Monday, November 4, 2013

Its a quickie

I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like outstandingly much!!! 
  Sorry that there are no individual emails this week, but know that I love you all very much so in an individual way.  We are going to do some service for a member in the ward, so we are not spending all of Preparation week to get ready, hence the shorter email time this week, but I wanted to forwarn you all.
  We had 22 lessons this week!! That was exciting.  Only one was to an investigator, but hey I'll take it.  We pretty much exhausted our supply of members in our half of the area.  I love being busy and that's what we were this week. 
  This weekly round-up is going to be significantly shorter but better luck next time eh?
  Monday I'm skipping.
  Tuesday we got to go visit the sweetest 87 year old lady.....she even gave us each a picture of her. So that was exciting.  Sister Ashby and I had had the best study session earlier that day, but the person we were studying for cancelled her lesson w/ us and we rescheduled for tomorrow, and Sister Marchant is coming with us so that is awesome!  Also that day turned into our day of service, it was pretty fun we did things from yard work to wiping down blinds.  Nothing like a good array of things right? :)
  We had an awesome lesson!!! It was w/ a media referral, which are kinda my favorite things ever!!! I'm going to insert part of my letter to President so I don't have to rewrite things, because hey this is me we are talking about and we all know that I'm kinda lazy :)  The highlight of my week was contacting our media referral.  When the visit first started it was mostly a question and answer sort of deal, because he is taking a world religions class and he wanted to find out about our faith.  However as time went on he was asking questions for his own knowledge.  It was honestly one of the highlights of my time in Milford.  It felt so good to be teaching people who were not members, seeing as his wife came and joined us as well.  They are really awesome and it worked out quite well that we weren't able to answer all of his questions, because we have a return appointment set for this week.  I honestly could not stop grinning during the appointment and I walked out their door already loving them!!!! Like lots and lots.
  Thursday we spent some time with Sister Snowden and I have a recording to tell you about that day, so I hope you enjoy.  Basically I think you should all be impressed by the service I did that day, and yes, I am counting it as service!!
  Going in early was weirdly nice.  I think the weirdest part was that we had to have our weekly planning so condensed.  It did not feel like enough time, but hey we got it done.
  We went and visited a mem. referral, which I'm going to throw a plug out, I also love them lots and lots!!  She was awesome...hopefully we will be heading back soon to do some painting.  Also Sister Dalziel gave us an Ab Circle, so we'll see if it does anything for us......Here's to hoping.
  Saturday we visited one of my favorite less actives and we even got to meet her husband he was awesome.  We shared a quote with her from GC and she loved it so much that she went and copied it for herself.
  Sunday!! Fast and testimony meeting was incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like oh my gosh!! The spirit was so strong.  After church we went and found a lady that moved into our ward from Cherry Grove and then we got in the car and both wanted to go visit Kevin so off we went.  Turns out Jamie was home this weekend so we got there and was able to chat with both of them for awhile.  I love them!! It was a good thing we went when we did since they had to leave so Jamie could head back to Virginia. 
Well folks that's about it......sorry its short.
Also Mom don't worry too much about sending me skirts, I got a bunch from Sister Snowden today.  So really don't worry about finding any for the time being, because my wardrobe just kinda got doubled skirt wise.
Have a great week :)

         Sister Julie Ann

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