Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What a Week

Hey You Beautiful Peeps!!
  This is going to be short and sweeeeeet, not unlike myself :) haha that was a joke so be sure and laugh for me.
I am so glad that Sister Richins is safe, I had no idea the magnitude of what was happening until last night at dinner when the Talberts were telling us all about it, and I got sick thinking about Kelsie.  So thanks for keeping me updated on her.
  Happy Late Veterans Day!!  My day was wonderous, so I hope all of yours were fabulous as well.
  Mom thanks for grabbing me the Ensign.  I got it today, and I am so happy to be able to read and mark up what I will.  There isn't anything like having modern day revelation at your fingertips huh? :)
  We had dinner with the Garcias this week, and that family is fabuolous!! I just love them they are super awesome,  Sister Garcia made homemade bread and cookies to send home with us too, so we went and dropped some off to Kevin, because we just couldn't eat them all, and that way we were able to visit with him for awhile, which is always fun. 
  So I have this new way of marking my scriptures with tabs, that are really pretty cool, when I'm all finished I'm going to send you a picture of the beautifulness that is them. 
  We did not have District Meeting since there was a humungus meeting for all of our leaders with President, and some Salt Lake People.  This week we have graduated from Rice crispies to actually making cookies, so we have been delivering those to lots of people this week, which has been fun.
  Our power went out on Wednesday for a while, so that was fun.
  We spent a bit more time in one of the trailer parks this week. Not as much as usual, but we had an investigator, that unfortunately we can never get in contact with.  We'll keep trying but we shall see what comes of it.
  Friday was a high milage day.  We went visiting people in Goshen we have never met before, and saw part of our area we  have never before seen til that day.  We went to visit an unknown on the ward list and ended up meeting this really nice guy from Alabama, whoes name was Chuckie, and automatically I thought of #HolyChuckieKeeton!! I can't help it :)  Also we met this other really friendly guy who talked to us a lot, and he said we can come back so hopefully we will be able to teach him about the Gospel, because we found out thru our convo that he already lives some of what we believe, so it would only be a few more do-able!!
  We met this really nice girl on Saturday who is dating someone from the ward, and she liked us so that was good news.  We are actually going to go back today and see if we can't catch her home again!
  We went and visited a family on Sunday evening and were actually able to share a really awesome message with them considering this week that they have.  One of their daughters actually was killed in a car accident 3 years ago tomorrow, and the message we shared was about trials and how God knows everything and we go thru things to help us. 
Today we had Zone Meeting and it was fabulous!! I learned a lot about being a better missionary, by better understanding my purpose.  It was a great experience. 
Sorry that this is so short, but know that I love you all to pieces, and your love, support and prayers mean more than you know!!!!!!!!
I Love you!
        Sister Julie Ann

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