Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello Best Month of the Year!! JUNE :)

Hi Everyone,
  First off Happy Birthday Grandpa! I hope that it is a fabulous day :)
  Secondly this past week kind of flew by, and same story as usual, I can't believe its time to do the recap already.  I'm going to give you a few random highlights and do the usus.....then since last week's wasn't very informative I'll try to go back and hit some of those highlights as well.
  Tuesday: We didn't really want to go out, but we did, and because we did we found some cool peeps.  We did get feeling better no worries.  I took a nap for a few hours and it was lovely.  It might be the first nap I've ever taken on Preperation Day and I quite enjoyed it.
  Wednesday:  We had District Meeting down in Dayton, and then we didn't have time to go get lunch at our place so we stopped at WestTown to get some Pizza Hut. We went to go in, and couldn't b/c you either have to type in a code, or get buzzed in.   Weird eh? Good news was, the pizza was really good, bad news, it burnt the roof of my mouth.  The Nybergs came w/ us to see Deliah, and she gave us some delicious Pineapple Upside Down Cake, but she had made hers w/ Chocolate cake, and I would highly suggest it, b/c it was super delicious!!!! Yum Yum :) We went to go visit Andrew, but he was not there and then they had to skedadle, so we were trying to refigure our plans and we look up and see Andrew carrying some laundry down to his car, so we popped out of the car and here is how the convo went: Sister Schmitt "We're not trying to be weird or anything, we were just trying to figure out where to go now" Andrew, "Sorry I missed you, I just woke up, can we reschedule?" Us "Heck yes!" Jk it wasn't exactly like that, but you get the gist of it right?  I was happy b/c I really like him so I was glad he hadn't stood us up.  We went and visited the Henderson's.  Learned lots of funny stories about them.  Bro. Henderson was telling us how when he was a missionary it was called Deviation who knows maybe that's what I'll call mine sometimes too :) We had a Church tour w/ Ray.  He and Spencer were an answer to our prayers, b/c we were kind of despondent about how plans hadn't really worked as planned. Ray had us laughing the whole time.  Sister Schmitt was actually crying b/c she was laughing so much.  It was a grand time as always.  The best part was when we walked in the Chapel, we were pointing out the spirit, and then Ray goes I see a spider, its going to go get its dinner.  Talk about hard to keep my reverence, too funny!!! We love him lots and lots.  Then we were going to go talk to some of the YW peeps, and saw Bro. McMurtry and Sister Schmitt  asked if he wanted to go to an appointment w/ us and off we went.  He actually did 2 w/ us and it was all God's grace that we met our goal....One of our inv. had a baby that was 7 days old and offered to let us hold her, it was so hard to say no. She was Adorable!!!!
  Thursday: Happy One Year Mark!! yay :)  We had weekly planning and then we walked to the Stucki's in the blistering heat.  It was nice and toasty. Taught a quick lesson which went pretty good and then we went to the Haas and had a bowl of ice cream and some chips and salsa.  Sister Haas is so sweet, I love her lots.  She took us to the Helis' for dinner w/ them and the Dotson's. Then Sister Dotson went out teaching w/ us.  We taught Ray, and good times as always. Then we went to see Sister Roberts, a new move in, w/ Sister McMurtry.  Good times my friends, good times. Plus we did not use our car or any miles that day :) so much happiness
  Friday: Service for Sister Terry and then she spent the whole day w/ us.  We had lunch w/ her and Brother Terry. Then we had some killer good appointments w/ her.  We went and saw Jeremy, whom I adore. He is so sweet, and he really just wants to get close to God, and regain some things he lost. (He was in a really bad motorcycle accident and was in a coma for 3 months) But I love him.  We taught Deliah again and it went really well.  Angela's I'll be honest I don't really know what went on, I was sitting right there, but I was trying to keep one of her daughters entertained.  She was pretty good, but I was nonexistent in the lesson. Whoops. Dinner was at Penn Station and was super good.  Then we went to the family from Africa that we are teaching. They are super cool.  They are actually from Cameroon.  Cool stuff huh?!? Jordan if you have any suggestions on how to teach we'd love to hear.  We think we need to have the dad study the material first and then go and teach, it seemed to work better that way.  
  Saturday: We helped do some taping for prep work for painting. Then we taught some lessons. and saw some serious miracles.  God is great!!
  Sunday: Church was good.  Brother Morales gave a fabulous testimony and brought the spirit in soooo fabulously.  Plus Sister Rivero is back and we are so happy. She is so sweet, and super hilarious.   Sister Morales gave the best lesson on Forgiveness, and you should all watch this video on Mormon Channel....."The Savior Wants to Forgive.." so good and sooooooo powerful!!!
  We were able to teach 33 lessons, have 4 at church, 12 member present, and the Assistants just text us and told us how awesome we are......basically this week was fabulous!!!

Also I don't think I've made mention one time this week how much I love Sister Schmitt, but let me tell you I dooo!!

I love all of you to the moon and back!! Have a killer good week :)

          Sister Christiansen

Ps I'm too lazy to go back to last week! Sorry about that :)
1 more thing 
I forgot to tell you all some exciting news!

I get to go to Mission Leadership Council tomorrow and I'm so excited!! :) 

Love you

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