Monday, November 3, 2014

It's me again!!!!

First off, I would like to apologize for the lame excuse of an email I sent home last week. Let's just say the church was a bit of a zoo, w/ everyone and all of the transfer calls, and so on and so forth. I am repenting and moving forward and in order to truly complete the repentance steps I am making restitution by writing a better email today!

Alrighty Roo!!!!!!!
  Monday: We had FHE w/ Claudia, Amy and Chris which was super fun.  Also I tried my first taste of Culver's Ice Cream which was pretty fab!  Creamy and delish, you can't get better than that.
  Tuesday: We were dying all morning to get transfer news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how badly I wanted to be there.  I wanted to be there soooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like it was super huge, and everybody who is anybody besides us was there!!! I caved and text everyone in the zone who went so I could get some info. Elder Boden is our new ZL, who was partially trained by Elder Barfuss, they are so happy to be back together, Sister Hefner is here, Sister Stokes, Elder Thompson, and Elder Crawford!!! Crazy stuff, I am sooo excited about our zone it is spectacular. The biggest news was that Elders got doubled onto Ball State, so now there are 7 sets of missionaries, in Muncie. 6 are proselyting. It was the craziest info day of my life. Also Elder Stoddard sealed his place as our favorite Elder of the transfer on that day as well, OHHHHH and I almost forgot to say that Elder Barnett became our new Assistant. I was soo happy about that one that I almost cried, I love him!
  Jama came out teaching w/ us and that was super fun. Also I worked on my door-bell ditching skills.....I think they are kind of lacking.........
  Wednesday: We did some service for Kelly and Chris. It was super fun, we were helping w/ taping so that she could paint some things.  We also had a super spiritual lesson w/ Sis Ellis. Wrote our testimonies so we could start giving them to peeps so we can learn them in Spanish.
  Thursday: Did our thing w/ the ZL's. Had Sister Brimhall out w/ us. Went  to the ward trunk or treat, and participated in the cake walk so I could get a cupcake. Had our apartment invaded by 4 other Sisters. I learned how much I love living w/ just my companion.....we get along so well, its lovely.
  Friday: We had to get up at 4:15 and leave our apartment at 5ish. I found out that 5 is too early to eat berry crunch cereal, its too much sugar that early in the morning.  We went on a 3 hour adventure in the car. We were driving on the most random roads, and it was a party!!!  All worth it tho, b/c MLC was sooo intense and super fabulous and revelatory. President pretty much told us that He has taught us everything and now it is up to us as to whether or not we hit the goals that the Stake Presidents set. There is no revolutionary thing he will teach us that will help us hit it, we have to each individually make the choice to do it. I already knew how imp it was to be accountable, and everything, but that drove it home for me. Esp since time is so short. We discussed this great talk on being a Consecrated Missionary that I loved so much, I am trying to make those sacrifices everyday so I can be the consecrated missionary He sent me to be.  Following the keys is one of the most important lessons I have learned on my mission! I am so grateful for President and Sister Porter and the change they have helped me make. OHh man so for lunch we did a pizza taste testing it was sooo fun!
  Saturday: We had to get going b/c we had only taught 9 lessons so we got ourselves going and taught 9 lessons that day. We had the funniest Ward Coorelation ever, I was dying!! Brother Kirk is fabulous! We had a serious miracle tho. We need to find families, that is our big focus now, and we went to go visit this investigator, and she had her aid there.  Her family was there w/ her as well, and one of her boys sat in the room w/ us while we were in w/ the inv, we loved him so much!! Afterwards we were talking w/ the aid and she is great, then her husband came back from dropping off the kids. We asked if they had ever talked w/ missionaries before, and she said no, and he said yes. He said that he is a member!! Say what say what!! They are great tho, we are super excited about them. We have a lesson set up for tonight. God has seriously been blessing us w/ random PM families tho and we love it so much.
  Sunday: A LA randomly decided to come to church. It was so great to see him walk in, and w/ no prompting from us. He has decided that he is ready to come back, and wants us to work w/ his wife more.  We are really excited about that!!!
  Miracles are simply everywhere, we just have to be willing to work a little for them, and recognize them when they do come.  I love this gospel and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to share it w/ others.  It truly is a gospel of change, and if we aren't changing everyday we are living it wrong!  
  Colton I am praying that the surgery goes well!!!
  Roger Happy Birthday this week!

I hope you all enjoy November!!

Love you lots!!
           Sister Christiansen
So I received some sweet revelation this week that I am totally not following right now b/c I wanted to share this w/ you. Friday was one of my longest days awake as a missionary. We didn't get home till 10....and so we were up for a little more than 18 hours..........crazy long right?!?

OH man I also made it thru Alma in my BOM so here I come Helaman!!

Also here are some Pics.
 Part of our Zone....from last transfer
 From the Temple

 SOOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Our poor pumpkins.....don't worry they look even worse now!!!! I don't even want to touch them!!! Talk about gross...........!
Guess who matches....EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


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