Monday, February 10, 2014

I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh hey!! So I couldn't wait to tell you my exciting news!! President told us on Thursday that we have been authorized to go every 6 months, so it looks like you'll need to send me my clothes. Too bad I didn't just pack them around for a while huh? ;)
 Alright so now I'll be a bit more civilized. :)
Good Morning, and Happy Valentines this week!
  We have been busy as always and I have lots to say and a very, very limited time frame so this is going to be a quick one, sorry my dears!
Monday, we had a lesson w/ Jon and Tiffanie and it went pretty well, but he made us think about our approach w/ him a bit, we decided to change the way our lessons w/ him work.
  Tuesday we had Zone Meeting, and we learned how imp. it is to not be murmurers.  For you see, murmuring stops progression, and is not good, nope not at all.  We also learned it is better to ask "why not" rather than "why" b/c Nephi would ask "w. n." while the not so happy peeps aka his brothers asked "why" so I want to be more like Nephi and ask his q.  We had someone who cancelled on us to go to Jon's so we had to emergency transfer his lesson to later so we could get a member to come w/ us. Thankfully Sister Campbell bailed us out and came to our aid! It was super duper helpful. We went to go visit Derek but he was not home, and on the way to his door I almost died 5 times, but as you can see I didn't and am still among the living, but the slippery, slickery stuff is there, so it pays to be aware :)  Oh and since he wasn't there we went and visited Stacey, I still love her in case you are wondering.
  Wednesday We shoveled Sister Weirs driveway and we had dinner w/ the Helis'. I also still love them incase you are wondering. :) haha ohh and I don't know how I could forget this but we had a lesson w/ darling Gaylene....aka Sister Russell, It's one of my goals to get her to progress towards baptism!!
  Thursday was specialized training down in Middletown. It was a fabulous drive. We got to have interviews w/ President and I adore him as you well know, but we also got to have interviews w/ Sister Porter so that was lovely.  I told you some stuff in the recordings and for the sake of time I'mma move on. We went straight to the Dotson's for our lesson w/ Jon and he committed to live the WoW so that was awesome, it was alot easier than we were expecting, you can see the spirit working lots and lots on him, too bad he still doesn't see it.
  Friday we extended baptism to him for Feb. 15 he tentatively accepted, but as of now...he's not really planning on it, so we are going to get him a blessing, and maybe that'll do the trick!! Power of the priesthood I'm telling you.
So hopefully I'll be able to tell you all about a baptism next week!! Love you lots
Love, Sister Julie Ann

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