Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference is over??? :)

My Goodness, wasn't Conference Amazing!!!!!
  I simply loved it, I had 8 questions that I really wanted some good answers for and wouldn't you know it, I had 8 questions I got some fabulous answers for :)
  Okay my Birthday Radar has been quite thrown off the last few weeks so I'm going to start off before I forget. Dallin I hope that you enjoy your 15th Birthday!! Have a blast :)  Miss Kammie J, I can't believe you are turning 16!!!!!! Guess what, my 16th was on Sunday too!! Twinsies! I hope that you have a simply wonderific day :)
  Alright so Conference totally chastened me on my lack of telling you all the wonderful things I'm learning in studies, so I brought my notebook in order to share some good insights :) Oh also you are correct in assuming that I was not transferred I realized I forgot to say bad! :)
  So we've been doing lots of studies on Joseph Smith and the more I read the easier it is for me to see how he HAD to be a Prophet of God. There is no way any of that would have happened if he had not been called and upholded by God and His power! I Love the Prophet Joseph Smith and I am ever so grateful for his life and example to each and every one of us. The more I learn the easier it is to bear my burdens, b/c he bore his, and then you look at it and Jesus Christ bore mine, and Joseph's and yours as well, so how on earth can I complain?
  Random side note Sister Schmitt had Mission Leadership Counsely thing on Friday and my darling Sister Rolfe wrote me a note and it completely made my whole Saturday, so that was super exciting, I'm looking at it as I type and it still makes me smile.  So moving on:
  Monday we spent visited my dear Sister Weir.
  Tuesday we had a good impromtu lesson w/ George and Mason. Good thing George loves us and lets us randomly come over when other things fall thru eh?  We also showed Lily how to listen to GC online and watched part of the Womens Broadcast w/ her and she simply loved it! So I really hope she finished watching it. And oh my goodness I forgot to say in my email last week Happy 19th Birthday to McKay!! Better late than never right? :)  Sister Porter sent us a voicemail saying the iPhones and iPad had arrived, and then we got the April Fools one. haha
  Wednesday we met this guy and it was so funny. We gave him a card, and then we kept talking a bit more and then were able to set up a return appt for Friday. My favorite part tho was when he looked at us and said "I'm not going to lie I've had a few" It was apparent, but it was nice of him to say so.  We had a good little visit w/ Brother Joseph, he is so sweet. We also had a good visit w/ Sister Greathouse.
  Thursday Happy Birthday Grandma Mary!  We visited Sister Morton, and I figured that I was missing my nat'l championship game.  We also visited Miss  Anna. Was over at Sister Weir's w/ George. Had a lesson w/ Sister Gatton and visited Sister Spencer. 
  Friday we did the speediest version of Weekly planning the 2 of us have done together, and then we went and had Marion's Pizza w/ Betsy and helped her w/ some stuff in her store that will be opening hopefully soonish.  We were supposed to have a lesson w/ an inves. but instead we had the chance of practicing the PoS on Sister Morales. Visited w/ Emily and Natalie, and I realized how boring of a teacher I am. I think I need to work on my fun skills in the teaching arena. I'm definitely open to any good ideas for younger kids.  We had our return appt w/ our new inv. and it was so funny his brother was out w/ him and we were talking to him and he said "I believe in evolution, but I like Christians" so he chatted w/ us. I want to paint this picture for you tho. Our inv was wearing a sweatshirt and pants, and we had on our skirts, I happened to choose to not wear tights that day and it was 6 so it was starting to get chilly and we started the lesson when he was like well "I'm cold, I'm going inside" haha funny so we had to basically just be like "hey we have a living prophet and he is going to be speaking tomorrow and Sunday, wanna listen" We piqued his interest enough that he gave us a few more min. so that was good. We had a lovely chat w/ Henry to end the evening.
  Saturday Conference was a blessed time. I loved Elder Holland, Sister Reeves was soooo good. Elder Nelson's was good as always, Elder Scott's was good the way it focused on teaching better, I liked Elder Hales, but boy he did not look like he was doing too swell! Elder Zwick's was awesome.  Oh and I noticed that Elder Cherrington got released, I wonder who our new 70 will be. Also guess what my old seminary teacher Brother Ardern, the one from New Zealand, his dad said the opening prayer in the Sat. afternoon session.  We visited Sister Streleck, and boy do I love her. I can't rem. if I told you about her or not, but she is the biggest David Cassidy fan EVER!!! She is also a legit friend of Donny Osmond. OHHHHH and I am a super genius, ready for this brilliant idea I came up w/??? So I really want a Temple book of every single Temple in the world. But you know how they keep building them so it is kinda ridiculous to buy a hardbound book? What they need to do is, make a binder sort of book w/ a page on each temple so every time they build a new one all they have to do is let people buy the new page to include. Good thinking huh?
  Sunday we spent watching conference w/ Sister Weir and George, which was tons of fun.  We had some fab food too, so that was good.  We left before Sister Weir had George rewatch President Packers talk.  I loved so many of the talks and I can't wait to read them and learn all the stuff I missed!! Speaking of which I was wondering if you would send me 2 copies of the May Ensign when it comes  out? Please and thanks you're the best!!! 
Random things to tell you, hopefully you'll enjoy. So when we go out running I'm mostly still asleep and I never wear my glasses, but I totally ate it on Saturday, so I decided it might be slightly wise for me to begin wearing my glasses. We went for a walk in the rain w/ Brother McMurtry and the Sisters today, he is all about helping us have fun on Monday. Tomorrow we are having a Specialized Training w/ President. Thursday is Zone meeting, and I love you all!
Its pretty cool Madison was blessed on the Day the Church was organized and also the day Christ was born!!!
If you want to read a good, long talk on Joseph Smith check out "A Choice Seer" by Elder Neal A. Maxwell, but disclaimer you'll prob need a dictionary b/c he uses lots of big smart words. :)
        Sister Christiansen

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