Monday, November 17, 2014

Amazing Revelation​!

Good Cold Morning!!!!

  It seems as though it is the norm to be freezing, but hey at least we're all in the cold together :) So much happened this week so I really want to get it all in, here we go!!!
  Monday:We did a sweet activity w/ almost all of the Muncie missionaries. We had a nerf dart war, it was sooo fun. We all had a blast. We found another random PM family, and she invited us back the next day so that was cool. I also met a super nice LA, and he gave us a ton of candy. He is one of the most conspiracy theorist people I have ever met, but it was all good. My mind got blown a billion times, but it was super fun. In the Conference Call President touched on the importance of Daily repentance again, ohhh man it is always great to get those reminders, about being able to do our part to qualify for grace.
  Tuesday: Exchanges w/ Muncie 2 Sisters. I was w/ Sister Driesel, and we had a good day. We did some volunteer work, taught a few lessons. We went to go try a potential, but I forgot the binder and couldn't rem. what house was their's so we went and said hi to a mem. to see what house it was, and she let us come in and do some service which was much appreciated on our part, b/c it was freezing cold outside. We had a good lesson w/ Sister Solomon and Jim.  He still isn't reading the BoM, but I received some revelation for him, so hopefully it'll help. Oh one funny story about this day, so we passed off some of our inv, to the Elders, b/c they weren't going anywhere w/ us, and we get a call from Elder Stoddard, he is one of the Assistants, and he starts off the conversation all nice and asking us random questions and talking to us about dinner, and bam he changes the subject to these inv, that we passed off, naturally neither one of us wanted to talk about it, so Sis. J, just walked over and handed the phone to the Muncie 2 Sisters and let them talk to him for a bit, then you hear this confused voice, "Where did Sister Jacobson go?" haha it was pretty great
  Wednesday: We did a zone fast, so that was great. We also spent some time in a heartless place.....jk, it was just freezing cold and no one was interested so we did some heart-attacking and peaced out! We had a good visit w/ a widowed Sister, had our monthly meeting w/ the Bishop. Borrowed our WML's rake, and awkwardly stood outside their house....hahaha it was pretty great.
  Thursday: Exchanges w/ Dunkirk. I was w/ Sister Ribeira, but the four of us were together in the morning b/c we did some service. Taught some lessons. Sang some songs, and everyone loved, loved, loved hearing Sister Ribeira sing, b/c she is great!!!! Saw Jackie and Tim again, that made me so excited.  Funny story of the day, I have been craving breadsticks, a lot, random I know! But at dinner Jama had given Sister J some breadsticks to bring home, and so I was laying on the ground against the mattresses, and on the phone w/ Elder Cheng reporting midweeks, when all of a sudden this bag of breadsticks lands on my chest, I kinda shrieked/screamed a little in the phone and threw it, and then all 4 of us were laughing sooooo hard, it made the rest of the conversation a little difficult, but no worries, Elder Chenge told us that he would pray for our mental health. :) haha
  Friday: So we had to be at the church early for a meeting, and then that meeting was delayed, about an hour I think, so we just kind of chilled at the church. The leadership meeting was super great though. We got to hear from Sister Porter, Sister Andersen, President Porter, and Elder Andersen. President talked about the difference btw leaders in Alma 48, and that was pretty cool to see. Elder Andersen talked about how we can become like President and Sister Porter, and then he talked about good leaders as well, doing things the way the Savior did. We also talked about how every relationship needs to have 3 members. You, the other person and God!  It was super powerful.  Then our mission conference meeting was super great. It was all of the missionaries in Indiana, so the Muncie and Fort Wayne stake. Sister Porter talked about how we all need to continue increasing our faith, President talked about the calling of a 70, (actually I heard 4 different versions of this, all from this weekend), he talked about the gifts of the spirit, preparation and other amazing things. Sister Andersen talked about keeping to the schedule, God has missionaries have a routine for a reason, and doing Godly things. Elder Andersen talked about covenants, Alma the Younger, (twice this weekend) I learned some cool things about sealings, how when we are consecrated we are happier people, and so on. Super big surprise the meeting got over a little after 3, and it was supposed to go to after was a bit of a shock. Our meetings never get over early. But it did, and so Sister Jacobson and I got to take Sister Denison for a while, it was sooo fun!!!! Then we went back for the fireside, but we hadn't had dinner so the Assistants were nice enough to give us the keys to their truck so that we could have their leftover food. We left them a bunch of sticky notes and a bucket of candy as thanks. It was a party. The fireside was super great, and I learned a ton there as well.
  Saturday: We had a fabulous lesson w/ Jake, and Buck, the spirit was so strong. A quality ward coorelation meeting, I really, really love my WML, he is great! Taught some lessons, had 2 YW out w/ us for a few hours and it was soooo fun!!!!! Had a pizza casserole and went to Stake Conference. It was soooo fabulous as well. I learned a lot about love, and what to do in future family and so forth.  Also a fun thing, day 2 of President and Sister Porter. Fun story of the day, we did a super intense work-out that they had given us at the conference on Friday and man, I thought I was going to die, so I text Sister Porter, and she laughed and said we had asked for it :)
  Sunday: Can you believe it, day 3 in a row of President and Sister Porter!!!! My life is just so fabulously great!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them soooo much! I learned a lot yesterday too, but the thing that stuck out most was what Elder Andersen talked about. Repentance. He taught a lot about it, and I feel like I understand it so much more clearly now, so inf you want to learn more check out D&C 58:42-43.  It definitely simplifies things. Its a 2 step process :)  Dinner w/ the Kirks, and that was soooo great!!!

I love being a missionary, I am 100 percent convinced there is nothing better in the world than to be doing this.  Yesterday as part of her talk Sister Porter had all of us missionaries come up and recite the Standard of Truth and it was just a good reminder to me of what I need to do, not just now, but always.
I love you all!!! Have a great week :)

         Sister Christiansen

Btw I totally forget to tell you how awesome my Zone Leaders are now. I used to be so good at talking about them, but just know that Elder Barfuss, and Elder Boden are top notch :)

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