Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Hello all you wonderful people!!!
  To start off, oh my good gracious Dad, that looks Horrendously  painful!!!!  I hope that your thumb gets feeling significantly better this week!!!
  We met a super cool new investigator, Noah, this week on Monday, we ended up talking w/ him outside in the rain for quite a good long while.  We were also able to meet w/ him a few other times.  It was way cool when we met him tho, b/c he told us I want to get baptized. No one ever just says that, so we're thinking to ourselves sweet, lets make sure it's w/ the Proper Priesthood authority tho.  We have another appointment set up w/ him tonight, so I'll keep you posted on him.
  We stayed in the area on Monday and found this really awesome guy who was super nice and referred us to a neighbor who also became a new inv, but not until later in the week.  (God will totally reward you when you do the things you don't want to but are supposed to do anyways.) :)
  Tuesday we had specialized training and learned from President Porter, and Sister Porter, and the awesome Assistants, and then the Dr.s Dunn. It was good stuff.  I really enjoyed it. President stopped and was talking to me in the hallway for a minute and gave me the nicest compliment, I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day.  He really has the best spirit about him and makes you feel so good about yourself, which is something I really want to work on developing myself :)
  We had a  good visit w/ a LA who I told I wanted to hear sing, and they just laughed at me and said that they would, so that was fun. Next time is the plan :)
  We were able to see James this week and I was super glad about that, I have missed not seeing him, I'm not sure why I love him so much but I do.  Isn't it funny that its always young guys that we come across. Haha oh well.
  Oh my goodness, Mason is slightly hard to work w/ and I would really appreciate it if I could get some of Brother Maughan's info so he could talk about some of the stuff he is super knowledgeable about.  B/c Mason doesn't always like to listen to what we have to say. Actually he thinks that Joseph Smith made the BoM up, which I think is harder to believe, but whatere, to each there own. George is still my shining light however!!! I love him, also random sidenote, his curly hair is back! I gotta get a picture w/ him now that its curly to show the difference.
  Oh we had Zone Meeting and it was good. I love our Zone Leaders they make me laugh. 
  So our one inv lives in the Zone Leaders area so we had an impromtu lesson w/ them and her, kinda to pass off.  It went pretty well and was a new experience for me. Not the first time being with the Zone Leaders, but still fun. 
  Saturday was our service day.  We ended up doing quite a few things. It was pretty fun. We got to do some outdoor stuff w/ the Hollands which was fun to do.  Sister Ashcraft and I totally enjoyed being in the great out doors, in our service clothes.  Lindsay asked if it was nice to be in our other clothes, and I just looked at her and smiled and said ohhh yes!! I love any chance to wear my shorts and t-shirt. (I was rocking my wolf shirt in case you were wondering) :) haha I love it.  We also went over to the Morales for dinner and we had some legit Mexican food. it was yummy. 
  Fast and Testimony meeting was lovely.  Sister Ashcraft and I taught the Beehives about the Apostasy, we also might have bored them to death, but ohh well, such is life. I just don't really know how to liven up the Apostasy....but hey it worked :)
  We had a few good visits yesterday.  Third time is definitely the charm tho, I don't care what anyone says. That is how many attempts it took for us to visit Noah yesterday. But hey it works :) haha I just felt like a megga creeper...the third time we text him so we didn't have to knock on the door, and he walked outside so we were saved from the door approach...3rd time round.  We had some good visits w/ some LA's and then we ended the night at the Greathouses, whom as you all know, I simply love.  Sister Greathouse makes me laugh she's so sweet.
This week we are doing an exchange tomorrow. I'll be w/ Sister Schmitt and we all get to party it up in Englewood 1 area.  We are doing FHE w/ a new family tonight. Oh and we put ourselves on hiatus from texting one of our inv, and that ends this week, so we are going to celebrate by showing up at his place and visiting him. Basically its been hard for me to not text him. Random sidenote our weekly planning got switched to Thursday instead of Friday and this is the first week of it going into effect so stay tuned till next week and I'll tell you how weird it was to do it then.
   On to some reading assignments, if you so desire to: "How Choice a Seer" Elder Maxwell,  "Joseph Smith: A Revealer of Christ" Elder Bruce R. McConkie "Joseph, the Seer" Elder Neal A. Maxwell.  I just love Joseph Smith, the more I read the more I love, and who ever thought that my love for him could grow, it was already pretty big!!
  Today in Personal Study I was in PMG and it linked me to D&C 50:13-22, I would also suggest that, it was really good!
I love and miss you all! I hope that you truly enjoy this special weekend, and consider on the fact that He is indeed Risen!! I love my Saviour and Redeemer and if it was not for Him, there would be no way I would actually be out doing what I am. Along w/ that I know that Joseph Smith is our seer and revelator chosen to bring about the gospel so we could know for ourselves. 
         Sister Christiansen

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