Monday, December 16, 2013

This is a quick one

So I only have 14 minutes so sorry this is going to be super quick.  Those recordings took forever and a day to send so probably not so many next time round.
So I got 2 packages today, it was pretty fun I got one from G'ma an G'pa and then one from Uncle Larry and Aunt Becky.  Also I got my one from Grandma on Saturday and I opened it yesterday....I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe its almost Christmas, time has seriously flown by!!
This week has been a fabulous week.  Sister Anderson and I have been able to witness the many small miracles that God gives to us daily.  I have truly been blessed.  One of the highlights of my week was indeed Zone Conference!! I absolutely had an amazing revelatory experience and I was able to receive answers to both of my questions.  Not only did I receive answers though, things really stuck out to me on action plans as well, because I know it is great to receive answers, but it is also important to know how those answers are truly going to help me out.  I also loved the opportunity to hear from Elder Christofferson, and then to be able to tell people things that he said that were relevant to them and their personal situations.  It reminded me of how Elder Bednar has said that the things you study will come into direct use each day if you are studying as you should.
There is a quick blurb for you...on to some stories.
So one time we were walking and these nice people said Hi to us, and so I wrote down where they lived.  This week we went for a walking journey and were going to go knock on their door, but Heavenly Father was smarter and had them be outside.  We were able to talk to them really quick like and gave them a Pamp, and then yesterday we went and dropped off some cookies and set up a return appt.  I love how the Lord works.  You can truly tell He is at the head of this work, because sometimes we have these little ideas that He totally magnifies.  I love it, talk about the best Boss ever!
So another story...I was told I looked tired at Zone Conference....Probably yes I was, but thats a bummer that I looked it.  We had to get up at 5 to make it there on time since it was down in Middletown. But it was so worth it and beyond.  I loved learning from President and Sister Porter, and then Elder and Sister Perkins were absolutely fantastic.  THey are inspired people and I love hearing people who truly let the Spirit work thru them. 
Stake Conference was phenomenal!! Elder Smith and Elder Christofferson spoke so wonderfully.  At the end yesterday it was really cool cuz Elder Christofferson gave the people a good 2 or 3 minutes worth of blessings.  It was so cool to be able to be there to witness it.  One thing that really stuck out to me was how He talked abt Faith being an action and how sometimes we have to repent before we gain the faith we need.  Insights He gave were so fabulous!! I just wish that I had my notebook so I could share more with you right now. 
This next week is going to be a week of miracles, I am throughly convinced that I need to step my game up so that I can receive all the blessings God is willing to give me so long as I do what I have covenanted to do. 
In Zone Conference they talked all about how our obedience brings us so many blessings and that is definitely something I have seen over and over again, and the reason we always talk abt it is because you can always do better.  There is always something to increase some step that we can reach a little farther for.  I am so grateful for each and every one of you.  Your love, support, and prayers truly make a difference in my life, and it makes me want to be so much better, because of your examples to me.  I cannot tell you how much my testimony has grown, and my understanding of the Atonement and tho it is something I will never understand or comprehend I know that it is for me, and you specifically.  Jesus Christ was born so that I can be born again, so I can be made clean.  I know that He is the only Begotton of the Father and I am forever grateful to Him and His sacrifice for me.
I love you!! I hope you each take some time to study the Atonement and what it means to you as we all take time to Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!!
        Sister Julie Ann :)

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