Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter's Over?

Hello, hello!
  This last week kinda went by quick.  I feel like I have more to say in this section, but alas my mind is blank, so I'll just carry on in the weekly journey I suppose. :)
  Monday we had FHE kinda, with Courtney and our new investigator Adam. He is hilarious! He's 11 and told me about a bajillion times not to go to Egypt in the summer, and if I do not to go where there isn't pavement.  He lived there last summer and it was hot!! Anyways he's super fun, hopefully we'll get to work w/ him a whole bunch. Then we headed off to the Sisters apartment for our exchange.
  Tuesday I was with Sister Schmitt, and we had a blast, as always of course :)  We had a bunch of goals we were working on and we found some new awesome people, even if no one became a new investigator.  We had an awesome lesson with one of their progressing investigators, who I extended a baptismal date to and shaaaazam she accepted.  That was fun. We were talking to this mailman and he was totally unimpressed w/ us, we got in the car and couldn't help but laugh.  Oh in studies that morning I found an awesome new scripture Psalms 33:4. It was a good day, it went super fast thats for sure.
  Wednesday we had District meeting. Afterwards we all went out to eat together, but luckily the warehouse had a 30 min wait so we went to a fun little joint that us Sisters knew abt and the Elders didn't. Funnily enough esp. since its not even our area. Whatever works tho :) We had a good visit with Sister Landis as always. We started to go back over the first lesson.  Its good practice for us, and its always good for everyone to relisten to.  We had a lesson w/ one of our inv, and I extended Bap. to her, basically I was inspired to be better at fulfilling my calling, b/c thats what I'm here to do, and if people don't want to, then we move on and help someone else who is willing to come closer to Christ. Not that we still don't love them and such but you know what I mean. We had dinner w/ the Haas, and ate some wonderful haystacks, its been a while since I've had those.  I learned a Japanese word, and this one word describes me perfectly! Iciban!! Look it up, it'll make you laugh :)
  Also in studies I found D&C 42:61, its a good one
  Thursday we did weekly planning and had a lesson w/ George. It was nice for a bit b/c I got to talk one on one w/ George while the other 3 in the room kept Mason occupied. He might be getting baptized on Saturday so keep him in your prayers. Friday we met the cutest new inv, she has 3 kids.
 Saturday was a bit busy, it was good tho.
  Sunday there was 147 peeps at church it was awesome.
I love you all!
Be smart and choose the gospel!
        Sister Christiansen

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