Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey Everyone,
  The big news of the week is that........I'm being transferred.  Tomorrow Sister Marchant has so kindly agreed to take us to the meeting so Sister Ashby and I can meet our new companions.  We never got a training call, so I think both of us might be having a Senior Companion, which would be lovely.  I had a feeling most of the week that this was going to be the outcome of today's call, and I was right.  Thank goodness for those feelings that prepare us for the change that is going to occur.  I finally told Sister Ashby on Friday that I was pretty sure I was going to be transferred, so she had a few days to get used to the idea, before it actually happened. 
  I am really excited though!! I have the opportunity to go and meet a bunch of new people and have an awesome new companion I am sure.  I'll let yall know next week all the new deets of my new situation.
  Sad news of the day, alas I did not get a picture of Kevin, he has been out of the State for awhile.  I guess I'll just have to get transferred back so you can see who it was that I was talking about lots and lots.  Also Emily is indeed Kevin and Jamie's little girl.  She's so cute huh?
  Tuesday we invited Matt to be baptized and he told us not right now, there are a few things he needs to take care of first, but it was the first extension the two of us have done together.  Bummer it didn't really turn out as expected, but hey its a work in progress.   We had dinner with the Hillards on Tuesday and Sister Hillard is from South Africa! Cool huh? She is actually from Cape Town, and has a killer awesome accent.
  Wednesday we went and got to help Sister Scott with a BoM timeline for her Seminary Students.  It is pretty cool, I love it, and want a picture to put in my scriptures so that I can have the timeline make sense to me, in order for me to better teach it to others.  We taught Sister Snowden how to do a sock bun, that was pretty exciting! 
  Thursday we went and visited with Sister Johns for a few minutes and I just think she is the coolest lady ever!! Not a joke I want to be like her when I grow up.  We had a late lunch with the Scotts and the YSA Sisters, and then Sister Scott came with us to a lesson.  It turned out fabulous!!! It was the most progress that we have made with Judy yet.  I was sitting there in awe from the things that were transpiring.  Too cool for words, the Spirit is simply phenomenal!!!!! 
  Friday we had an appointment with a Less Active family.  With them it is just slow and steady progress I believe.  Hopefully they can find their way back to activity, I feel that with the right fellowshipping he will definitely come back, she however will take a bit more work.  Exciting news for Friday afternoon however was, we found this really awesome boy a few weeks ago and it just hasn't worked out to actually teach him, but we set up an appointment with him for Fridayand we felt really good about it.  As we were studying we both felt that we should extend baptism to him, and we were both very excited.  When we got there on Friday afternoon he came out of his door and said, "I already know what you are going to ask me."  We were both a little shocked, and so he went on to tell us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon, finished the For the Strength of the Youth, and he has read the Restoration pamphlet we gave him.  He said that it all makes sense and that he wants to get baptized, however his family is not religious and so he is planning on waiting until his 18th birthday, which unfortunately is next August.  He has already progressed so far without missionaries because he has a good friend who is a member who has been a good example to him and given him the FTSOTY and BOM.  Sister Ashby is planning on keeping up with him and seeing if they can't help him progress to getting baptized a little sooner.
  Cool huh?  I think so.  I just hope that if it is his family that is indeed holding him back, which definitely seems to be the case that they soften more to the Church so that he doesn't have to wait so long.
  Saturday we spent some time with Sister Belliston which was fabulous!!!  She helped us update my GPS and it was a lovely time.  We had a referral that we were able to contact and she ended up becoming an investigator, which is very exciting.  I think there is some definite work to be had there.  I also think that Sister Ashby and her new companion might be able to help her a lot in her life, and also they might be able to get some of her family more interested in what the Gospel can offer them. 
  Sunday Church was really good.  Sister Johns spoke about Missionary work and it was absolutely fabulous!! Brother Creer our WML also spoke and he told some hilarious stories, which was fun, but his talk was also very good, his happened to be on Agency though.  Dinner with the Dalziels was so fun!!!  They are a super, super fun family.  I am super glad that I got to go over to dinner with them before I left.  YW in Excellence was great, we went to it with the Dalziels.  The girls in the ward are so cute, I am so impressed with the trials they face everyday, and that they are able to stay so strong to what they believe. 
  Today has been a day full of packing, and unfortunately I'm not finished yet!! Geeze-Louise I gotta stop accumulating things.....  Good news folks! Your package came today, so now I don't have to worry that I might not get it for eons of time because it came before I left. 
I would definitely suggest that you all take a chance to read Joseph Smith History 1:11-13 as soon as you get the chance it is great.  I spent some time there this morning and it was time very well spent!!
Austin.......HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I can't believe you are 12 buddy!! I hope that you have an awesome day!!
I love you all very much and am so grateful for each and everyone of you!! I hope that you know how much I  love you and the love and support you give to me!! I hope that your Thanksgiving is simply the Best!!!!!
Love you!!!
Love Sister Julie Annie

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