Monday, July 29, 2013

Cherry Grove Part 2

Hey Everyone,
  I'm still in Cherry Grove, so I guess I haven't done what the Lord sent me there to do, so I still have the opportunity to stay and figure that out, so there is the good news.  Also I will be at the Blackhams till August 28th, so we don't really need to worry about the address for a bit.  But funny thing next transfers are the next week so who knows if it will even be worth it to move all of our stuff there or not, we shall see in six weeks I guess.
  I really don't know where to start this week, it kind of throws me off that its only been since Wednesday that I wrote last, so sorry if I repeat anything, I'll try and think of new and somewhat exciting things to share :)
  We didn't really do anything exciting on Wednesday, more tracting and contacting potentials.  We did meet a few new potentials one of which we are going to see again tonight, so hopefully that will go well.  Thursday we were going to go to this one place and I accidentally turned the wrong way so we switched around our plans a bit and it turns out that if we had stuck with our plans we would have missed setting up an apt w/ a LA that we really want to work with, so moral to the story is sometimes good things can come out of wrong turns.  We went to an ice cream party at United Dairy Farmers bcuz one of the Recent Converts moved and so we went and wished her well. But turns out their ice cream is really pretty great.  So that was delicious.  We were close to  Mount Washington so we had set up an apt w/ a RC who lives there, and we were able to have a really great time with her.  I think that we should try and see her once a week, but we shall see what actually happens.  All I know is that I quite enjoyed my time with her.
  Oh  going back to Thursday. It was soo so soo sad to say goodbye to Sis. Denison.  It was harder for me than I anticipated.  But good news is that we are still in the same mission and so theoretically we should see each other at some point in the near future. 
  I was glad for weekly planning on Friday so we could really figure out what we will do this week, and besides its always nice to feel slightly ahead in your plans.  Who knew the feeling of accomplishment I would get from filling up my planner.  Also sidenote is that this is my 3rd planner now, but only one is completely filled up so good news eh?
  We had a okay day on Friday....Haha I'll explain why I say so, and then you'll all laugh at me, so prepare yourselves.  We were doing some more tracting and then we headed off to an area that was closer to our dinner apt. Well we were following where the GPS took us and it took us to private property that most definitely did not lead to where we wanted to be, so we had to re-inter it in and go  for our desired destination again.  Fail.  We ended up driving all the way down to New Richmond, which is not, where our dinner apt was, it was actually up in Amelia.  Bad news is we were lost and we had a GPS.  Sad on our part huh? the 2 of us did not figure out that we were in the completely wrong town until we had driven around New Richmond looking for a street to go tracting on, that we actually never found.  So I ended up calling our dinner apt and telling her that we were lost and we got some directions from her of where we needed to be, and then we headed off to Amelia.  Dinner was great and so that was good.  I feel bad that we got so lost, and even with a GPS.....moral of this story, don't always trust technology...  Haha not always good in our case, where we don't really know what else to trust.
  Saturday we went to New Richmond, but we were actually supposed to be there, so that was good.  We were going to help do some service, but the Sister ended up taking us shopping with her so then we did that instead.  However I did help her put some of her groceries away, so thats got to count for something right? :)  We had a lesson set up and we actually had a ward missionary meeting us there, so we were so excited.....we ended up being a few minutes late so we text Tyler, the wm, and let him know.  Turns out our apt forgot and had other plans so that didn't end up working out. Bummer eh? But hopefully we get something else set up with him so that we can start teaching him.  Because I'll tell you what I much prefer being a teaching missionary than a finding missionary.  We had dinner with a really nice couple in the ward and they told us that they know our calendar doesn't always fill up so feel free to let them know and then head on over and have dinner with them whenever.  I think that is so nice of them to offer.....who knows if we'll end up taking them up on their offer, but its nice to know that we have that option open to us.
  Saturday we really really wanted to find an investigator and we met this really nice guy named Kevin who we are going back to see tonight, so that is exciting. We also met a guy that I can just envision as a High Priest Group Leader, but he is going on vacation and will be getting back on Aug 10 so hopefully we can teach him then.  It was time to go back, but we decided to knock on one more door.  We knocked and there was no answer, so we did the customary second knock and again no answer, which is definitely not out of the norm.  We head back to the street and saw this really cute family walking down the road together.  We went and were talking with them and they said that we could come to their house and share some more with them.  The dad travels and is gone all week but we are going to go see them next weekend. I am SOOOO excited about them.  I can just feel the potential!!! But sometimes it is hard because you get so excited and then it is hard when it doesn't work out.  But I have full faith in them.  They are my miracle for the week!!
  Sunday we had an awesome meeting.  The sister that spoke talked about how we have to have our heart in the right place. We must make sure that we are fully converted, and that our conversion is in our inner-most part and not just on our outward appearance.  It was really great, her husband talked about finding our purpose and how we have to work for everything.  Nothing will come w/out consistent work.  I really loved the meeting also cool sidenote we are eating with them tonight.
  We had dinner with the Bishop and his family they are really nice. I love his wife!! She is really awesome.  But the best part is that he gave us 17 names of people that he would like us to work with.  So now we have a definite direction of where he wants us to be as we work in Cherry Grove.
  Last night we had another miracle.  I was able to teach the whole Restoration to a lady on her doorstep and she was able to recognize that she was feeling the spirit and she was so excited to  have the pamphlet so she can find out more.  We are going to call and check up on her later this week and set up an apt. I am so grateful that we sometimes get those promptings of one more house.  Because that is when we truly get those miracles. 
  This week I'd like to invite all of you to ask yourself a few questions.  Am I striving to work on my inner-self?  Do I have to constantly be reminded of what I should be doing, or am I self-starter? Where is my direction?  What is my purpose?  Am I being complacent?
  These questions came from those talks yesterday and they really got me thinking.  I know that these are things that I want to be working on this week, because we can always work on being better.
  Also just so you know I celebrated National Ice Cream day last week as well.  However mine was with vanilla, mint chocolate chip and crowning glory was peanut butter chunck, or something of the like I don't actually remember the name, I just know how much I loved it!!!
  Also while I'm being randomly sidetracked.  I have been eating a ton of fresh peaches this weekend and they have been fabulous!!! It was so nice to have fresh peaches and I even helped peel some for cobbler and then for jam.  I felt bad we had to leave Sister Blackham to finish the jam by herself.  Also Brother Blackham made it safely home this week.  It was good to see him come back.  And my sad note is that Sister Ward is leaving in 2 weeks. I don't ever want her to leave!!! I love her.
All of your love and support is amazing!! I can't tell you how much I love getting letters from you all! I love you all very much and hope that you have a great week!
        Sister Julie Ann

So this was my kind of first district in Ohio......
Hope you like it :)

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