Monday, November 10, 2014

Pass the Tissues Please!!

First off Our new Stake Presidency sounds awesome!!
Secondly bummer it wasn't President Porter's dad....
Thirdly I got the package and it made my whole day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was one happy camper! :)
Fourthly I get to have my Stake Conference this week, and since Elder Anderson is also doing a mission tour we get to have a special meeting w/ him alllllllllllll day on Friday, pretty cool huh?
Fifthly....I'm gonna get started now............!

  Monday: We had voice lessons again, and it was super fun! I just love Sister Hagopian she is a killer cool lady. We also had a mini chapel tour w/ this LA husband and his wife who is not a member and the spirit was awesome. OHHHH we went to the institute and learned a few new fun games to play, I'll have to teach you all when I get back b/c they are hilarious!! At least Sister Jacobson and I enjoyed them!
  Tuesday: Zone Meeting, it went pretty well. I learned some things, and the rest of the zone learned some things as well, the challenge now is just applying it, and making sure we are each making those changes. Being Consecrated!!! Its a hard task, but hey something we all have to do. We were kinda sick.....esp. Sister Jacobson so it was a little rough. No worries, I think btw the 2 of us we made it thru a good 75 tissues this week! Nyquil and Dayquil are my favorite friends. My quote of the day comes from Sis J, "You rock my Bacon! Idk what that means, hopefully nothing inappropriate." hahaha too funny.
  Wednesday: We painted, it was fun! We also ate a Chick-fil-a, always a good choice. Did you know that they have mouthwash in their bathrooms, and that it is pretty good? Talk about a legit place!
  Thursday: Weekly planning, Sister Jacobson made pumpkin rice crispies, and pumpkin muffins, both of which were super fab.  When we came back for dinner we decided to check the mail and my whole day took an extreme upswing! I got my glorious, wonderous package!!!!!!!!!! I almost cried when I saw the pumpkin bread and granola!!!!!! It was seriously the best thing ever. I ate some pumpkin bread, and oatmeal for dinner, good thing too b/c I had no idea what to eat, so it saved my dinner life :) haha but really thank you soooooo, sooooo much!!!! The Ball State Sisters came to do our exchange and I just love those 2. They are so cute, and so happy, and just fun, fun, fun to be around!
  Friday: I was w/ Sister Hefner, and we got to do some service w/ The Ball State Elders, and the Muncie 1 Elders. Then we ate lunch w/ Sister Stevens and had the best chocolate chip cookies ever!! Oh man it was great. We saw some great people. I was told that I was an evangelist.... I'm really not sure about that one. It was funny tho, let me explain the situation so you know what is even going on. We were on a street corner and were talking to this kid, and this guy who we had walked past b/c he was sitting in his car listening to ridiculously loud music gets out of his car and says, "why are you in my area?" We had a quick chat w/ him and he wasn't too impressed w/ us, but hey whatever works....I'm not an evangelist, I'm a Missionary. We saw Jim and rebuked him for not reading the BOM.....It was a good day, super fun.
  Saturday: We did our paper work right off the bat, ate our delicious potatoes.....They were great! Did some things found out some people have moved, met a nice lady in our ward that we didn't know at all. Paul and Irene made us dinner. It was taco salad, and super delish. We had a good visit w/ Sister Herrick she put together these really nice Halloween buckets for us. Visited Sister Hagopian and she fed us some cake and ice cream. Ohh so I started reading the Ensign and found this sweet quote, "In this church, what we know will always trump what we do not know." Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. Sooo true and I really liked it. Oh we also get to play around on a little and I read some sweet articles, I think my favorite was the one on church discipline.  I also found out I share my birthday w/ a famous Mormon, Brandon Flowers....also fyi I changed my profile a bit, so that was fun.
  Sunday:We took breakfast to this awesome family, they didn't end up coming to church b/c the dad was sick but  it was a good visit. We watched the B/c of Him video, which I seriously love sooooo much!!  We had a VT Conference in RS yesterday and it was really nice they fed us a legit lunch....yum! The Bar has been set tho if I go to any other VT Conferences.....just saying :)  The Horowitz's had us over for dinner yesterday, and I must say I love them they are just great.
  Monday:  today is my email you day!!! Woot woot. We are going to play a nerf war so that will be fun. 
  Coming up this week, Exchanges on Tuesday, and Thursday, Elder Anderson on Friday, Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday. Yep yep it'll be a busy week so that'll be fun.
  Personal Insights: So as I have been reading thru Helaman it is showing me the importance of not being prideful! My goodness I really hope that God does not have to humble me, that I can choose for myself to be a meek person, b/c the flipside is not so fun.  Follow the Prophet, don't question the things he teaches us thru our Prophet....seriously seek for what God wants you to change everyday, it makes a big difference in what happens in our day.

I love you lots!!!

​This is how we Exchange!

​I have no idea what we were doing, but just know we were having fun!!

         Sister Christiansen

Be prepared for teradactile!! It's great!

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