Monday, February 24, 2014

Holy Moly

Word vomit commence!!

  CONGRATULATIONS COLTON aka Elder Ransbottom!!!! Oh my goodness that is so exciting! There is honestly nothing better than being a missionary! You are going to do fabulous! :) I think it is also killer cool that we opened our calls on the same day, exactly a year apart :) too cool!


I have so much to say so lets see how far I get.

  Monday: We had our last lesson w/ Jon and luckily Tiffanie was able to come w/ us b/c our other member cancelled.  It was awesome, but sad. Monday was a crazy, crazy day.  Jon was devastated when we told him that part of following the Prophet is not watching R movies.  He told us, that is hard guys, that is the hardest thing you have told me.  Funny story, so then we were talking about movies and we had a little discussion on some movies that are and are not R, and he was convinced that the Bourne movies are, and I told him I promise you they are PG-13, he was in the midst of opening them as I said that and he said you know what I trust Christiansen, I'm not even going to look. So now when we go over his shrink wrap is partially open, but he did trust me so that was funny.

  Tuesday it was weird. I got to see some of my fabulous friends so that was exciting.  My new companion is Sister Ashcraft she is really sweet. We are going to have a fun 6 weeks, thats for sure. :)  I guess from some of your emails I don't go to particular about a lot of things, so I'll try and share more details esp. concerning companions. I really have loved them all, I just don't say anything, so thats all.  We had an awesome visit w/ Brother McCracken. I still love him, I want to get him back to church, I think he will, its just a matter of time.  We found these 2 new investigators, so that was exciting, but the guy had some weird thoughts such as the following.  Noah is God, Shem is Jesus Christ and that his dad is Daniel the prophet. yeah that was a little interesting.

  Wednesday we had a lesson w/ Jon and Sister Morales, we talked abt Obedience and Obeying the laws of the land, not a problem for him, didn't think they would be. We talked more abt R movies, it really threw him for a loop. haha I'm not too worried tho, he's going to come to terms I'm sure. I kept feeling like we should go visit Derek, but it was so not what we had planned but we prayed about it and got the feeling that it was alright to go on and head up to WM. So off we went. We actually went inside, b/c his mom was home.  I love him, but I don't know what to do to help. Their is a cloud that surrounds him. I just pray lots and lots for him and tell him how much I love him.  I did get him to laugh when I asked if he watched the superbowl.  He told me I knew you were going to say that! haha I couldn't help it :)

  Thursday we had another lesson w/ Jon but w/ Sis Wilson. The lesson didn't really pick up until Sister Wilson started asking Jon questions and then we really started making it somewhere.  I love having her out w/ us. We found out when he prays he kinda questioningly thinks he'll get an answer, we told him he has to pray w/ faith and that is going to change it. So he committed to doing that.  We found a new inves. his name is Ricky and I love him.  He needs the gospel. The poor kid has had it rough.

  Friday we took Sister Campbell w/ us to Ricky and we found out some important stuff for him. So we are going to work on teaching him real simply.  Rem. those inves. we found on Tuesday, yeah they dropped us on Thurs, when we text them about the return apt on Friday. Oh well, I was fine w/ it.

  Saturday I got some additions. They were in the form of 2 blisters. But I'll tell you what I earned them. haha it was such a nice day outside I didn't even wear a jacket for part of it! We met a new potential inv. We are going to see him this week.

 Sunday church was good. We had a killer lesson that I've already wrote about, enter copy and paste: So this past week has been really awesome. I love Sister Ashcraft she is so sweet!  I think that this transfer is going to be simply fabulous. 
  Jon truly is the shining light in everything. Seeing his progress is amazing, I think that he is really close to accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior and once that happens then we should be good to go, baptism wise that is. :)
  Alright so yesterday we had this truly awesome miracle.  We had a lesson set up with our new investigator Ricky and we had a husband and wife (the Morales) out with us. Alas Ricky wasn't there. So I asked if they would be okay going downstairs to visit one of our other investigators that we haven't been able to see for the past week. They said that was fine, so off we went, meanwhile I was praying really hard that Tony would answer his door.  Heavenly Father truly blessed us because Tony did answer the door, and I invited us in to read some of the BoM with him.  We had a really great lesson and the spirit was so strong. It reaffirmed to him that he needs to look into this more, so that was truly an amazing blessing.
Isn't technology great?  We had a lesson w/ Jon as well. It went well. I told him to do a study on Belief and Faith and that he can tell us what he learned next time we see him.
 I miss the Elders!! I had to throw that in there.  We went to their apartment today to get some stuff out of it, and now we have whiteboards, so that is super exciting.
I love and miss you all a lot. Thanks for all you do :)
Read 2 Ne 25:29 and 2 Ne 26:13. I sent those to Jon and I just really like them.
         Sister Julie Ann :)

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