Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Tuesday!!!!!
  Just in case you missed me on Monday, I'm here on Tuesday!! So never fear you will still learn all about the happenings in my week! I just have an extra day to report and tons of exciting stuff to tell you about. 
  Monday: We stayed inside as much as possible, neither one of us like the cold, and snow. Later that night we met up w/ the Ball State Sisters for exchanges on Tuesday.
  Tuesday: I was w/ Sister Keil all day long!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh man I love that girl so much!! She is just so super great. I got to spend the day w/ her on frigid Ball State Campus!!!!! I love campus, it was sooo fun to be there, it was just sooo stinking cold that no one wanted to talk w/ us, sorta unfortunate but hey such is life. We walked back and forth from the Institute to Bracken (the library) 3 different times. But it was all good.  We spent some time w/ Seth one of their RC's, and I got to go to institute which was soo fun!! It was all about repentance which is always a good topic!! I just love it. This time I did not eat anything exotic like Octopus w/ her....but I did eat one of those breakfast sausage and pancake things, and it was surprisingly delicious.
  Wednesday: I got to be w/ my favorite Sister Jacobson!! We had a really good District Meeting. We dropped one of my funny investigators, but I refused to drop him until I got a picture w/ him, and once I got my picture I was good w/ it. He was always good for a laugh that is for certain. We visited w/ some pretty awesome people. I got to see the cute baby bunnies, and Sister Kirk came out teaching w/ us, so that was fun. I love her she is great!!!!
  Thursday: We had this conference that we got to be apart of. However it was different than other conferences. It was by video and phone. So we watched it on the computer and then we listened to it via our phone. Crazy what you can do w/ technology right? It was for all the District, Zone and Sister Training Leaders, as well as others who were invited to it. Don't worry that meeting only went over by an hour, we were back to our typical meeting schedule :) haha. The Kirk's were kind enough to let us invade their home for the meeting. And Sister Kirk fed us an awesome breakfast!!! Then we played car hop from appointment to appointment w/ different members. It was kind of like being back in Englewood, going from place to place w/ different people.  We had a delicious dinner and Sister Inman was going to send a pic home of me and Sister J, but idk if I gave the right email addy, so theres that. We had some other good appointments that night and then we were off, to meet up for exchanges for Friday.
  Friday: I was w/ Sister Stokes in Muncie 2.2. Ohh man she is a cutie too! We have such great Sisters in our Zone, we are sooo blessed. But we had so much fun that day. We had some great things happen that day. It was fun to be w/ her, she is just so genuinely happy, and soooo nice to everyone, it showed me how I should treat others.  I also grew in my appreciation for my weekly coordination meetings, b/c once again, I really do love Brother Kirk, he is great!!!!!
  Saturday: We went to the Sisters (Ball State) Baptism, did some paperwork, and taught some lessons. We also text President and Sister Porter to see if we could spend Sunday night at their place. We had dinner w/ a super cute family that I love. I am going to do something for her when I go home, so that will be fun :) We saw Buddy, it turns out their family has been having a really rough week, so it was good to be able to see her. Oh and no worries we got the confirmation that we could spend Sunday night in Cinci!!!! I was ecstatic, and so super happy!
  Sunday: President called while I was in the shower and said that we were supposed to be doing a special musical number in 2nd ward. Sister Jacobson did some quick phone calls and worked things out so that she played the fiddle, and Sister Hefner played the piano of Come Thou Fount. It was sooo beautiful!!! It was a bit of a stressful morning for her. We had dinner w/ a really cool new family. They fed us legit Indian food, as in spicy and good. Then we drove to Cinci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best way to end the day! In Cincinnati, it made me feel like I am part of the mission and not just out there. I just love President and Sister Porter sooo much! My life would not be the same if they were not in it. I am soo thankful for all that they do for me. I will forever be one of their biggest fans! :)
  Monday: We did our workout and then Sister J and I played some quick ping-pong before our meeting started, we had to do it before everyone got there too. I am sad to say I have lost most of my skills. Yesterday was sooo inspiring! I learned a million things, and I am sad to say I don't have time to tell you all now, but some other day!!!
  This week we have been invited to a few Thanksgivings, so don't worry I will be eating some wonderful dinners. We have Zone Meeting tomorrow, we are doing a Zone weekly planning as well. You should all make sure you check out the church's new video that launches on my favorite Jon boy's birthday!! Nov 28, He is the Gift is coming out and it is awesome. We got a sneak preview!!!!!!!!!! You'll love it :)
  Austin and Kellie Happy Birthday this week. TJ Congrats on receiving the Priesthood. Sara I am soooo sorry for your loss. I hope you know how much I love you, and that you are in my prayers!

I love you all! Happy Thanksgiving!

            Sister Christiansen

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