Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Polar Vortex Returns...

Hello From the Frozen Tundra that is Ohio!
  Haha this weather is crazy, it can't decide what it wants to do, but I think I should work on not complaining about being cold and such.....stay tuned, because it's going to be a work in progress. :)
  Monday we were able to do our Zone Fun day and I think I told you about it already so I'm going to skip right along.  We visited Sister Spencer and Tiffanie and then we met the Elders and Sisters at the church and had a quick meeting, and that was Monday.
  Tuesday we went to try a few new potentials and we visited some people.  We had a lesson w/ Jon and it was awesome as always.  He was telling us how the Lamanites are God's hand in cleaning out the Nephites when they become all wicked.  I thought that was pretty cool because I had never thought of it like that but hello, its so true!!! I love learning from him :)  We visited Mike for a few minutes and talked about faith.  I'll tell you what I have never studied on faith so much in my life as I have the past few weeks.  It has been so fun to learn so much more about it and to see how you can never learn too much about it. :)  What an amazing subject.
  Wednesday we had an awesome Zone Meeting.  I learned a lot and don't you know I left my notebook at home, but just know it was good.  We went to Penn Station for lunch and it was delicious.....I just figure I haven't told you about any meals lately huh :) haha  We had a good quick visit with Derek, totally unplanned but it was fun.  We were knocking on his door as he got home from work, talk about inspired timing huh? :)  We had a lesson with Jon and Sister Holland and Christian.  That was good to actually introduce Jon to someone of his same gender since we always have the ladies of the ward with us. But he is so chill with it, it doesn't really matter.  We talked a lot about the spirit.  Also a good lesson.  We went to the Tiptons for dinner and got to see baby Shelby, (she was born on New Years Day) and is soooo cute.  We knocked on a few doors ya know, living the life :)
  Thursday we were on exchanges with the other Sisters.  I was with Sister Schmitt and we went to Early Morning Seminary, I still think Early Morning Graduates are champs.  I am ever  so grateful I never had to do it!!! We won the game so Sister Ware gave us cake pops that were super good and I'm convinced that it was worth the 5:00 wake up call :) It was Sister Schmitt's one year mark, so that was exciting.  We were meeting the other Sisters for dinner at Bob Evans, but we had a few minutes so we went to see one of their former investigators, but he wasn't home but there was a guy outside with his little kid so we went and talked w/ him.  It was funny b/c at first he was not interested in having a card but when one of his neighbors came out and was talking to us as well and we offered him a card the first guy came back over and took one as well....... They were both nice and it was a lovely time, but then we scadled off to dinner. We were at B.E. and looking around not seeing them so we gave them a call, turns out we went to the wrong one so we had to leave and go to the right embarrasing huh? haha not really but it was funny
  Friday we had a lesson with Jon.....common theme huh? :)  It was wonderful, until the end when our member decided to talk about a bunch of random things like fast Sunday, fasting, Fast offerings and then the WoW. We wondered where in the heck all of that came from!!!!  Jon's face was absolutely priceless when he found out that tea is against the WoW.  We had an appointment we had to go to so we were like Jon it is okay we will talk about it later we promise.  Ohhh boy totally not the way we wanted him to learn about some of those things, but ohh well, what can you do.  Sometimes people forget that investigators don't need to know everything all at once, which can be super fun.  I just am sooo grateful that Jon is so cool with things, b/c if he wasn't we might have a bit of a problem w/ some of the way he has learned a bunch of random things....from our members.  I love them, but boy oh boy we need to do better at helping them know what things to say and not to say. :)  We had dinner w/ Tiffanie and I just love her :) She is so sweet and I love spending time w/ her.  My only problem is that her dog covers me in white hair everytime, but oh well, I'm over it.
  Saturday we had our social media day.  It turned out a slight bit different than we had hoped but it was still good. We had 3 different members come out with us, and they are all such sweet ladies.  Jon came to the baptism and that was good.  We also had a killer awesome lesson with Jennifer, Earl got a phone call so he was absent but oh well.  We also had a good visit w/ Sister Weir.  I love her so much! (She is who text you last night mom) I have thus adopted her to be my 3rd grandma :)
  Sunday Jon came to church.....happy dance that was super exciting!!! :)  Church was good I learned always. Jon coming was definitely the highlight of that day.  Also Sister Anderson gave a lovely talk in case you were wondering.
  Monday we had a good day.  Tiffanie had told us to get a B-Vitamin complex so we did and I am trying them out.  We saw 2 that I wanted to try so I am switching off one every other day. I'll let you know how it goes :)  We just had a few short visits with people. I wrote you a letter but I haven't been able to send it yet, it should be on its way today however.
  Tuesday.....Zone Conference. OHHHHHH my goodness!! I learned soooo many things. It went over by 2 hours, b/c there was so much for them to teach us.  We are trying to change lots of things to become better teachers, and as we implement the things they taught us we are going to constantly see miracles so I am excited.  One thing we are working on as a whole mission is our accountability.  We are going to all do better at that so stay tuned.
  Random side note, I couldn't wait to find out who won, and Derek was so kind as to let me know who won out of the 49ers and Seahawks, and boy oh boy I am so excited.  I told Nina forever ago that I wanted the Seahawks to win the Superbowl.....they are my team :)
  Whelp I love you all! Thanks for all your love and prayers
        Sister Julie Ann

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