Monday, February 17, 2014

hello my Peeps!!

First off, I'm staying in Vandalia!
Second Jon did indeed not get baptized, mostly we think the Lord wanted to see if we were going to follow thru on what he wanted us to do.
Third this has been a busy week.

Alright on to the good stuff!
 Monday we had a few lessons, and we had a jolly good time.
  Tuesday we had a nice visit w/ Sister Landis.  She is so sweet I love her very much, I just wish I knew what to do to help her come back to church. Common theme of my life I assure you. :)  We had to run off to a lesson w/ Gaylene and we had a lovely time w/ her as well.  Sister Wilson came w/ us to visit Jon and we had a good time as always. She is honestly my very favorite person to take when we go visit Jon.  Basically she's all boldsauce and I love it! :)
  Wednesday we had District Meeting and then we headed off to lunch and had Spaghetti. yay :) haha gotta love it right? We went to visit Miss Gloria, and we were sorta shocked outta our minds when she actually invited us into her house. The only bummer about that being that afterwards we reeked of some serious cigarette smoke, but oh well, it comes w/ the calling eh?  However before we got into Sister Morales car I took off my coat b/c I didn't want to stink up her car or Jon's apartment and it was a beautiful day so it all worked out nicely. It was funny tho when we walked into Jon's he was like oh you've lost a few layers today.  Sister Anderson was just wearing a fleece jacket and I was wearing my 3/4 sweater, but hey it was a sacrifice I was willing to make in order to smell somewhat better.  Haha  We had a RS activity and it was really good, more for the parental ladies, but hey good stuff.
  Thursday we met some cool guys. I want to teach both of them, so that could be some potential info to share w/ you in later days to come.  We taught Jon the law of Chastity, he's all for it, so that's good.  We had dinner w/ Andy and Jessica, and tromped thru a ton of snow, so that was super duper exciting. I think we probably made lots of people think that we were very crazy but gotta love it right? We also had a lovely visit w/ Miss Jennifer, I love her tons :)
  Friday Happy Valentines. It was strange to do weekly planning and know that it really only applied to me, so that was fun stuff.  Sister Campbell came w/ us to visit Jon we went over tithing and fast offerings, once again he's cool w/ it, so really it just shows how prepared he is.  We had a good visit w/ Sister Weir, of course when aren't they good visits??......never.....I always have fun at her house.
  Saturday is a special day its the day we get ready for Sunday!!! :) We did some shoveling always a good time. We had lunch, frozen pizzas are some of my favs! :) We had a good visit w/ Sister Greathouse. Gloria invited us in again, twice in one week it was a shocker. :) We had a lesson w/ Sister Weir and Jon-boy.  We were going to do some things, but the spirit directed otherwise, so we followed that instead.  Good thing b/c it turned out super awesome.  It always does when we follow that instead of ourselves.  Sis. Weir took us out to dinner afterwards and we had a good time.  It was so good to have her come out w/ us, she loved him just as much as we have been telling her she would.  I just really don't know how someone couldn't love him to be honest. :)
 Sunday was church which was great. So it was funny I was sitting next to Jon and during the sacrament he leans over to me and points at the program where it talks about Temple clothing and asks me what does that mean. I said we wear all white in the Temple so we have special clothes.  He was like oh okay, sat back for a second and then leaned back over and asked what about the Bride and Groom, I said they wear all white too, so then he said ohh so its a really white wedding, nice and pure. Haha funny stuff.
  Gospel Principles was most excellent. I really enjoyed it this week, it was also super spiritual so that was a huge bonus.  We had a good visit w/ Sister Rivero and Stacey. Derek was not home so that was a bummer. We had a good talk w/ Jennifer last night too. 

Well tomorrow should be exciting tell you about it next week! 

        Sister Julie Ann :)

The Englewood Peeps!

Aren't we cute?



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