Monday, June 9, 2014

Hey June!

Hey Hey How goes it?
  Swell I hope. Our week was pretty good.  We had lots going on. So lets see how much I can make it thru. Ready, set, here goes:
  Monday: we had a zone fun day, and we played volleyball, lets just say what athletic skills I had have gone downhill since coming out.  Not much practice = not much skill.  But hey its whatere! Happy Birthday Grandpa, I did think about you :) Hope you all enjoyed the festivities. We had some good little lessons and thats about it.....
  Tuesday: Mission Leadership Council!!! So much awesomeness.  We had to get up early and drive down to Cinci so that was fun.  I always love a good road trip, the only part I don't love is saying goodbye to all those miles. But it was a trip filled with Spiritual awesomeness, so its all good w/ me.  I took a billion pages of notes. Some of the highs of that day were, seeing Sister Rolfe, Sister Denison, President Porter of course, as well as Sister Porter!!! Among others, but I'm just very attached to those ones, as you well know.  Elder Martin gave an awesome training on how we need to make our Zones more like a family, so we have been working on that. Trying to get to know each other more, and share some awesome highs. When we got back to our area we tried this awesome referral, and we had some good times, that is for certain.  Back to MLC it was pretty funny because at one point President decided to talk to everyone about my growth. So he was asking me about how I was when I first came out, when I was training, and now. He pointed out that we have to help people grow, so that was fun.  After I was talking to Elder Martin and he asked how it felt to be where I'm at now? I just had to laugh a bit and said it felt really good. 
  Wednesday: We went to Dayton and planned out the Zone Meeting, almost got a parking ticket, and have some rainy lessons. We were in another flash floodish sort of thing. There was a ridiculous amount of water flowing on the streets, I was glad that some members were driving us around, and also glad that I was in the backseat, so I could not see exactly what was going on for the drive....don't worry our lives were not in peril.  We had a good lesson w/ our buddy Jeremy.  I just love him, and I don't think he has any idea that I do.  We invited him to church and to read the BoM, but unfortunately since we were in the middle of a monsoon we had forgot to grab one to take w/ us to teach him we had to tell him we'd bring it the next time.  The Morales had us over for dinner. Sister Terry went down to the Blanton's with us, and we had a good lesson w/ Sister Blanton. She is sooooo funny!
  Thursday: We had Zone Meeting and it was super fun.....Sister Schmitt and I got to be in charge of a game, we played, get to know half the zone.....I enjoyed it, so hopefully others did as well.  We had the Bruno's out w/ us and Austyn was catching me up on some NBA Draft info. I'm kinda bummed Jabari decided to go to the NBA....a mission would have been really good for him, but oh well I suppose.  We had a lesson w/ Ray, a good time as always....nothing he said is really standing out, so I'll move right along.  We had a killer good lesson w/ Sister Crumb and Brielle who is superb! She came to Stake Conf. on Sunday and that was a killer good miracle.  
  Friday: We had dinner w/ Sister Weir.  I miss her sooo soo much!!!! We also had a really good lesson with the Eyoungs, w/ Brother Nyberg. They are on date for the 21st of June!!!! So hopefully I'll have a baptism Birthday!!!!!  
  Saturday: We taught this awesome lady named Tanya, she is sooo cool. She was crying and could feel the spirit so much it was fabulous!!! Then we went and picked up our Mini-Missionary.  Her name is Sister Wilson and we love her lots :) She gets to be w/ us for a whole week. Fun times huh? Stake Conference is killer cool! Elder Fallabella (sp) from Guatemala is super awesome!!!!
  Sunday: we saw a billion miracles!!! and President and Sister Porter, it made my day!

I love you lots! 
            Sister Christiansen

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