Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey you!!!
  So guess what?  We get to go to a MLB game tonight :)  Cool stuff right?  Who knew my first MLB experience would be in Cinci and not San Fran :)  too bad they aren't playing the Giants that would be simply spectacular!!!

  In other news it hasn't been that long since I emailed you last, but surprisingly lots has happened so here goes!
  Wed: We took another fabulous nap, who knew that being a Missionary was so draining?? Not I  that is for certain.  We had a pretty good lesson w/ the Blantons, and then the Cappelli's invited us and Dan over to their house for a lesson.  It was super duper fabulous!! Then we had scripture study w/ their family which was fun.  It was just a good reminder that no matter the age of your familia members scripture study should always be one of the biggest priorities in life.
  Thursday: Zone Meeting. It was good stuff.  We had a pretty spiritual testimony meeting there as well, most everyone in the Zone bore their testimony.  We took the Eaton Sisters out to lunch b/c they won the finding challenge on Monday.  Then we had a lesson w/ Jeremy and Brother Dupre.  We were soooooo, soooo, sooooo happy to have him back out w/ us again :) We also visited Dani w/ him, and the poor lady had a few more unfortunate things happen to her. Namely two of her kittens died. The one was my favorite. The little blind one, conveniently named, No See.  That was a bummer.  We had dinner w/ the Helis' and ate pretty healthy once again.  I even ate fish mahee-mahee, or something like that.  Then we made some ooey-gooey brownies to  take to the Dupres. We had a lesson w/ our favorite little Brad.  He is cute as ever, and just has such a desire to learn its soo fun!  Visiting the Dupre's was soo fun.  The baby is so stinking cute!!!  It was good times.
  Friday: We were on exchanges w/ Eaton.  I spent the day w/ Sister Hall.  We went and visited a LA, and afterwards we met the nicest guy from Kenya! It was good times talking w/ him.  He moved to Colorado to go to school, and when I said I was from Utah he asked me are you from Ogden?  I said no, I live close to there tho.  He told me people from Ogden are so nice.  It was fun.  Then we met 3 other new investigators, they are pretty cool people. I'm excited to meet new people all the time.  We had a good lesson w/ the Spencers, and Arnold even prayed for me, so that was super exciting.  We had dinner w/ members and not going to lie I enjoyed the ice cream the most! It has been so humid as of late, it  is killer. I sweat buckets, and so I'm pretty sure I smell super fresh :) haha  We had a super quick lesson w/ Dan b/c he really didn't want to meet w/ us.  We had an impromptu lesson w/ the Eyongs, it was good times. I really had no idea what to share w/ them and it ended up being one of the most random scriptures ever, but the Spirit totally helped me turn it into something that actually applied to them so it was good stuff.
  Saturday: Nothing of importance happened, except Sister Colton made me German pancakes.  They were super delish in case you were wondering :)
  Sunday: We had church, and we had a crisis, but we dealt w/ it so its all good. We are just super grateful the Cappelli's moved into our ward.  We did some drop bys of food to people.  We had a really good visit w/ Sister Cappelli. We also had a lesson w/ the Eyong's for the first time in forever!!!

The best part of today is the fact we are going to Cinci w/ our BFF Sister Morales.  Oh and in other news we have another Social Media Split on Saturday. Pray that things work out :)

Love you lots!!

Go to the Temple for me!!

          Sister Christiansen

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