Monday, March 31, 2014

Hey you!!

Alright so I don't really have time to write about the last two weeks, because I had to send President a novel this week.  No worries I'll include it for you and then you shall see.
Brief recap March 17-23
  Oh my goodness I forgot to wish Grandma Donna and Karlee a happy birthday!! So sorry, I hope they were splendid. Zone Conference was beyond spectacular, I learned tons!!! We had an awesome lesson w/ an investigator afterwards and then we got to spend some time w/ George so good times of Tuesday. Wednesday we had a rainy day, and spent some time in and out of it. Thursday we had an interesting visit with a member who gave us some cookies. We taught Sister Morales the law of Chastity in her car, b/c our investigator dropped us before she made it to our place to pick us up.  Sunday we had an impromtu lesson w/ Luke and Brother Busch. It was awesome, he said some things to him that I don't think I have the guts to say, so that was nice.
This last week:
 We went on a hike w/ Brother McMurtry and the other Sisters and then we went back to his place and hit some wiffle balls, Dillon and Colio I'll have you know I hit them everytime, and they made it a good few feet. I guess my lesson w/ yall stuck....clear till now.
  Tuesday we had Christian come out w/ us and our person wasn't feeling well, so then he was cool enough to travel around Vandalia w/ us until we taught a lesson. The 3rd time was the charm incase you were wondering. :) We met Mason, George's brother. He is funny, very different from in looks, personality and everything.  We had a good time with those we talked to this week.
here is my letter to President:
 Oh my goodness the second lesson went awesome.  As soon as we walked in the door she asked us, "Did you bring my book?"  We assured her that we had, and then we did the lesson as it was taught and when we actually got the book she was so happy. She told us that she had been thinking about it all week and couldn't wait to read it.  Unfortunately she doesn't live in our area, or even our ward, but we were able to pass her off to the Kettering Sisters because that is where she lives.  I am excited to hear how she continues to progress, because she truly is ready for the gospel in her life, she wants it too, so that is fun!
  Alright so for the assignment that you gave us. I'm going to be honest, I really struggled coming up with my questions. I guess I don't usually push my brain that hard, so go figure it was about time for it to truly work on something.
How can I forgive myself?
  This is a question that I feel everyone has.  Sometimes it can be a lot easier to forgive someone else than it can be to truly forgive ourselves. To start off I looked in the dictionary under forgive: to pardon; to overlook With that definition in mind I turned to Mosiah 26:29-32. If we are truly sincere in seeking repentance and we turn to God we can be forgiven.  He will not remember our sins anymore.  Repentance truly is a chance for us to move forward, onward and upward to God.  He wants us to forsake our sins (Alma 39:9). As we turn to Christ and let Him help us we can do this and move forward as taught in 3 Nephi 12:20 and as we read in 3 Nephi 12:30 we can see that we are to work on denying ourselves of ungodliness.  In Alma 24:11 we see that as we open our hearts to God, He can come in and help us make the change that we are trying to work on, it will not be easy however, but as we ask for His help we can just like in Alma 24:15.  My favorite place where I learned how we can forgive ourselves was in Enos.  In verse 2 we see that it is something that we must work at, verse 4 shows us that it is indeed a process, and in verse 5 we see that God forgives him.  If God is willing to forgive us, we can see how important it is to forgive ourselves.  God who is the greatest of all is willing to forgive and forget, we are not greater than Him, so we too must forgive ourselves.
How can the Book of Mormon solve my temporal needs?
  This is a question that I have seen in action many times over.  As I took the time to study I found that our temporal needs truly are very dependent on our spiritual needs.  In Mosiah 2:22 we learn that we must follow God's commandments if we are to be blessed and as we read the Book of Mormon we will learn His commandments so we can better follow them.  As we follow we are blessed. The cause and effect are seen a multiplicity of times as we read.  Mosiah 2:41 we are happy as we follow God's commandments and that helps our temporal needs as well as our spiritual needs. In 1 Nephi 17:3 God provided means for and strengthened them as they kept His commandments.  We cannot however just expect to receive blessings, we must be humble and we must express our gratitude as taught in Alma 7:23-24.
How can I overcome temptation?
  The answer plain and simple is that we cannot overcome temptation alone, only with God's help can we do so.  We first must do as we are taught in 1 Nephi 15:24 and be willing to hearken to God's will.  We must be realize that Satan only desires to bring us to destruction and that is his whole reason for tempting us (2 Nephi 4:27).  We must pray for strength as taught in Alma 13:28, we must also seek to develop more Christlike attributes so we can be like Him. In Mosiah 3:7 we learn that He suffered all temptation, but we also know that He was able to overcome it and not give in, so if we become more like Him we too can overcome things, because as we pray for strength He willing gives it to us, oftentimes we have more strength than we realize (Mosiah 4:27), because He is there strengthening us.  We must do as Helaman taught his sons in Helaman 5:12, we have to build on the Savior, we can overcome anything, with His help. He has to be our foundation Alma 26:6
I love you! I hope you have as good a time at GC as I do :)

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