Monday, May 12, 2014

Holy Moly!!

I love you all!! 
  That phone call was simply fab!!  Thanks for letting me see all your beautiful faces, even if you didn't see mine.  It was good from my end I'll tell you what. Plus Miss Madison is simply a doll I love her!!
  I was dead wrong! Sister Ashcraft and I are being doubled out, so today has been a busy, busy day!! full of packing and all that other what not, mostly consisting of packing.  I text George to make sure he would be around for this evening so I can get a picture w/ him for my there you have it, I'll do it today :)
  We had a really good week. We did things I've never done before, like finding 7 new investigators, teaching 27 lessons and so on.  Fun times that is for sure and for certain.  
  Oh yes you should stay in contact with my darling Sister Weir, because she is simply the best.  I love her to pieces and beyond.  When we talked w/ her earlier she almost started crying and I felt so bad.   I am sad to leave, but in a way I guess I'm sorta relieved, b/c I feel like there is not too much more I could do here, except keep up on my very favorite peeps....ya know?
  We had some really good lessons, with some of our less actives and it was good to see them progress a bit, but now we are moving on so hopefully others can keep it up. I'm sure they will tho, so no worries in my part. I just hope they love my people as much as I do. I'm also super grateful that I got pictures w/ some of the members, b/c after 6 months here that would be a pity if I left w/ none.  
  Goal for my new area, take pictures sooner, than at the very end.  (We'll see how that goes)
  Happy Birthday this week to Robyn!! I hope you really enjoy your day :)
  BFFF Dillon!!! I hope that your Birthday is also  most excellent!! You should draft someone into making you a cool cake....maybe one that isn't the leaning tower of Piza this time round! :) 
  Roger and Sara Congratulations!! I hope that your day is super special. I love you both and I hope that everything goes well :)
  I already told you but Stacey sang for me this week and it was awesome.  Her voice is simply gorgeous. I got a pic w/ her but forewarning, I look super nasty!!  Also that day is the day that I put Miss Kate on date. Who now has a new date, b/c we had to move it a bit. as in one week back on Saturday.
  We got to help Brother McMurtry cut down juniper bushes on Wednesday and it was fun.  Nothing better than service clothes I'll tell you what :)
  We had a million and 2 drop by visits, which was fun as always. We also had a zone meeting, and later we had so much fun at the church that we thought we'd go back and vacuum a bit.  Nothing like some good service.  I also went to the snazziest McDonald's about fancy! Not going to lie I was quite impressed.  However as we all know it doesn't take too much to do that haha :)  We had a good visit w/ Sister Gatton, she is simply a doll, and I shall miss her that is for sure.  
  Mason gave me a million more questions that I do not know how to answer. Hopefully whoever is coming in is a mad genius scripture wise. Or can just bedazzle him w/ the spirit.!! That would work too!
  We went to visit some people and funny story. They told us ohh we were just leaving, got in their car and drove away.  So we were sitting in front of their house putting the next destination into the GPS when.....ohh Hello, they pulled back in. haha awkward for them right? Guess they weren't too interested in talking with us that day. Not going to lie I busted up in the car.  I found the situation to be quite enjoyable. Nothing like being a missionary I'll tell you what.
  I want to throw in that even just writing that story made me laugh again. haha
  Saturday was Social Media Day round dos!! If you see any pictures of me online, just look away okay, I was not looking too fresh haha :) but really.  It didn't go quite as smooth as we would have liked, but oh well nothing ever does.  We did enjoy ourselves tho.  We saw several miracles and found 3 new investigators. (btw all of our investigators came from Sat. and Sunday cool huh) We taught 8 lessons that day which is our all time record I think.....It was simply remarkable. God's Grace definitely attended us this week!!!!!
  Church was good, we had breakfast during the third hour so that was lovely.  We taught a few lessons found a few new investigators and I got to talk w/ you!! Happy Day!!!!
  I love you all!! Have a splendid week.  Soon we shall see where I'll be coming from next I suppose! :)

        Sister Christiansen
From Social Media Day!!!
Good afternoon.  I'm Sister Crumb, of Union, Ohio, and I'm a member of the Englewood Ward, where Sister Christianson is currently serving on her mission.  On Saturday, May 10th, I spent three hours with her and her companion, Sister Ashcraft, and took photos of them for the Cincinnati Mission's Social Media Split day. I really enjoyed accompanying them to the various appointments, and even had the opportunity to bear my own testimony of the Book of Mormon to one of the people we visited. :-)

I'd meant to get the attached photos to you for Mother's Day, but ran out of time in the busy-ness of my own family's needs yesterday.  I hope you enjoy this little snippet of Sister Christianson's mission.  I will send a few more in a separate email.

Sincerely yours,

Sister Crumb


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