Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh my goodness the crazy saga continues in my life!!!

I got moved all the way to Englehood!!
  My goodness, I spent all day packing last Monday, and today I think I'll spend quite a bit unpacking!  Fun stuff :)
  I was literally shocked last week, b/c I didn't think I was leaving.  Turns out the reason I didn't think I was leaving is b/c I wasn't really heading anywhere. It was my secret dream to be Sister Schmitt's companion, and we talked about it, and then Tuesday morning I found out dreams do come true!!! Haha, but really.
  Sister Schmitt and I are now in charge of the whole ward.  We are the only set, and I think we are the only ward in the whole mission that just has 1 set.  It is crazy b/c we were both really busy when we were both in our separate areas in the ward, so don't be surprised if we go around like chickens w/ our heads cut off!  It has been a glorious 6 days thus far, but we are going to have so much fun.
   Here is my insert so I can be lazy and not write the same stuff again. I am so excited to be Sister Schmitt's companion.  We were able to have such an awesome week together.  I know that everything we were able to accomplish was through God's grace.  I am very grateful for the chance we have to be together in Englewood.  Some of the miracles we had this last week were:
  Getting 10 member presents.  We were able to see miracles and really had to work for it, but at the same time not really because God stepped in and made up the difference for us.  
  We were able to find several new investigators by talking with everyone, especially those that we really didn't always want to.  
  I definitely see how important diligence and persistence is.  One night we could have headed back home to make it in at nine, but we decided to talk to a few more people and miracles happened.
  They truly do rain down, we just have to allow them to occur.

  Monday:! Oh I also drove around lost in Dayton for a while so that was fun. :) I was stressed to the max to be honest.  
  Tuesday: I died of happiness when they said that Sister Schmitt and I are companions.  I am her Junior Companion and we are Sister Training Leaders............over 1 companionship of Sisters. I am excited, it will be way fun.  Plus I'm w/ Sister Schmitt who I have wanted to serve w/ forever....we might become the same person I think. We have lots of fun together so I'm excited.  We got to spend some good quality time w/ Sister Weir, who was very excited I stayed by the way.  Visited George and Mason real quick like, had dinner, you know the regular life stuff.  Oh so guess what? Sister Ashcraft went to Milford, and I got to see Sister Scott again which made me so happy!! And our Assistants got doubled in! Elder Martin and Elder Fivas!! I am so excited about that, because I love both of them lots.  I love knowing people. It's simply the best.
  Wednesday: We saw many mighty miracles. We were able to teach 4 mem pres lessons. Visit some of our fav. LA. We had a major revelation in terms of Jon.  Stay tuned, I'll let you know how that goes.  God's grace was everywhere that day.
  Thursday: We had 2 member pres lessons. which was exciting. Dinner w/ the Helis' which is always a very lovely time. Other good things happened, but I'mma skip right along.
  Friday: It was our first rough day together, we didn't really get our goals, but it was a good day nonetheless. We ended up doing service and other such things. We also had to pass off our BoM lesson to the Zone Leaders and then the Sisters had to pass theirs off to us. One of our investigators really opened up and told us lots and lots of things, so that was good.
  Saturday: Sister Schmitt extended baptism to 2 drunk guys, it was pretty awesome.  Next time I guess its my turn, I was too nervous to do it then.  We contacted a ref, and it was kinda awkward she just looked at us and was like I'm still in my pajamas, nevermind the fact it was 2:30 in the afternoon.....good times. 
  Sunday: We had ward council, and church, and a meeting, and other things. The Terry's came out teaching with us so we could reach our goal of 10 mem pres. it was awesome!!

This week we have Zone Conference tomorrow. Sister Schmitt and I are going on an exchange w/ Elder Taylor and Elder Wells, to better learn how to talk w/ everyone, and be a boss at personal contacting, and an exchange w/ the Eaton Sisters...probably on Friday.  So it should be a good one.  

Thanks for all you do for me!

Homework for this week, reread Bishop Stevenson's Conference talk, b/c its awesome!!

I love you!
        Sister Christiansen

P.S. Clair and Maxine good luck w/ this week!! You're in my thoughts and prayers!

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