Monday, January 13, 2014

Me Again!

Hey so I'm still in Englewood!
  I forgot my planner so I am going off of memory so sorry if this isn't too much.
  Monday it was freezing but we survived. We visited a less active and she wanted to know what we were doing out in this weather, but it was all good we survived. On the conference call President told us that the Toronto mission goes out until its 40 below.  Fun times for them huh?
  Tuesday we had a lesson w/ Jon. We tried to get Derek to come too, but he backed out so that was a bummer, but we had such a good spiritual experience w/ Jon. We talked about the Priesthood and a few other things but it was so super awesome.  I loved it.  I just never want to leave Jon's after we get there, b/c we have too many good experience w/ him.
  Wednesday I honestly can't remember, so I'm going to forget days and just go w/ what highlights I can remember.  Just kidding I do remember we visited the Hollands that night.  They are so super awesome and I really enjoyed getting to know them.  Plus their son Christian said he would like to meet Jon so we are trying to set up a lesson w/ Sister Holland and Christian this week.  I am excited, it would be good for Jon to meet Christian, plus Christian is a cool guy so it would be lovely to have that happen.
  We had a lesson w/ Jon at the Dotson's on Thursday.  It was awesome!!!!  Also Sister Dotson's brother Nate came too.  It was cool.  Jon is the coolest investigator I just love him.  Sorry I talk about him so much but, he is the best ever.
  We had a Relief Society meeting about goals and I decided I need to be better at goals.  
  Friday we saw Derek.  He makes me sad.  He really needs some serious love and outreach from others.  The environment he is in is not really super conducive to the Spirit and it is too easy for him to get distracted. So Karen if you could send me some positive and self-esteem building quotes that would be super appreciated.  Thanks darling :)  We found two potential investigators they said they would call us, but if they don't we know where they live so its all good.  Nothing like being a stalker right.  
  Oh I made the cake cookies this week and so far everyone has really liked them.  Good news huh?  I love how easy they are. That is my favorite part.
  Sister Weir is back from Cali. I am so happy.  I love her very very much.  I did a recording about our night w/ her and I hope you enjoy it as much as me Hahaha
  Yesterday was ward conference and I really enjoyed it.  It was fun to hear from President Valencia.  He seems like he will be good to work under.  We have Zone Conference next Tuesday.  We found a new investigator yesterday and it was awesome.  He is pretty chill too, but in a different way than Jon.  It is so funny that all of our investigators seem to be guys, good thing we have Gaylene.  She is so funny.  We weren't able to meet w/  her this week which was a bummer.  
But I gotta go so sorry this is so scattered, but this is what happens when I forget my planner.  Love you all!!
I hope your week is fabulous. Oh and by the way next week Sister Anderson will be speaking in church so far I haven't had to, besides bearing my testimony.  I don't know how I've lucked out so far.
          Sister Christiansen

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