us everyday.  Haha I told him good because we were going to text him everyday regardless.  But we were able to give him the Atonement book and we are hoping that he lets it really work on him and help him through his trials right now.  I still can't believe how much Satan works on him, it really just affirms how spirtual he is to me, because if he wasn't destined to do such amazing things, Satan wouldn't work on him so hard.
  Church was good, I feel like the majority of the ward decided not to chance it, so it was sorta empty, but for those of us that were there it was grand. 
  I love you guys.....ohhhh and I just wanted to tell you this one more random thing.  So most of the people that Sister Anderson and I are working with are single guys so we have hereby decided that we need to be made a trio so we can just go and visit them and not worry about freezing since we can't go inside, and even better be able to take guys out with us so that they can build relationships with our awesome investigators.  But I've decided to start praying for it!!! Haha I know it really comes down to the Lord but I figure I can give Him my opinion on the matter :)
Love you soo much! Stay warm and have a fabulous week!!
        Sister Julie Ann!  aka Sister Christiansen

The inside of our door

This is my freezing cold face!! Attractive huh? :P haha
My cheeks were cold

Aren't we cute?

The Dayton Church

Aren't the Elders Awesome?!?

This was from the way to the Christmas Conference!

They are pretty great shots huh?