Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy, and have some fun!!!!

Hello people near and dear to my heart!
  So there is a lot to say about this week, and not too much time, so I'm going to start off with transfer news.
  We got our call this morning, and Sister Palmberg is staying in Cherry Grove and training, and I am being transferred, and TRAINING!!!!!!!!!
  Say what??
  Try and hold in your shock.  I kinda figured that that was going to happen because there are 42 new missionaries that came with this transfer.  So after tomorrow I'll know where I am going to be.  Also my current Zone is being split, and my District Leader is going to be one of the new Zone Leaders of the area I'm leaving.  Lots and lots of change.  I'm interested to see what now the waiting game begins for all of you.  At least for me it gets solved tomorrow, but hopefully I'll find some kind soul to let you all know where I'm going to be.
  Also I am sending home some stuff this week, but since we went and hung out with our Zone, no letters this week besides this very scattered email.  Sorry about that....hopefully I'll make it up to you later.
  Last week we helped Arlene move, it was sad to see her go, but its all good, because she is someone who wants to know truth, and I am positive that she will keep learning more.  We went and visited a less active who told us that she wants to start coming back to church, so I have hope that she will. 
  Wednesday we had a district meeting that was great, and then we were able to go out to eat as a District, and the choice made was Taco was my first time at Taco Bell, and honestly I didn't feel as tho my life had been lacking before.  We had a bonfire with Brother Blackham.  That was really fun.  We had S'mores and crescent rolls with cinnamon sugar.  Basically it was fabulous!!  I love my Mama and Papa B, they are the best Surrogate Parents ever!!!
  Thursday we had dinner with a part member family and it was really fun.  Their little daughter drew me two pictures it was so cute she was fun.  We had a busy, busy day on Thursday.  We did a lesson with Amy one of our very favorite Less Actives at Sister Stokes house it went really great.  We had a Church tour right after and that went pretty great as well.  I am really glad that we were able to have Sister Church there with us as well, because she was able to really chime in and help us out.  Sister Palmberg offered for us to sing a song in the Chapel, and even tho I'm not a singer, it still worked out okay.  Sister Hooper was able to take us to our next appointment, but unfortunately our appointment wasn't there.  So we tried a few other things, and then we got to be apart of Mom's Taxi Services and it was pretty fun.  I really like Sister Hooper she is a really awesome refined lady.  She is always fun to go out teaching with.  We had another appointment later that night that went well as well.
  Friday we went and visited the library....I forget what for, but as we were walking out we ended up talking to this lady for 45ish minutes.  I committed her to looking up the Logan Temple because it looks like a castle, and she likes castles.  Unfortunately she wouldn't give us her address or phone number, so she isn't someone we can check back up on, but oh well...  We went and visited a Less Active and that was really great.  Brother and Sister Blackham fed us dinner, and it was great.  I always love eating with them, they truly are the most wonderful people I have met on my mission. 
  Saturday we took the Eastgate Sisters to visit someone because he lives in our area, and they pretty much had no miles left.  The Elder in our ward had a baptism we were able to convince him to come to, so that was really good.  We went and visited one of my favorite Recent Converts in the ward, and we had a really good visit with her.  We had an our best Plan of Salvation lesson with a less active who asked us to teach her the lessons.  So that was exciting.  I took a video on Saturday....actually two, but no judgment okay??  There was a crazy storm....ish.  I thought it was crazy, the clouds were doing this swirly thing in the sky, Idk if you can actually tell that in the video or not but whatever.
  Sunday morning was really good we were able to get a lot done and all before church too.
  Enter Labor was wonderful.  We did a few things that were just super exciting.   Actually we got a bunch of packing done, but we ended up deciding to stay one last night.  But my whole family went out to eat, and it was so fun.  Brother and Sister Blackham took us and the Eastgate Sisters out to eat.  We have all had so much fun being together it was definitely a great ending to our family.  Weirdest thing ever though.  Our waiter was Alex's twin! Not a joke, I almost wanted a picture with him to send home.  He looked just like him. So that was kinda fun.  The only thing that would have made it better was if his name had actually been Alex...but was Matt.
  Oh also on Monday we (Sis P, and Sister Blackham and I) painted the Blackham's downstairs kitchen yellow. It was pretty fun, but the best part was, I was wearing my wolf shirt, and I was able to not get any paint on it....I thought that was quite an accomplishment.
  Yesterday we finished packing up and we moved out of the Blackhams...that was definitely a bittersweet time for me.  I didn't know what to think knowing that I wouldn't be walking in the door that evening.  But our afternoon was really busy so that was good.  A teaching missionary definitely is a happy missionary.  I really like being able to go out and teach, as opposed to finding.  Teaching is fantastic and it has really made me wish that I would have done some missionary work at home before I came out here, but ohh well I'll always have that chance for when I go home.
  We ended up having 3 member present lessons yesterday which was great.  It is always so much better to have the members involved in the work, and there are some really awesome super willing ward members in Cherry Grove that we always know we can call on.
  We had a lesson set up, but it fell thru because our investigator wasn't feeling well, so we were able to drop in on Nikki and Nate and it turned out super awesome.  Nikki is super into learning lots and she wants to know for herself.  She had read thru the Restoration pamphlet and had wrote down some questions that we were able to answer for her, and these were legitimately good awesome questions, so that was fun to see.  They were super excited when we gave them both a copy of the BoM.  I am so happy for the time I was able to spend teaching them, they are both so awesome.  I also really love how they refer to us as their church friends its pretty fun.
Well sorry I wasn't able to give you many details, but things are going well and you are all in my prayers.  OH guess what!?! I finished the BoM yesterday!! Pretty cool huh? Also today is day 99 for me being gone.
I hope that you are all able to read A Time for Faith not Fear, it was in the July Ensign, and its a great read.
Love you all so much!

Love, Sister Julie Ann

  Also don't you love our matching shirts? Sister Blackham got them for us!


So I put together this a boss!

The mural....I love this so much!
Its on the wall in the kitchen downstairs.

Amy and Abi and Logan

 The Blackhams!

The kitchen that we used downstairs

UDF is good stuff
 Ohio Cincinnati Mission Address
Mission Office P.O Box: P.O. Box 11671 Cincinnati, OH 45211

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