Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What a week!!

Happy Late Memorial Day!!!
  At one point on Sunday I told Sister Schmitt there is an awesome concert on today for Memorial Day.  
  We had a busy week.  It was really awesome because thru God's Grace we were able to teach 31 lessons.  That was pretty miraculous especially since we were at Zone Conference all day Tuesday, and then we were with the Spanish Elders on the bus on Wed, for part of the day.
  Zone Conference was really great, I took over 20 pages of notes.  Now I just need to apply the things I learned so I can be much, much better! President was fabulous as always as was Sister Porter,  President Valencia, and the Assistants.  They are going to be fun, sorta crazy but super fun.
  Here is my insert of my letter: This past week was pretty awesome.  We were really hoping to meet our goals, and we did on some, but we really wanted to hit our member present goal, so that is the big push for this week.
  I absolutely loved the chance of going on exchanges with Elder Taylor and Elder Wells.  They are awesome and it was really good to watch them and see what I can do better to help more people learn about the gospel. It was fun to do something different and still have a lot of success.  We found a bunch of cool people on the bus, and it was nice because a few actually even live in our area.  
  I love serving with Sister Schmitt, we have seen so many miracles, and we know that there are bunches more waiting to happen.  We are so excited to baptize a family in June, along with the rest of the Mission.
 President Porter's birthday was on Friday.  We had exchanges w/ the Eaton sisters on Friday.  On Sunday Bishop told me that I am a good missionary, but I should definitely not go into being a comedian......Sister Hall and I had got volunteered to be in a talent show, and it went very downhill.....as in terribly,  terribly lame.  

Love you have a great week.

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