Monday, September 29, 2014

Last week of September?

Hey, Hey! I can't believe its Monday again,
  I have tons to say so lets see what actually makes it into the email.
First off the Women's meeting was fabulous!!! As they were talking about preparing to go to the Temple I couldn't help but think of how well it applies to me as well, because we are going in October! Happy day!! I am so stinking excited, I love the peace that it brings to our lives and the serenity that comes even from the sight of it. As they were all talking about how we are all Temples too, it really did hit me, especially being out here where the actual edifices are few and far between, but members are around, so everytime I see one of them, I get to see a part of the Temple. Cool thought they gave to me.
  Monday: We had a Zone day, Funday, Monday. It was great we got to play volleyball, chair soccer, and never have I ever.  
  Tuesday: We were on exchanges w/ Ball State and I got to be w/ Sister Krueger.  So off the two of us ventured into the unknown land of Munice 1. No worries, we did not get lost. Thank Goodness for GPS's ;) We did get to go over to a members house and make pumpkin scones, which were super delicious and turned out to be our way into several peoples homes. Super great eh? Also in my ward there resides this super awesome painter. I even got to go into his work studio, his paintings are fabulous. I don't know if his stuff is online or anything, but his name is Bill Inman.
  Wednesday:Back w/ my companion! Happy day. We had District Meeting, and then we went and put balloons and heart outlines on a set of our Sisters Door. We even gave them a plate of the scones, we were going to just leave them on the ground, but then we thought "emm....better not!" and we taped them up on the door. Hahaha it was soooo great looking. Ohhh I almost forgot Wednesday is "onenessday" so our zone all dresses in the same color, and then Sister Jacobson and I took it a step further and did our hair the same....humongo buns on top of our heads. It looked great incase you were wondering.
  Thursday: We went on a goose chase looking for a member. We didn't find her, but we found a gold mind of a good area to find people in. A member took us out to eat at a Chinese restaurant, and I discovered the most wonderful things ever......sweet rolls!!! They were my very favorite part of the day....oh and we had a ward coordination meeting w/ our WML and some ward missionaries. I love our WML, he is so great. He is from Utah and is a resident here....there are a lot of those, I can't remember if I told you that already or not.  
  Friday: Exchanges w/ Elwood.  We (all 4 of us) got to go do some volunteering at Christian Ministries which was great. While we were there we even got a self-referral! Talk about exciting, b/c that doesn't happen everyday. Then we were all helping a lady in our ward move, and I was once again reminded of how important it is to not just accumulate a ton of stuff. This is so ironic considering that it is coming from the Sister Missionary who has a boatload of things....but seriously we helped w/ 2 loads, and I don't even feel like we made a dent. We had Sister Hills come out teaching w/ us, and come to find out it was her first time ever going out w/ missionaries. She did so great tho, she shared this sweet personal experience w/ the investigator and it was lovely. Then we were out and about trying to find this former inv. When we went to the house it was vacant so we went and knocked on a neighbor's door, she was pretty nice.....until I said we were from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints..... Then we decided to stay on the street and find our purpose, and went towards this house w/ some serious blasting music. It was kinda late, so it was pretty dark, and there were about 8-9 porch monkeys outside. I waved at them, but they just kind of ignored me, so I walked right up to them and we had a bit of conversation amidst the super loud music, and we found the craziest named investigator I have ever had. His name is 10:30. Don't worry, I checked like 3 times, and it really is his name. 
  Saturday: We went to the church to do our bishop email, and we found the Elders car. We decided to leave them a sticky note, and then just b/c we tried their car door, and guess what friends.....? It was unlocked!!! We had lots of fun....I feel like we were instrumental in teaching them a very valuable lesson in life. Lock your car doors :) haha! We also had lunch w/ my new favorite person in Muncie. He is a member of the YSA Branch, and is super awesome! We watched the Women's Meeting and it was phenomenal, as mentioned above. I took a page of notes from everyone but President Uchtdorf....he got 2 and 1/4 :) The thing that impressed me from him was the importance of Joyfully living the gospel. I mean we really should be the happiest people, we do have the Good news of Jesus Christ, and we have a living Prophet who we get to hear from this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo excited :)
  Sunday: I got this good quote from SS. "Happiness that comes easy is fleeting." Truth my friends, that is pure truth. We made tater tot casserole for our lunch/dinner, surprise here...........I burnt myself. I got an immediate blister, so Sister Jacobson was so kind as to finish making it while I sat there w/ an otter pop on my finger. It is sooooo small, but it hurt so bad. Also I found a connection to home. One of the ward members here is cousins w/ Jed Woodward. Small world eh?

This upcoming week is going to be great!! We have 2 exchanges, that we are doing back to back, and then we have MLC on Friday down in Cinci, and then General Conference!!! Talk about fun stuff.

One last thing to say. If someone does something nice for you remember to thank any sort of way. Gratitude is mightily important!!!

Lots of love!
 Sister Christiansen :)

Just in case you were wondering today is my 16 month mark!! :) time sure flies :)

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