Monday, January 27, 2014

Well Hello February....where'd you come from? :)

Good Morning!!!
  So today I got this really fun package, that was exciting!!! Thank you guys, I love all you awesome champs :)
  I was lucky enough to get 2 packages this week, so talk about fun :) Grandma Donna thank you so much I loved it! I have already put much of it to use :)
  Alright so I told you a teensy bit about Zone Conference but not much so I'm going to do a short overview. My favorite quote from President was "You should not be surprised to see miracles. You should be shocked if there isn't one."  Ummm hello talk about awesome right? Because it is so true I see miracles everyday and I'm always like Ohhh my gosh what an awesome miracle, and it is, I'm not trying to diminish them at all, I'm just saying I shouldn't be nearly so surprised when they do, b/c this is the Lords work and so long as we/I do our/my part He will be able to step in and w/ the  enabling power of Grace!
  Anyways moving right a long.  I am sooooo jealous you all got to go to church yesterday. Ours was cancelled and it wasn't even bad, these Ohioans just need to get used to the snow, you think they would be sorta used to it by now, considering all that we've got this year, but ohhh well, I shouldn't complain, haha see I told you it was going to be a work in progress.......
  On to the weekly report:
Okay so Wednesday we tried to get a member out w/ us but it just didn't work out well, so we ended up doing our lesson w/ Jon at Arbys.  It was good and bad all at the same time. The background music was super hard for me to tune out, but we had a good discussion w/ him about how awesome Captain Moroni is, and Jon told us that he is his favorite person in the BoM, so we read that awesome scripture about Moroni w/ him.  I don't remember all that went on but just know that it was good.
  Thursday we had a good visit w/ Sister Landis and she babysits during the day and boy those babies are cute!!! I'm getting all super excited to be an aunt w/ seeing all these cute little kidies. :)  It was a good visit w/ her as well.  We also had a good quick visit w/ Brother Landis b/c it was very, very cold.  But it was a direct application of what we had learned on Tuesday, I was super bold w/ him in asking him a question, and he knows it is out of love, and he was totally cool w/ it.  We also took him some cookies b/c he has a serious sweet tooth :)  Then we were outta stuff to do and so we went to go visit a person in our complex, I really didn't want to, but we went and met the sweetest potential named Maria.  We had a prayer w/ her and I really like her.
  Alright one last thing to say about Thurs. and then I'll move on.  We went to visit Jon and take him a picture of Christ, but we didn't see his car, and we were still in our car said a prayer and saw a car come up the street. I was like I think that was Jon, but it didn't quite look like him, and we went and visited some other people, and then we decided to just go see if Jon was indeed home. We went up and gave him the pic. and he was excited about it, and then he showed us his hair cut. We were shocked all of his hair is GONE!!! It was a sad day in our life, we are still trying to get used to it.  His mom cut it and they were pressed for time so she used an 8, he was like I gotta rem. to have her use a 6.  My favorite part was when he said the world is 3 degrees colder now. haha too funny, I love him :)
  Friday we met this seriously awesome lady!!! One of my new favorite parts of West Milton that is for sure.  I loved, loved, loved our visit w/ her.  We had a a lesson w/ Jon and that was an awesome part of my day as well.  We ended up doing a partial lesson of the WoW and we were so not ready to do so. I've never taught that lesson before so that was exciting.  It was funny tho, b/c he still isn't sure why its coffee, and more importantly tea, he said but it just says hot drinks, couldn't that be a lot of things? We are probably just going to have him research it a bit for himself....b/c he's cool w/ that.
  Saturday was good, nothing is really standing out to me too much so I'll just move on to my sadness about not having church.  It was not a real Sunday to not have church.  So I am glad to hear you all enjoyed yours it sounds like it was fabulous.  President Porter would have definitely approved, b/c really the Temple is the goal, not baptism.
  Today we got a new investigator he is super cool....and is another single guy. haha funny huh? But I really, really, really like him, so I'm excited about that.
  This week is going to be awesome, I can feel it!! I hope yours is as well :)

Love you,
              Sister Julie Ann :)

Ohhh my goodness

I can't believe I forgot we did have something awesome happen on Saturday!!! We had a lesson w/ Jon :) haha I don't possibly know how I could forget to mention that!!! But it was good, we talked about repentance and I invited him to think about getting a blessing....we're going to have to check up and see what he's thinking about it :) But I couldn't let you think nothing awesome happened on Saturday when clearly it did :)

Love ya :)

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