Monday, February 3, 2014

Yay for Madison!!

Hello Utah and various other places People :) haha
  So the highlight of my week was most definitely Madison!! Sister Porter text us Friday night and told me that I was about to become an aunt b/c my sister was on the way to the hospital, and that was awesome. Unfortunately my patience was tried a bit, since I had to wait until Saturday after study to find out everything else.  But I found out and today I got to see the beautiful little girlie so that is all that matters :) (But I do want to throw out a disclaimer that I get to be the favorite Ohio) haha gotta make that claim since I'm the only one here.
  So Monday was a good day and reminded me once again that sacrifices bring forth blessings, I guess that still hasn't sunk in quite as deep as it should b/c sometimes I don't really want to make sacrifices even tho I always see blessings, but its a work in progress so that is a for sure rest of my life deal. We were able to do 3 lessons so that was exciting.
  Tuesday we went for a trip out of our mission, don't worry this one was okayed. Haha :) but really it was.  We went to visit Sister Morten and she was happy to see us, so that was fun.  Alright b/c I'm lazy I'm going to do some cut and pasting  here to tell you some other things that happened. This week was a really good one, not that they all aren't, I just feel like there were some awesome experiences that just reaffirmed how important it is to stay close to the spirit and follow all the promptings we receive.
  We had a few lessons with Jon again this week and I loved every single one of them, however one does stand out in my mind a little bit.  We called one member in the ward to see if she could come with us and she kind of reluctantly agreed, but when we got in the lesson the things that she said were so amazing! She was very blunt and bold with Jon, and her testimony was exactly what Jon needed to hear that day.  Afterwards we thanked her very much and she told us that that day had been terrible, and she really hadn't wanted to come out with us.  I really think that that lesson ended up being as much for her as it was for Jon.  It is absolutely amazing to see how the spirit works, and how if we follow our promptings we can make more of a difference than we truly anticipated. 
  The lesson was really good, and we ended up talking about agency and choice. I loved it!!! We had dinner w/ Sister Helis that evening and that was lovely as always. I love her and she loves us, so its a wonderful time for all involved :)
  Funny story so last Friday we had spaghetti, Monday we had it again and then Tuesday the trend continuted.  Plus we got leftovers from Mon, and Tues, dinners.....luckily we have Jon, so we pawned some of it off on him, because we did not want to eat all that spaghetti.  Thank goodness for that huh?
  We had a very interesting encounter with this very unique individual on Tuesday night.  I think I told you about it in the recordings, if I didn't let me know and I will b/c I don't have time to write about it today :) But she was a very nice, unique individual.
  We had district meeting that was lovely, plus its always fun to make it somewhere where the scenery is a tad bit different.  We had lunch w/ the Sisters and off we went to visit Derek.  He was there so we were able to have a visit w/ him, but just wish I knew what to do to help him more. Karen I showed him the stack of stuff you sent, but then I said "I'm only going to give you 2," he was like no it's okay you can give all of them to me, but b/c I'm selfish I said "no, I want to read them first" But the ones I've read so far are sooooo awesome!! My favorite one is by President Lee, I'm working my way thru it.  I feel like it is a subject most people should study!!!!! I think it would solve a lot of problems in this world if people did :)
  We had a lesson w/ Sis. Holland, Christian and Jon it was pretty good, but it took a turn off topic and then steering it back was a definite need.  But it was cool b/c I'd had a good study that I was totally able to apply much of what I'd learned. We had him reread part of Enos to see abt real intent in prayers.
  We had an oil change on Thursday that took forever and a they were super over-priced, and one more complaint and then I'll move on, they didn't wipe the grease off of the steering wheel, the gear thing or the door.  Don't think I'll suggest them to anyone.  One of our investigators had taken a literal tumble down her stairs not this week but last I guess, and we went over w/ the Elders and Bro. Crafton so that she could have a blessing.  It was awesome!! The spirit was so strong, and she loved having the Elders over at her place.  We had a lesson w/ Jon right after, and it was so, so, so awesome.  We watched "Lord I Believe", and he loved it, and Elder Holland.  He was like wow, that is a man w/ a lot of conviction.  He said abt wanting to rewatch it, so I hope he does, b/c it would help him. But I loved listening to that talk again it was such a great experience. I totally suggest you all take 15 minutes and go watch it, it will definetely build your faith and inspire you.
  We had another Lesson w/ Jon on Friday it did not turn out as we had expected, but it was still really good. We were planning on watching Elder Hollands talk on the BoM, but we ended up talking about families and how the gospel blesses them, and how w/ our families and our faith in Jesus Christ we can get thru anything! Sister Terry's testimony was super powerful, and Jon totally felt that.  We visited Sister Weir and convinced her that we should shovel her driveway the next day.
  We did some 2 2 5ing so I felt productive, even tho nothing happened.  We dediced to just go buy shovels and then we did Sister Weir's driveway, and that snow was is a different experience out here, I'll tell you what.  Jon cancelled on us......b/c his brother needed some help for a test he had coming up in calculus.  We had a good visit w/ Jennifer.  Oh and we had a good talk w/ this guy who is sick of religion b/c everyone is in it for the money.....enter our awesome lay ministry :)
  Sunday was good.  Testimony meeting was super powerful.  We had an awesome visit w/ the Greathouses too.
I am so super excited about the Seahawks!! I love them, but how disappointing that it wasn't a real game.  Have an awesome week!! I know I'm going to, we have zone meeting tomorrow, exchanges on wed, and then Interviews on Thursday....I'm soooo excited!!
Love you all!!!
         Aunt Sister Julie Ann :)
And here is cutie little Madison....

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