Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Revelatory Week!

First off I have a humongo apology to make!!!!
  Dad I hope that your Birthday was simply spectacular!!! So sorry that I forgot to say anything last week! But Happy One day late Birthday! If its any consolation your day was much more beautiful and warm than ours was. Whenever they showed Salt Lake Sister Jacobson and I were like...."Oh look how beautiful and warm it is"
  Also as long as I'm doing late Birthday's Brianne I hope that your day was super as well! Happy Late Birthday to you as well! It sounds like you had a good time going to the Temple!!!! 
  Monday we taught a lesson to my favorite named investigator 10:30. There was a bit of drama going on as we were teaching him, so I don't think much sunk in. Problems of other people fighting.  I must say I have learned quite well the importance of marrying the right sort of person.....there are simply some interesting couples in this world.  We also set up voice lessons w/ a professional singer in our ward. We are doing those today so hopefully I will be a new and somewhat improved singer by time I come home.......I'll let you know how it goes. (its okay if you want to pray all goes well for me, :)  I'm somewhat terrified to sing in front of her....hahaha)
  Tuesday we were on exchanges w/ Dunkirk and I got to be w/ Sister Ribeira, she is a Sister from my MTC district and this is the first time in my mission that I have served around her so that is fun.  We got to go to Christian Ministry and do some volunteer work there which is a nice change of pace. Some of the other volunteers were curious about us, and asked lots of questions as we worked to fill the orders. I think being out in the community volunteering is definitely something I want to keep up.  It is good times. Then I got to be w/ Sister Jacobson for a few minutes before we were off to go do exchanges w/ the Muncie 2.2 Sisters.  We had a grand time in the car, and then off our separate ways we went.  That night I got to plan a day.....all by myself, and that was a bit interesting. I was looking around for my scriptures and couldn't figure out where in the hannah banana I had put them, so I moved on to doing other things, and then inspiration hit me..........and it was not good inspiration. I had left them in Dunkirk's car!! Holy moly how unfortunate. So I called them and the first thing Sister Riberia says is, Yes we have them. I asked her if she would give them to Ball State the next day at District meeting and then I would get them from them. She said yes, and I was much relieved.
  Wednesday I was w/ Sister Driesel and we went to District Meeting and our whole district was there, so that was exciting. We talked about promising blessings to our investigators thru the scriptures. Good idea eh? I had to use these regular scriptures, and it was significantly harder to figure out where things are, w/out my markings. We  had a sweet chapel tour w/ 10:30 and Brother Inman. Brother Kirk came w/ us to teach April. Cool side story his Mission President was Tad R. Callister. How awesome is that. I am pretty sure that one day President Porter is going to be a general authority of some sort.....my guess is an Apostle tho!!!!!!!!!! He is seriously the most inspired man I personally know. We got to decorate some Halloween cookies and I was put in memory of our pumpkin parties that Gina does, so that was fun. Then we met back up to exchange back to our regular comp. but we had some fro-yo to celebrate Sister Brown's 6 month mark.  Boy oh boy I was sooo excited to be back w/ my comp. Not that I don't love the Sisters but there is nothing like spending time w/ your own comp.
  Thursday Weekly planning. Service at an older mem house, and then she gave us floats for helping her. Diet Cherry 7 Up is not nearly as good as reg. Cherry 7 Up, but no worries the vanilla bean ice cream was top notch. I had to go this whole day along w/ the previous w/out my scriptures b/c Ball State never got back to me about meeting up to get them back. They dropped them off at the Institute and so Sister Jacobson and I went to get them for the last stop of our night. Man ohhhh man was I excited to see them again.  It was no fun to miss them. I am very, very attached to them! It was such a joyful reunion!! I also got to see the new iPhone 6 plus. That thing is ginormous!!!! But super cool how it is opened w/ your fingertip. 
  Friday We were supposed to get up at 5 b/c we had to be out the door at 5:30 to meet up to drive down to Cinci. Sister Jacobson woke up at 5:29 we got up, she had a shower and we walked out the door at 5:40. Pretty darn impressive eh? Then we spent 3 hours all in all on the way down, it was sort of unfortunate that we had to go meet up w/ another Sister b/c it gave us a whole extra hour both ways in the car, but the good news was I got to see Sister Hall b/c of that. Mission Leadership Council was super-de-duper! I would suggest that you all read "The Answer is the Doctrine" by Elder Bednar, it will change your life. I took sooooo many notes down there. I also got to see some of my favorite people again.  Such as President and Sister Porter, Elder Tavake, Sister Rolfe, Sister Summers, Sister Colton and Elder Campbell!!! That was super fun!! Elder Campbell was invited to give all of us a special training that was fabulous!!! But hearing from President was spectacular, and changed my life once again.  We didn't get home until 9:30 so our whole day was taken up by super revelatory experiences and then 6 hours in a car. We about both went insane.....!
  Saturday we had a miracle of having 2 investigators at church. We watched it at the church, all four sessions. Sister Jacobson and I were only able to sit by each other for 2 of the sessions. My goodness we were taught some fabulous things. I liked that everyone stressed the basic things that so often get overlooked. I feel like there is something very big coming in the next few years and they are trying to help us all have a very firm foundation so that we cannot be shaken. It made me question how strong my testimony truly is in all the important things. Do I do all I can to make sure that I am changing each and every day? Am I doing the very best I possibly can?  That night we went and taught this super cute family that speaks Spanish. COLIO!!!!!! I wish you had taught me some Spanish! Sister Jacobson and I want to bear our testimonies to them in Spanish sooo bad, but neither one of us know how to. Also there are no Spanish missionaries here in Muncie. Oh also they are both Professors at Ball State.
  Sunday happy Birthday Daddy!!! We did a planning session w/ the Elders for Zone Meeting and then took breakfast to 10:30. Watched Conference w/ 2 more investigators. It was once again super fabulous. I was soooo ready for President Monson to get up and tell us this big new thing w/ how much every single speaker was focusing on our Prophet. I thought we were going to get some new revelation. But then he got up and talked on Christ, yep building on our foundation is sooooooo important.  I cannot tell you how glad I was that we got to hear from Elder Bednar, he did sooooo fabulous, and his story was simply the best. It was cool that people got to speak in their native tongues, I don't know what it was like for you but we didn't get to listen to them and have subtitles we had a voice over in English....I was somewhat disappointed. We decided to skip having dinner b/c we really needed a new investigator and guess what? God blessed us that is for sure. A few weeks ago this guy referred himself to us, and we went back once and he wasn't there, and then we went back yesterday and he was there, and we taught this sweet lesson. Sister Jacobson and I are sooo excited to be able to teach him. He knows a little about the church, but not much so we are helping him rediscover his connection to God.
  Random sidenote: Our heater does not work so last night we went to bed in an icecube and woke up to still being in an icecube. We should be getting it fixed tho, b/c I'll tell you what I cannot live my life in that freezing abyss. Haha but really!

In closing I know that this is the true church on the earth. I know that Jesus Christ truly is at the head of this church and that he guides us thru our living Prophet President Thomas S. Monson. We each have the right of personal revelation and it is the only way we will be able to truly strengthen our testimony.

One last thing: We almost got sprayed by a skunk this week. I have never accelerated so fast!!!

Love you,
  Love Sister Christiansen

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