Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Green Day :)

  So there are some awesome things to tell you about this week, and I'm going to go in order like always, but first off I have a few shout outs to make.  Colton Congrats on becoming an Elder that is simply wonderful.  I hope you get to go to the Temple soon, because quite frankly that is the best place on earth to be.  Wow I simply cannot believe how big Miss Madison is getting that is crazy she is growing so much so very fast. Happy Birthday on Wednesday Miss Hailey, don't do anything crazy tho! :) Last off Happy St. Patricks day.
  Monday we met this really awesome guy.  He was just listening to us out of politeness to begin w/ and then we ended up piquing his interest so that was good. I was all excited to be able to teach him, but no, he lives in But oh well we were able to call the Sisters down there and give them his info. Hopefully he will keep his interest, and they will be able to teach him, b/c he was cool.
  Tuesday we were on Exchanges and I was w/ Sister Campbell in Englewood.  We were able to meet some nice people and that was pretty fun.  We even found 4 new investigators and that was a definite high.  They live down in the hood tho.  Since the Elders are gone the other Sisters ended up w/ some interesting area, we have some as well, but not quite like them.  It makes for finding more people tho, so that is pretty cool. We went and visited Sister Helis and did some service for her and then she was kind enough to make us dinner. I got to have buckwheat pancakes which were pretty grand :) I adore her, Idk if you know that or not, but she and Brother Helis are simply wonderful!
  Wednesday was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! The 9 month wait was not my favorite, but being able to set foot in the Temple was so wonderful.  I adore the feeling that is in those special buildings.  The Columbus Temple is very small but so beautiful.  I never wanted to leave, it was so spectacular.  We were even able to do some names for one of our ward members so that was fun.  We ended up having a meeting w/ Bishop that night and got some names of people to focus on, I always love having greater focus. Just one of those people who needs to be directly directed or be the director, I suppose :) haha I was able to get some direct revelation for a few of our investigators so that was very helpful.  I love revelation it is simply the best.
  Thursday Happy Birthday Alex! We were gifted w/ some more snow, gotta love it right?  We had a good visit w/ .  He Elijah let us practice teaching the Restoration on him and we actually used a bajillion more scriptures on him than we ever use so that was cool.  I think we now need to just incorporate that into our regular teaching.  We had a lesson that evening and then it got cancelled and then it got filled in w/ another investigator and then they cancelled too. So we were left w/ a hole and a member was all set to come out w/ us, so I was stressed to the max and we went and visited some of our investigators that aren't really progressing.  It was different, but it totally worked, which was fun.  Miracles are amazing things :)  We went and visited one of my favorite LA's and it was so funny she told us. Don't come on Thursdays, its my Big Bang night, so I wrote it down so we don't rain on her parade. She is simply hilarious. :)
  Friday we had a lesson in the park, who knew there was one so close to us?? But it is and it worked out quite nicely. Then we got to go see George!!! I hadn't seen him for a week, I was practically going thru w/drawal :) haha We had a really, really, good lesson and I really think he is practically there. I can almost taste it :) we shall see when we go and visit him tomorrow I guess.  We went and talked w/ this guy that Sister Anderson and I met on her last Sunday on the mission and he was funny b/c he was interested the day we met him and then we started talking to him that night he was a little guarded, and then he opened back up for us.  He didn't want to take the BoM and then we just kept talking about it and were like are you sure, and then he was like well I guess I am interested I do want to see. So haha the power of just keep talking about it totally works :) Bring it up enough and they might change their mind.
  Saturday we had a good time.  We had an apt but they weren't there so we ended up talking to one of our miracle people from the week before and that was awesome.  Set up a return apt for this week and hopefully we might have 2 new investigators.  We had dinner at the Morales, which was fun as always.  Then we had a lesson w/ Luke and I felt so bad but we weren't able to get anyone out w/ us so we were outside w/ him for an hour and it was getting chilly, and he had only a t-shirt on. The poor guy was freezing. Its a lot different for him to have us than the Elders but I love him, and hopefully we can help him out just like the Elders did.
  Sunday we saw several miracles. We had 3 inv. at church.  Jon went to YSA and then we had 2 at church w/ us.  Elijah came to church and it was just a good old time.  We went and had a quick lesson w/ Luke after church, he hadn't been able to come b/c he was sick but we had a good visit and we set up to do FHE tonight. I'm super excited about that :) 
 Today we went to Dayton and visited some pretty sweet sites. Got to see the Wright Brothers old hang out spot. We got to be in one of their printing press places as well as one of their bicycle shops.  Cool stuff. :)
This week we have Zone Conference so I am super excited about that. We also have baptism happening in our ward that we are going too, so that will be fun :)
I hope you all have a great week!!  I also highly suggest you all do a study about how God is our Loving Heavenly Father.  I have been breaking down the Restoration in my studies this week and it has been so fun and I have really learned a lot!!
Love, Sister Julie Ann....aka  Sister Christiansen

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