Monday, June 16, 2014

Birthday Week!!!!

Hi one, hi all! :)
  So it sounds like you are all running on full gear. Things are never too slow. I feel like my life is on a fast pace, but really Idk if I'm doing that much more than all of yall :)
  Weekly Round-up:
  Monday: We had a 2 zone fun day down in Kettering.  We had fun w/ our other missionary peeps.  Sister Schmitt, Elder Litster and I worked on our volleyball skills...on our own court, since we didn't exactly feel qualified enough to join the others.  Fun none the less ;) We had a lesson w/ one of our investigators and it was so-so....not sure the interest level....Then we taught the Eyoungs about the WoW. It was good stuff, b/c hallejuah they have no problems w/ it. They said that those things are not important, and Marti (when we taught her on Saturday said that God told us not to do those things in the Bible) was all for it as well. Thank goodness there are still people in this world that want to not smoke, drink and party.....Yay!
  Tuesday: We were having tons of fun w/ Sister Wilson.  She is a cutie and I love and miss her...this week w/ her went way tooooooo fast! We went and taught one of my favorite investigators, Jeremy!! he is still cute as ever. We taught him all abt the imp of Church. Had dinner w/ Sister Wilson's G'rents, and had 2 impromptu lessons w/ other inv. Good thing we excel at going  on the fly. We knocked twice at one inv. door, and there was no answer so I gave him a call and was talking w/ him and he came and looked out the window and said "You have a million people w/ you" I was like its okay its just the missionaries, and our member, "My house is a mess", Its okay we'll close our eyes.  haha I really did say that, and thankfully he let us in. It was sooo funny!!!
  Wednesday: District meeting....we got to hang out in D-Town a bit. One of our Elders and his mini did a little beat-boxing thing for us w/ the song "Sail" it was really good! Too bad I didn't pull out my cam.....oh well. We had a good lesson w/ a LA, and we focused on some of what Elder Fallabella taught us, so look at us using our new knowledge. Champs are we huh? :)  WE had a really good lesson w/ the Blantons, and I love them lots and lots.  A few laughs are always appreciated.
  Thursday: We did some weekly planning and worked on creating some rhymes for the rap Sister Wilso was putting together.  We had dinner w/ the cutest lady in the ward...We also taught Jeremy, and he was sooo funny.  Maybe I should get a picture with him tomorrow, so you know who I'm talking about....we'll see. :)  We had to meet up for our exchange. Sister Wilson wrote a super awesome rap.....and then she sang it for the Zone Leaders, on our chat w/ them.
  Friday: We had a lesson w/ Ray at the library, and as we were walking out I saw this guy who I wanted us to talk to, so I told Sister Hall to go start the convo. His name is Steve and he is soooooo awesome. I kinda took over the convo, but he is sweet, and I can't wait to teach him. So we had just had this killer awesome spiritual moment w/ Steve and he was all excited to learn and then we got approached by this guy and he went on and on and on......I tried a good few times to get away from chatting w/ him but it never worked. Basically he was getting at the fact that we will be damned because we are not teaching the whole truth when we go out teaching people. He said I would never take away from anyone's faith, so I jumped in and said we don't we just teach what we know and let the spirit testify of truth. He did not like that......but Heavenly Father took pity on us and sent some rain. So I said it's been good talking w/ you but I've gotta go have a lovely day.  Basically the gist of this whole story is that everytime we have a spiritually high, uplifting moment we have Satan come in and try to tear us down, which just shows how true this really least thats my thoughts.
  Saturday: We had to say goodbye to our Mini. It was sad, she is soo cute! But she did email me, so that was fun stuff.  We got to have an impromptu lesson w/ the Blantons.
  Sunday: We got to help w/ the Father's day Breakfast that was fun stuff. Also we met our goal of 5 inv at church and that was super exciting. Sister Schmitt and I had some pretty good convo's w/ Philip
, and also Norbert. They are hilarious.  Also this totally was not fun to find out.......our Chapel is infested w/ Bed-Bugs!!! Good thing Sister Ward taught me all about how not to get them.  
 Monday: Sister Schmitt and I got matching D-Town hats....and we are kicking it in a Missionary Thuggish way :)
I love you all!!!
          Sister Christiansen
Also looks like the baptism will be on June 28....Sister Schmitt's Birthday

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