Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey guess what?
  It was 61 degrees yesterday at 7:23 and I didn't even have to wear my jacket!!!!!!!!!  It was a November Miracle!!!! Fun stuff huh? I'll tell you what I sure enjoyed it :)
  We had a good week, it was super excitingly interesting and just yep, another week!  It'll be interesting to see what comes out in this email, so stay tuned, there will be about 6 episodes!
  Tuesday: I fixed my scripture case!!! I also left a momento of my finger upon my scripture case! It was quite funny! Also I have the best story of shopping in a Christian store to tell you all when I see you. We helped a member make Tuna casserole. I had one of the most spiritual lessons ever!! Probably the best I have ever had on my mission. We had an awesome training on Monday by the Assistants, did I ever tell you how much I love them? Because I really truly do, they are fabulous! :) But anyways back to the story President was also a part of the training and it was all about how to use Inspired questions more in our lessons, and how to teach by questions, so we did our very best to apply it on Tuesday evening and bam!! It worked, Follow the Keys friends, follow the keys!! We were at a PM family and 2 of them are LA, but boy did the spirit work on one of my new favorite people in Muncie!!! He felt the spirit so strong and said that he was going to come to church on Sunday. Then we went and dropped 2 investigators....
  Wednesday: Zone Meeting, it was good times. My first training was super boring so I did much better the 2 and 3 groups. We had some good lessons. Sang some songs for Miss Hazel. Then some of our investigators had us over for dinner and it was sooooo good!! We had chili, but it is not the chili you are thinking of, she is from Puerto Rico and it was great. Also the husband made the richest hot cocoa you could ever dream of drinking, it was good, but sooo much chocolate. We had a lesson w/ a lady who used to live in Cornish back in the day, and we talked about the McKnights, and Creechs, and that was about the extent of my Cornish knowledge, pretty sad eh? But it was a good time.
  Thursday: Weekly Planning as a zone at the church. But hey good news, we got our planning done.  We also cemented our love to the zone by bringing them breakfast.  We sent out a mass text text to a billion people in our phone and got lots of responses back so that is fun. Claudia and Amy had us over for Thanksgiving and that was so much fun!! I just love them, they are great!  We also went and visited this poor lady at Ball Memorial Hospital, she was so grateful for a visit. I just love when we are at the right places at the right time. Also I just want to mention how grateful I am to all of you lovely people!
  Friday: We had exchanges w/ Dunkirk. Sister Ribeira and I were in Muncie. We had quite the day. We were spreading "He is the Gift" joy all day long, and that was just magnificent.  So many people let us into their homes it was just great.  I met one of the nicest ladies ever, I just love her, and want to teach her the gospel. Her husband is actually a resident w/ a few of our members, so they have that contact w/ the church. She loved the movie, and said she was going to share it w/ her husband, also she wants to come to the Nativity so that is exciting.  We had dinner w/ Johannes, and I just love that man. He is a great guy, so full of the spirit, it is incredible.  Also I have decided if I never eat at a Chinese Buffet in my life, I think I will survive quite well. I don't know what it is about Muncie and Chinese, but its there........We went to Hazel's so we could see Tym and Jackie and what do you know mission accomplished. I love those people, they are just great :)  Ohhh man we had the most hilarious phone call w/ Brother Kirk, I was just dying!! He is soo great, favorite WML that is for sure.
  Saturday: We met some nice people. We had Brother and Sister Kirk help us out in teaching. They are so great!!! The Solomon's had us over for dinner, and we had legit taquitos, as in homemade and delicious!!!!! I surely enjoyed that meal. We also saw Brother Ellsworth, I love that guy he is great.  We told him to come to church to hear us speak and he wouldn't make any promises.
  Sunday: We spent some time freaking out about our talks, I'll tell you what writing them is still no fun as a missionary. Then we took breakfast to Miss Buddie, I love her too, she is so great. :) Everyone is just great!!!!! Then at church we were socializing w/ people, and I looked up and I saw Billy and Mark, I almost died w/ happiness.  It was so great. Then we had Brother Ellsworth walk in, and Buddie was there, and then midway thru the meeting one of the inv we dropped on Tuesday walked in. He biked to church, and has been 2 days free of smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miracles definitely happen! We had a good lesson w/ a new inv, and surprised her b/c she had no idea there were "Mormon Women" as it turns out she loves us.  Then Brother Reed had us over for dinner, and he made Lasagna, and it was sooo great. I just love lasagna sooo much!! We also sang in the choir, we're not sure if we will actually participate in the performance, but we are all practiced up.
  Coming up this week we have Zone Conference in Huntington tomorrow!!! Then we have social media day on Saturday, and the Nativity on Friday and Saturday, so it'll be a good week!
  I got the package on Wednesday and I shared some of the goodies w/ the Zone Leaders. It made us and them so happy!! Mom you won all of our hearts, don't worry, you had mine already, but it was just so stinking delicious!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I love you! ohhh and I almost forgot to mention, Sister Jacobson beat me at Ping-Pong in President and Sister Porter's house so apparently I need to brush up on those skills. Haha also I learned how important brownies are to some people..... haha :)

I love you!!!!

        Sister Christiansen


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