Monday, September 16, 2013

What a Week!

Hey Champs!!
  Time flies eh?  I can't believe that its already the middle of September.  Last week on 9/11 we were reminiscing with the couple that fed us dinner and talking about where we were when we found out, and it was weird for me to think back and say 12 years ago I was in 3rd grade.  I can still remember that day like it just happened.  I am so grateful for the opportunity that we have to look back and to see how things can change our lives and how we can continually be better.  Also as a sidenote, I kinda really love how patriotic people are here.  We drive past lots and lots of American Flags, and that is always nice to see.
  So this last week, it feels like lots happened and yet nothing happened.  Let me think as I start it off.
  Monday we had FHE with a really cute family, and then we tracted a bit. We had our conference call and called it a night. Also I'm glad to hear you got the package, sorry I wasn't able to send anything with it, basically I was going to try and write a bunch of letters, but as you obviously saw, I didn't.
  Tuesday we had a meeting with the Milford Elders and they so kindly loaned us one of their GPS because they both have one, and the one we have wasn't always getting us to our destination.  Point in case we got lost on our way to meet them.  Good news was that we figured out most of who is in our area now, so hopefully we can pick things up a bit.  We had dinner with the RS Pres and she has extended a calling to us.  So we have a formal calling as VTers and we have been asked to really bring ourselves into the ward and actively participate, so thats good to know where they stand on our involvement.  Tuesday evening we had the Zone Leaders give us both a blessing.  It was such a good experience.  I simply love the Spirit, and the feeling that comes when righteous Priesthood holders give blessings.  I almost didn't get one, since I had basically just received a father's blessing but I figured you can never go wrong with getting a blessing, and I am so glad that I got one.  It was just what I needed and I have reflected on it so many times this week.  I wrote down Sister Ashby's and she wrote down mine as well, so I have been able to reread it, and each time I do I can feel the power that was there in the room with us, and I just love it.  Also Tuesday was Sister Summers' Birthday so we stopped by UDF on the way home and picked up some shakes to celebrate her birthday with her. 
  Wednesday we had a District Meeting about how imp Church attendance is, and it was great, but we just need someone to teach that to now. Haha its all good, I'm fully certain we'll find someone.  We tried going around and meeting some members but alas it seemed no one wanted to be home, so we didn't really end up catching anyone.  Dinner was good.  We ate with this really awesome couple, and I am so glad we have such kind people to spend time with.  Oh also our Zone Leaders have decided to start doing weekly conference calls, so this was our first one, and it was good.  We talked about how important members are.  So just know that we as missionaries love you all very dearly! :)
  Thursday we spent some time in one of the trailer parks in our area, and met some members and less actives and such.  I feel like I spent a lot of time in trailer parks this week actually, when we didn't know where else to go that was our fallback.  Also we went out to lunch with the Sisters, bcuz their car had be worked on, and we went to Taco Bell.  I am quite thoroughly convinced that that food is not for me.  I have thus decided to never go back.  It made it to my do not contact list. :) But for reals!  There are some formers that the Hoopers know and so I called Sister Hooper and got the low down on them, and we tried them, but they were not home, so that was unfortunate.
  Friday was weekly planning, and we did it in our allotted time, I think the reason it was so easy was because we don't actually have anyone to really plan for, but thats besides the point.  We got the call that our apartment was being put together, so we got the key to our new place and today we are going to move their, but the 2 of us decided that moving could wait till today.  We did a bit of tracting and had a good experience w/ that.  We met some very nice people and then this one guy said we could come back. He has short term memory loss, so he told us to not get offended if he doesn't remember us, its legit.  He was really nice. We went back and tried the family that they Hoopers know and they were home, but in the middle of dinner so we left a card and they said that they'd get back to us....we shall see I guess.
  Saturday was a bit of a letdown for me, but then I got some Reese's so it got lots and lots better.  We went to go see Arlene, turns out she is not there, so I got permission and called Sister Palmberg and she is going to see if she can't find her so that will be good.  Also the Johnsons dropped by to see us, so that was exciting, they are my most very favorite Senior couple in the mission so its always fabulous to see them.  Sister Johnson is simply the sweetest and she made cookies and brought to us.  We went to a nursing home to visit this lady on the ward list and she isn't 100% there.  Being there reminded me of exactly why I didn't become a CNA and I realized that Nursing Homes truly aren't my things.  We dropped by this members house in the evening and had a nice visit with them, and got to meet their two exchange students and children.  We had a good discussion about prayer, and then we received a miracle.  She gave us a referral, and it was a really great  way to end our day.  I am so grateful when members help us out, because the people they send us to have that tie already.
  Sunday, Sunday, its a great great day!! Ward Council was fab.  I am excited for the vision that they have and how willing they are to help us out.  They are all excited to have both sets of missionaries now, and I think every ward in the stake now has 2 sets of missionaries.  Church was good.  We learned about missionary work and covenants.  Guess who joined the choir this week?  Haha yep your eyes are truly not deceiving you.  It is a pretty small choir and they were looking for more voices and Sister Ashby is musically inclined so we went and sang. Best part about it, the cookies afterwards.  I enjoyed that most of all.  We had popped some cookies into the oven during study and we took them to a less active part member family after church. It was good to see them again.  We met them our first night in the ward but hadn't seen them since, they were happy to see us again and told us we are always welcome back, so thats good.  This nice older couple took pity on us and fed us, after Sister Prince told the Sister that no one was feeding us yesterday, so that was very kind.  We went back and visited our friend we met tracting the other day, but he was in the middle of cooking ribs, so he told us we could come back another time. 
  One of the most exciting things about Sunday though was the fact that we saw President and Sister Porter and Bryan at church.  They had come to the Montgomery ward and we saw and talked to them for a few minutes.  President asked how things were going and we said good, and he said not to worry about the fact that nothing is currently really happening, he said it typically takes 2-3 weeks to pick up when you get doubled in.  I was so glad that he said that, because right now we really don't have anything but it is good to have President's assurance that its okay things will pick up more.  I just love them, and I think that they are simply fabulous!
  On to the random sidenotes of this week:
 On the way to somewhere I ran over a snake this week.  It was really disgusting, and not an experience I really want to repeat.
  My wildlife sightings have gone up recently from just squirrels to a raccoon and possum.  The snake can half count here I guess, but then again since I killed him, I'm not really sure where to place him. 
  My new address is  1202 Queens Drive in Milford Ohio, but I don't know the zip code, so its up to you to figure that part out. 
  Also this last week has started to feel like fall.  It is getting chilly.  I am once again wearing my 3/4 length shirts. 
  I love you all very much and I am so excited for how in my blessing this past week it specifically
 said how your love and prayers are helping me out. Love you tons and tons.
I hope you have a fabulous week!
Love Sister Julie Ann

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