Monday, May 5, 2014


Another Week has come and gone!!
  So guess what?!?! I get to talk to you this week!!! Oh my gosh I'm so excited :)  I'm going to go straight to my weekly recap and do other miscellaneous stuff as it comes to me! Sound like a plan!?! ....good, glad to know you agree.
  Monday: Sister Helis took us to visit Amelia. I love them both, they are great. We were outside, and it was a teeny bit chilly, but hey we had a good lesson.  Then we met up for exchanges with the other Sisters, and Sister Schmitt and I headed off to Vandalia, for our own little partay! :)  I'll tell you what, I had the hardest time planning that night, and then as we were going about on Tuesday I saw why, b/c nothing worked out as planned, everything got super switched around.
  Tuesday: Sister Schmitt and I had such a good day together.  We got to chat it up, and spend all day figuring things out. We went and had an impromptu lesson w/  and Mason became....a new investigator!! We had a really, really good lesson. The spirit was quite strong, and we found out a lot about him.  We were going to go visit Meryl, and we drove all the Dayton, and she wasn't there! BOOOO! Its okay b/c we followed the Zone Leaders to someone else, but she was asleep, so then we chatted about some things, and headed off to visit some other people, back in our area. We spent some time w/ Sister Streleck and Brother McCracken. Had Dinner and exchanged back to our regular comrades! All in all a grand day.
  Wednesday: District meeting, and then we all ate leftover Chinese in the kitchen, so that was fun.  We had Sister Dunn come out w/ us and she brought her little baby, who is 10 months old and so super cute!  That was fun, she told us after that that was her first time coming out with the missionaries, so hopefully it was a good experience.  We had a good visit w/ Sister Landis, I just love her oh so much!! She is so sweet, and it turns out it was not a super day, so our visit was a needed thing, I love when things like that work out. :) We had Stacey come out w/ us this week and then our person cancelled so we randomly showed up at Lukes's. He was like I thought you weren't coming till tomorrow.  But we had a good quick chat and then skedaddled. Because we had a lesson w/ the Joseph's. We had just a bit of time left before we had to go in for the night, so we headed to McD's and then we took Miss Olivia a hot fudge sundae! We totally enjoyed the ice cream...!
  We had Zone planning at the church on Thursday, and all of us Sisters (as in the 6 of us) went to lunch. We had a lesson set up and a member to go w/ us when shazamm the person cancelled so we had to real quick like pray for inspiration of what to do instead. We both got that we should go visit Noah, and off we went to see our funny boy, who never texts us back! Miracle, he was there! The lesson went pretty well, and we finally finished the Restoration. The only problem being I pretty much overtook the whole thing, whoops. Then we had a cancellation and random things happened but we met our goal of 2 mp, b/c God stepped in and gave us a miracle. We had a new inv w/ our members.  Sister Gatton is who we ended the night w/.  All in all a successful day.
  Friday Happy Birthday Lisa! We had another lesson w/ Mason and it went pretty well, he asked some q's that quite frankly I have no idea how to answer. Any news on Bro. Maughan's info??   We did two different Service things, so I got to wear my fun clothes twice in one day!! What are the chances of that happening? SLim, thats what.  We had a good visit w/ Gaylene and set up a dinner appt w/ her and Richard for the next day.  And we visited Sister Neu. Always a good time.
  Saturday: Brother Bruno and his son Austyn so kindly dedicated much of their afternoon to going out w/ us, but nothing quite worked as planned so everything got moved and shifted around but all worked out in some sort of way.  Sister Dupre' came w/ us to the Joseph's and we had dinner w/ The Russells, so that was super exciting.
  Sunday: We had a baby blessing and that is always fun.  Then we visited w/ Debbie, and Sister Riggs, Charles, and met his brother Kenneth.  Had dinner and finished out the night at the Spencers, and also met a nice guy on the way back to our apartment.  
  Story time!!
 Alright so on Wednesday we got a text from Christian asking me where I was from in Cache Valley? After I gave my response I got some texts talking about my Bishop (as in Bishop Rhodes) and Stake President (President Traveller) , and how he (as in Christian) was in Logan checking out the college.  It was soo funny.  Turns out Lindsay's coworker from Logan, is Bishop Rick's. He was helping to provide some Logan info, while Lindsay was providing info I'd shared while being over at their place.  So yesterday at Church I talked to Christian, Lindsay and Sister Holland about how funny it was.  Talk about a small world tho, right?

Anyways I love you lots!!!

Love, Sister Christiansen :)

oh Ps. here is this stuff:
So this last week was really awesome.  Sister Ashcraft and I exceeded our member present goal, which was super awesome, especially since it didn't feel like we tried that much harder than other times when we haven't reached our goal.  It was definitely an example to me of how grace comes in and helps us do more than we ever can!
  I have a few questions for you this week. We have been meeting with Mason and are working with him more than George right now.  Mason asked us a few questions that quite frankly I have no idea how to answer.  It really bothers him that in the Book of Mormon they talk about light and dark skin.  He said that it is specifically important in the Book of Mormon and is not so in the Bible.  I said that it could be looked at symbolically, but he disagreed with that one.  He was also wondering why Jacob refers to the Jews and Gentiles? I don't know what to do for that one.  One last one, he said that the Book of Mormon does things out of the timeline.  As in the Nephites know things about Christ before people over in Jerusalem do.  
  There you have it, some of Mason's questions that puzzled me this week!

Happy Mothers Day!!
So I can't believe I actually forgot to mention this, but then again, knowing me yes I can!

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite Mother's out in Utah, and other such places!! I hope your day is super special!

I love you all very much!

Oh hey one last thing! I'm a little behind on some Birthdays! Uncle Bishop I hope you had a splendid day!! :) Auntie Angie I hope  you get feeling much better and that you have a fabulous day!!!

I Love you all!!

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