Monday, April 28, 2014

Me again!! Don't worry its the last time you'll hear from me in April! :)

Hello, Hello!!
  To start off I'd like to wish all you finals people good luck!!! Jordan, Jessie, Robyn, Kent, Dillon, and Colio you're all awesome, so I know you'll do good but I just want to wish you luck anyways, (not that you need it)!
  Alright here we go:
  Monday We went bowling w/ the Zone it was a good time, I got to be in regular clothes in a real life situation, so that was good.  Don't worry my bowling skills haven't improved any so we still know that that is not my sport.  We had a good Conference call, as always.
  Tuesday we spent some time w/ President Porter.  He told me that He is so glad that I am in the Cincinnati Mission and I said I feel the same, I tell my family every week how much I love you! It was a good time, he made me feel downright spectacular, and I just loved every moment.  I want to grow up and be like him! :)  I also found out their daughter is coming home in June, so I wonder if we'll get to meet her too?  So here's a good story.  We had planned on being there for longer than we were, so we weren't exactly sure what to do w/ all our time.  We figured we'd just go on w/ our plans and God would help us out tho.  He sure did!! We found an awesome new inv, named Amelia. I love her!! She is super awesome.  We also got another new inv. We already had met her and set up an appointment w/ her for Tuesday but she is cool as well. Sister Schmitt and I get to go teach her tomorrow, because we are going on exchanges :) We had a good visit w/ some LA's and enjoyed actually getting to know them.  They were pretty funny.  We also had dinner w/ Sister Holland and Lindsay, Andrew and Aubrey.  It was a pretty awesome day, and we finished it in  my fav way, by visiting Sister Weir!!
  Oh ps. on Tues. President gave me some awesome insight for our inv. Nothing new, its just Presidentified, so you know its good huh? :) haha
  Wednesday we had District meeting and then we ran off to our lesson w/ Amelia. She is sooooo cool!! I wish you could all just meet these phenomenal people so you could know who I know.  We asked if she prayed to know if what we shared one Tues was true and she said Honey I don't need to, I already know its true.  Cool huh? We still encouraged her to pray tho.  We had an impromptu lesson w/ James. I still love  him. He is doing good, spoiler alert we had a lesson w/ him on Sat. but before it happened we watched him and some random nice man carry it up to the 3rd floor.  Looked  like soooo much fun!! I provided my assistance by holding his empty gatorade bottle, and the remote. So helpful huh? haha, what can I say, I try real hard.
  Weekly planning on Thurs throws me off still.  We had some good lessons that day, and were able to stay pretty busy.  Dinner w/ the Dotsons was good, I always enjoy them.  We met up for an exchangey thing w/ the other sisters.  We got to go on a field trip to Brookville to drop Sister Schmitt off, and then we had Sister Campbell in our area on Friday.
  Friday we found out one of our investigators hope, so know we know what to gear our teaching towards.  Always a good thing! We visited the family from Africa that the Sisters are teaching, and that was about our excitement for the day.
  Saturday was good. We met the nicest lady who hopefully will be an inv, soon.  She was so awesome, she went and got us a bottle of water and we had a prayer w/ her to help alleviate some of her stress.  I love that awesome lady!! We also found out Luke moved back to his house, so that's good and bad. Now we have to have someone else w/ us to go inside.
  Sunday was a good day. I'm going to throw in an insert: Sister Schmitt and I went to drop off breakfast yesterday morning and asked Luke if he was going to come to church with which he responded, no.  We told him that it would really help alleviate some of his stress and all that other encouraging stuff to get him to come.  When Leah said that she wanted to go, and we assured him it was okay if he was late, he said that he would be there.  All during sacrament meeting I was just praying that he and the kids would walk in, unforunately they never did.  After church was over we went by to see what was up.  We found out they were all ready and walking out the door when one of the kids got sick.  He told us he was glad that we had stopped by to check back up on them.  We were talking a bit more and he told us, "I'm not blaming you, but everytime you come around something bad happens in my life."  We told him straight out that it is Satan trying to keep him from progressing and so far he is letting him.  He had also told Sister Schmitt and I that everytime he tried to get close to God bad things happened.  The good news is we found out why he hasn't been texting us back, because he doesn't want more upheaval in his life.  We were able to set up a return appointment with him this week though.  It is astounding to watch the lengths that Satan goes to to keep people from progressing, and it shows me things that I need to do to make sure I do not let him overpower me, or my investigators.
  I really love that guy, and his kids are the cutest ever, so I hope we can help him.  George did not get baptized, I forgot to mention that earlier.  We met this awesome guy named Eric yesterday.  He goes to one of the big Churches around here CLC but he stopped us and was talking w/ us. I would love, love, love to teach him.  He is super!!
So basically I love Ohio, I love you, and most importantly I love the Lord and the chance I have to be of service to Him!!
We read this awesome talk by President Packer, back when he was an Elder, and I pulled out this awesome quote. "The problem w/ you is you want to see the end from the beginning. You must learn to walk a few steps ahead into the darkness, and then the light will turn on and go before you." -President Harold B. Lee
I hope you all are reading the BoM daily b/c it should change your life everyday!!
Love, Sister Christiansen

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