Monday, October 20, 2014

Here we go again!

Happy Monday!

  Considering that I just emailed you all on Tuesday you wouldn't think that I would have too much to say, but I feel like this has been one of the longest weeks of my life!!!!!!!!!! No joke friends, it was incredibly long, but looking back I wonder what made it seem so long, and quite frankly I'm not sure.

  Tuesday: We took a nap and it was glorious....! I have such a profound appreciation for sleep it is ridiculous. I think of all the time I did not utilize for sleeping when I was home and I just realize how crazy that was.  So we went out teaching w/ Sister Solomon this week and after our last appointment w/ her we were going to meet up w/ the Muncie 2 Sisters for exchanges. We were late getting out of the appointment so I was going to text them to let them know that tidbit of info, I think this also goes w/out saying but it was really, really dark at this point in the evening. We were parked by a tree stump and I knew it was coming up, so I was being somewhat cautious, when all of a sudden my foot hit the stump, much sooner than I was expecting and down I went!!! Graceful, it was not!! I was walking one moment, and in the next moment I unexpectedly found myself on the tree stump. The worst of the whole experience is that I held onto the phone, but my scriptures were launched into the air. Like they literally took flight and landed a good few feet from me!! Nothing like abusing scriptures eh??? Anyways when I went to pick up my case, disaster struck, both of my straps broke, it was so sad. Don't worry I have lamented their demise all week long!!!!!! Sister Jacobson came and gave me a hug she was all worried about me, and I was just sad about the fact that I am back to not being able to hold my scriptures by their straps! Don't worry today I plan on finding some crazy/super glue and making everything right in my world again. :)
   Wednesday: I was w/ Sister Brown. I still got to see Sister Jacobson b/c we had District Meeting. We had a good time there, and afterwards, we went out to lunch all together, which was also a good time.  One word of advice tho, if you go to Fazoli's don't gorge on breadsticks..........their lasagna is pretty a-okay. We met some super nice widows, who are quite lonely but fun to visit.  Really nothing too exciting to say from this day except it was good.
  Thursday: Back w/ my compadre, and it was great!  We had our regular meeting w/ the Elders, and then did some weekly planning, but we had rearranged our living room, so our chairs were in the middle of the floor so that is where we did our planning. We had a Sister in the ward come out w/ us that I had never really spent time around, she was great.  We kinda ran out of things to do, and didn't want to drive somewhere else b/c we needed to be in the area, in for our exchanges so we went and visited some referrals that this lady had given us a while back. That my friends turned into a favorable experience. We had 2 new investigators out of it, so I would call it a smashing success! :) Sister Jacobson and I used our singing abilities on this lady who used to be a preacher. She loved the Primary songs, and Hymns that we sang to her. 
  Friday: I was w/ Sister Keil all day long and we had soooooooooooooooo much fun!! No joke that has been the funnest exchange I have ever had. She is so great, and it was so much fun.  We bagged frozen hot dogs, watched a member bake cookies, drove around the same areas, like 3 different times, (which showed me I really don't rem. this area as well as I should), gave a super spiritual chapel tour, she convinced me to eat OCTOPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eww huh? All I have to say is been there, done that! Never again my friends. I got some good advice before I ate it, just focus on the mechanics, don't think about the taste, it still wasn't great, but at least the advice helped. No but really we had a blast, all day long!!!!
  Saturday: We ate some pretty good homemade Salsa, from a hilarious investigator.  It was a pretty gray day which was not so fun. Ohh I found out our WML is from Blanding, funny huh? Ohh so we went to go visit an inv, and were waiting for the member to join us so we were sitting in the car, in front of this house for like 20 minutes when this lady comes out and asks us why we were sitting in front of her house.  We said we were waiting for a friend so we could go visit our other friend, and she looks at us and said are you Mormons? We responded yes, and she invited us into her house while we were waiting. Turns out she is a LA, but she said that she is looking for a church but is not interested in coming back to our church. We invited her to a fireside at the church on Sunday. (As it turns out she actually went to the fireside, we weren't there, but she was, crazy huh?)
  Sunday: We had dinner w/ the LaTour's and they are just great. I really enjoyed being there w/ them it was fun. Oh man one quick thing, church was a zoo!! It was a restless day for a bunch of kiddos.  We met Nick's girlfriend, and hopefully helped her to see that we are pretty normal people.  We met some crazies who are very nice. They were trying to help us find our way to an address, but in the end we gave up and decided to search it out in the day light. Ohh it turns out those really nice crazies are some of the Elders investigators. Funny!!  Oh and if you are looking for a good scripture on brethren Psalms 133 is just what you are looking for.  Apparently Sister Jacobson and I have been drafted into the "brethren" club.

This week I am sooo looking forward to being able to go to the Temple!! I know that it is a place of peace and serenity from the world, and I am so excited about that. We will have a bit of a crazy week, b/c we are doing exchanges on Tuesday, and Thursday. Got to love the last week of the transfer!!

I just pray that Sister Jacobson and I stay companions she is awesome and I love her lots!!

I hope you have a splendid week and remember "God doesn't care where you go, He just wants you to work!"

That was one of my favorite quotes of the week :)

         Sister Christiansen

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