Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Transfer Week

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Hey Everyone,
  First off Happy Pioneer Day!! I am so glad that I have an opportunity to write to you on Pioneer Day  and express my feelings of gratitude for the pioneers and all of you modern day pioneers as well.  I read President Monson's thoughts on Pioneers in the July Ensign and Idk if I already told you about it but, I really really loved it.  I think that it is so amazing that we have them to look to when times get difficult, because all I have to do is think of all the hardships that they went thru and I know that mine are nothing quite like that.  Not to say that I am struggling, its just sometimes there are ups and downs to every day.
  On Monday Sister Palmberg and I did a bit of tracting, and when I say a bit, mostly I mean a few hours.  The first road we didn't have any success....well actually we left a pass-a-long card and we will be checking back in a few weeks I guess.  But anyways before we went to the next street it was my turn to say the prayer, and as I took a step back and really humbled myself before the Lord and truly ask with true sincerity for the opportunity to help others and be the answer to someones prayer we saw better success on that street.  Actually for the rest of the day we were able to truly enjoy tracting and really connect w/ people on a level that we previously hadn't been able to.  I think that tracting truly is something that I will be doing quite of a bit of, but I need to remember that I must humbly go before the Lord and ask Him to lead us to those He has prepared for us.
  As far as I know right now, I will not be transferred.  However we just found out Sister Denison is being transferred.  It will be very weird, because she and I have been together our whole missions.  I am sad about that, but know that it is something that I need to get used to, because missions are all about change and growth, so I need to be prepared to do all of that, whenever the Lord calls. 
  Saturday Sister Ward was able to come back to Eastgate because of Sean and Jackies wedding, which we were able to set up for, and can I just say that we missionaries did a pretty good job of setting up their wedding.  The cultural hall looked downright lovely. Haha. Anyways her and I were able to go upstairs and sleep in one of those rooms, but the real point of this story is the fact that the two of us were able to laugh about some of the most random things.  I love that about her, I miss the time that her, Sis. Denison and I had together because we were always laughing about something. 
  Monday's Conference call was fabulous! I don't know if it is normal for every mission to have a weekly call together, but we do and I honestly look forward to that time each week.  It is such a unique experience to have President and Sister Porter give us advice each week.  We were taught about the importance of following the promptings of the spirit and really being unified.  I think some missionaries are having a hard time with the transition from being two separate missions to being one mission, the Cincinnati Mission. I think that this transfer things are really going to be shaken up and that they will continue to talk about unity a lot more, because they have quite a job in front of them in uniting everyone together.  Even tho we are all about the same cause the other Mission Presidents were different and their approaches were unique to them. I know that President Porter is definitely the man for the job tho.
  I had my interview with President and it was amazing.  He started right off and pinpointed my weakness and then He worked on identifying w/ me the ways that I can improve and become a better missionary and truly be a better disciple of Christ.  While I was in w/ him, he was actually prompted w/ direct revelation for me specifically  so that was very cool.  He told me "Say what you know, and testify of what you say" He promised me that I can be powerful and I will help others, but I first have to open my mouth and talk.  I am so thankful for him and Sister Porter, because she also told me a few things that I can do. I love that they have the power of discernment and really know what are the important things to talk about w/ each missionary.  President told me that he would be checking up on me, so I have been working on doing what he has asked of me, for I know that he wouldn't have given me that assignment if it wasn't important.  I just think the Lord knows that He needs to come at me in every direction for me to truly get it, because it is kind of the same thing I have been told my whole mission from the MTC, to President Nilsen to now President Porter, he just said it a little differently and in a way that was truly inspired. 
  One thing that we are focusing on as a mission is less actives.  I think it is so great that we are doing this, because President wants us to rekindle the fire that these people have.  Once you have been converted to the gospel that fire will never leave you, thru different actions you can diminish it, but I know that it will still burn w/in you.  I have loved visiting the Less actives, I just hope that we really can help them get that fire back so they will have the desire to come back to church.  I love this gospel and I learn so much more every single day.  I love that even as we read the same thing we learn different things from it.
  This last little bit I read Elder M. Russell Ballards April 2013 GCT This is My Work and Glory.  It is so powerful.  I love the priesthood and I love knowing that God loves us so much that he trusts us to truly honor the power that he has given to us.  This talk really made me think more about the priesthood and question myself on if I truly do all I can to reverence and respect the power.  I would challenge all of you to read that talk, and also 3rd Nephi 27 I was reading that ch this morning and I only made it to verse 19.  The things about the atonement in there are so powerful.  It made me think who am I to not accept the gift of the atonement?  Christ truly suffered for me and I really need to accept what He willing offers to me.
I love you all lots! I hope your week is fabulous and you enjoy the 24th of July Celebration.
Also sidenote this morning when we stepped out to go running it felt cool, like home instead of a door of humidity.  Cool huh? it was a little gift which made it easier to run this morning.  So for that I am extremely grateful.

Love you, love you, love you!!
Julie Ann
PS Tell Katie Congrats and tell Sage how much I love her!

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