Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, Monday.......its Monday

All you beautiful people Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
  This is gonna be a good one so hold on for the word vomit!!! Its Halloween....so I thought that was a fitting analogy to use :)
  Monday we went to visit this less active family and they were so very nice.  They have a super awesome dog, who's name is Zeus.  He is big and when he was walking down the stairs I was slightly afraid, but its all good because he is super nice.
  We had to make a pit stop at Walgreens Monday evening and we met a potential investigator, so I guess that comes to show that you can meet people anywhere.....which I thought I'd already learned, but apparently not well enough, because I keep learning it again, and again, and again.  (Did you hear that in the special voice from the book on tape we listened to once?? :) Because I did!) We were walking in the parking lot headed over to the car, when we started talking to the lady, she had brought a friend to the store and was waiting for her to come back out.  We had a pretty good conversation and I was able to get her name and phone number and address.  (Sometimes all the info we grab on people really makes me feel like a stalker, but its for a good cause......their Eternal Salvation, so I get over it and grab it anyways.) Turns out she has met with Missionaries before and she has a few hang-ups, for ex: Joseph Smith as a Prophet and adding to the Bible.....nothing the spirit can't help to fix right?? The answer is yes.  But that was pretty exciting, because before we got out of the car I just felt like I should grab a pass-along card and I did and then I used it for her.  So pretty cool to be able to feel a small prompting and have something come out of it.
  We went and hung out in the Meijer parking lot for a few minutes that evening.  Jk, actually we went to the parking lot to meet up for the exchange.  So then I said adios to Sister Ashby and hello to Sister Summers and then Sister Lee and I drove off to Milford.  The conference call was fabulous! They redid our Standards of Excellence so that they are attainable for everyone to reach.  We were also told how important it is that we use dignified language in all that we speak.  Also we were told that EVERY Companionship is to baptize in December.  Soooo I guess I better get busy!
  Tuesday was a good day.  Sister Lee cut herself some bangs.  I have a pretty funny video, but you'll have to wait to see it, because it is too big to send via email.  We had a bunch of plans to visit our investigators and such, but the Elders called and we ended up doing some service for a few hours instead.  It was good, and I even used a weedwacker.  I was pretty impressed with myself for doing so, so its okay if you want to be impressed too. :)  We had a member present lesson scheduled, and the member and us were present, but our investigator wasn't, so that was a shame.  Then we tried to contact some referrals with the same member, and that also did not go as planned.  When we were knocking on the one door she started laughing when it was apparent that no one was there, and she said "I can just see you doing this all day and not getting an answer, how fun."  We just laughed and said well it does happen a bunch, but sometimes we do actually get an answer.  It doesn't bother me, I just do what I can and hope that eventually something will work out, because the Lord is in charge and He wants there to be success, these are His children so I know something is going to happen.....hopefully soon tho :)
  Zone Conference!!!!!! Blessed day I was inspired!!! The spirit was phenomenal, it was so strong and I loved, loved, loved it.  I took 25 pages of notes, so that's gotta say something right.  We talked about lots of things and I wanted to go out and do everything that they taught us....right then.  I liked what President taught about how we live in the wilderness, and we need to learn to let it draw us closer to God, like Nephi and not be like Laman and have it pull us away.  One thing that truly stuck out was when President said "Your obedience influences someone else's Eternity."  How important obedience truly is!!!! It makes me want to be so much better, because exact obedience brings miracles.  President Bradley was there again, and everything he had to say was wonderful, as always!! He is an awesome man, I truly respect him, like lots and lots.  I
 loved when he told us we have authority to preach the gospel.  It is true and sometimes I think I forget how I have been Endowed with power and I need to make the choice to use it.  I don't know, I could just go on and on and on about what I learned, but I want to get to other stuff, before I run out of time.  But know this I was sitting in a room full of awesome power!!! The missionaries that I am surrounded by are fabulous examples and my leaders are inspired by God.  I know that to be absolutely true.
  Thursday we helped set up for our Ward's Halloween party and did a few things, and went to the Halloween party, and then helped clean up the party.  So that was good.  We also had a quick meeting with a potential who said that he would read the Restoration pamphlet and then get back to us....but I think we shall call him, just to make sure all is well and such.
  Friday we were domesticish and made Rice Crispy treats so that was fun.  We got to play with some adorable puppies which was fun. 
  Saturday we did some stuff..............I got adopted by this really nice old man. Who said that he would like to be my grandpa cool stuff huh?  I got the package from Grandma and yall.  That was fabulous timing, because it was chilly and I have been able to use some of the stuff that was sent.  I absolutely love the skirt, it was so cute, and my shirts and sweaters are greatly appreciated.
  Sunday is a wonderful day.  Sacrament meeting was fantastic!!!!! Like I took some really great notes.  "Faith is principle of action, nurture your faith".  Another was all abt being Children of God and was absolutely fabulous.  the last one was about Personal relationships and how important they are, and how the Atonement can help us thru anything.  It was such a good meeting.  We visited a less active family that is super nice.  We had sat down on their front step so I could write a note to leave on their door when they pulled into their driveway so that was good timing.  We looked kinda like weirdos sitting on their porch, but its all good.
  So tomorrow we are teaching Early Morning Seminary on 2 Ne 27. So I have reread that twice lately and it is so awesome.  I just can't imagine being Joseph Smith and translating it and realizing that Nephi was prophesying of you.  That would be crazy.  If you haven't read it lately I suggest you do because I really have enjoyed rereading it.
I love you and I love this gospel, I know that it is true.  Heavenly Father knows each one of us individually and we are each special to Him.  Jesus Christ did the will of the Father and He did it out of love for us.  Joseph Smith truly did see a vision and he Restored Christ's original gospel back to this earth.  We have a modern Prophet, and we can receive our own personal revelation.  Our testimony and our conversion are something that is so special and must be worked on everyday in order to stay strong. 
Have a fabulous week, and enjoy Halloween!!

        Sister Julie Ann

 My space...decorated so well huh?

Doesn't it look good.

Only in the Trailer park.......haha

Excuse the crazy hair.....it was at the end of a long day

We make good faces

So adorable huh????

 It was cold!!

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