Monday, December 2, 2013

Englewood Ward Newbies!!

Hey you beautiful people!
  I'm going to start off by saying, Ohhhh my Gosh!!!!! I can't believe that Paul Walker is dead! That is horrible!!! But I really also can't believe the irony of him dying in a car and all........weird.  Sad day tho! I think my heart broke a wee bit.
On to other things now.......I don't mean to be insensitive to him or anything but yeah.....
Tuesday I cried when I had to say bye to Sister Summers, it was very hard, she is like another legit Sister to me.  But crazy sauce.  She is the Senior comp to Sister Ashby nowadays.  Crazy huh?  I was really sad to leave the Cincinnati East Zone, but now I am in the Dayton Zone so that is exciting, and I have been able to be on a campus for a brief moment.  Cool for sure.  So Dayton is very proud of the fact that the Wright brothers are from around here.  We see stuff about them around many places. 
  Like I said in my other email, we were doubled in. We now have a beautiful 2014 Silver Chevy Cruze....its so nice.  Sister Anderson and I are over Vandalia, and we have a ton, a ton, a TON of Less Actives, that we are going to fire up about coming back to Church.  The ward is pretty small, as in attendees on Sunday, the roster is huge tho.  We are going to do our very best to rekindle the fire of these people's conversion tho, and bring them back, because you never completely lose your testimony, so I know its there....somewhere.
  Also there is a new sister from Grace Idaho. cool huh?
We have met a ton of cool people and I am way excited to continue to keep meeting the children of God that He has prepared for us. 
The Church is true and I love each and every single one of you!
Have a great week!!
Love Sister Julie Ann

I am quite sad about the Aggies, but it looks like it was killer fun to be there at the ESA! You lucky people you! :)
I am with Sister Anderson and we were doubled in.  We are now the 3rd set in this ward.
Sister Anderson was the first Missionary that Sis. Ward trained cool huh?
We actually live in Vandalia! Which is right next door to the Dayton International Airport.  Cool beans eh? 

We have the cutest couple that we have gone and visited twice since we got here and I love them to absolute pieces, they are so sweet to us.  We have gone thru and visited a ton of the Formers and we found one investigator out if it so far, but I'm optimistic something else is going to come of them.  They all seem to be awesome people. 
  Ohhhh also guess what?  Elder Barnett is one of my Zone Leaders that is kinda fun.  We get to serve in the same ward again.  Also we are in the same ward as the Zone Leaders, and the Sister Training leaders.  At this last transfer they put almost all of the Sister Training Leaders together.  Mine are Sisters Floyd and Schmitt.  Sister Schmitt is so sweet, I really really like her.  Also I do like my new Companion she is really quiet and very nice.  I love you all!!!
Love, Sister C......because everyone here seems to think that Sister Christiansen is much tooooo long and complicated to say.....hahaha

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