Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guess what?!?!

Hey Familia!!!
  I'm being transferred. After a billion years in Englewood, I'm heading out.  Good news is that Sister Colton has everything under control and is going to take super good care of everything.
  But I'll run thru this last week for you!
Monday: Cincinnati Reds game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooo fabulous. I had the time of my life w/ all the other missionaries in our mission. It was so great, and I didn't pay any attn to the game, but just in case you were wondering they lost.  We also didn't get home until midnight, and that made the next morning super hard to get up....but no worries I made it thru.
  Tuesday: We found a new investigator, and taught a few lessons. Then we went and visited Brad and Sister Mobley, which was the highlight of our day! He is the best ever. We also cleaned all the doors at church since they were in desperate need of some help.....and Sister Jenkins fed us dinner.
  Wednesday: We had District meeting in D-town and it was super fun.  We made gold chains and took pictures in our d-town hats.....it was super great.  I love my District, I'm super sad we are being seperated, b/c one from each companionship is leaving.  But oh well we had fun while it lasted.  The Cappelli's had us over for dinner, and it was tons of fun! They are the coolest family and I want to be just like them when I grow up.  Then Brother Cappelli came out w/ us and and we visited the Blantons, and had one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever had w/ them, and following that lesson we went and taught one of the most spiritual Restoration lessons ever! I'm telling you Bro. Cappelli is a spiritual powerhouse and the spirit just radiates from him. that is how I want to be one day.............But the investigators we were teaching are super awesome, they think it is so awesome that there is a prophet on the earth again.....talk about awesome!
  Thursday: We were supposed to have a lesson w/ Jeremy, Brother Terry, and the Elders but Jeremy didn't really participate....as in he was really busy....But oh well.  We had the Mormon dog out w/ us and that was fun....he almost got attacked by another dog.  The Morales had us over for dinner and it was a good time as always. When we walked out of their house we saw Patrick, and Sam b/c it turns out their friends are the Morales' neighbors.  Who knew?
  Friday: Friday the highlight was visiting w/ Tiffanie, and having Dinner w/ the Dupre's.  We had white chicken chili and it was divine!!! It was fun to be w/ that cute family that helps us out so much, they are quite simply rockstars.  Then we saw Sister Spencer and we attempted to sing to her, but seeing as we are both tone deaf, it didn't quite work out. I don't think we even made it thru one song w/out laughing.....whoops!
  Saturday: Social media day. Sister Dunn came and studied w/ us which was fun.  Then we did some baking at the Stucki's. Walked across the street and had lunch w/ the Haas. Brother Dupre met us at Jeremy's, and we had a lesson there, and then we took a trip out of the mission to do some service at Lindsay and Andrew's house, and embarrassingly enough I am still sore......I have no muscle left in the least......bummer eh?  Sister Mobley took us out to dinner w/ Brad and I got to hang out w/ my favorite little buddy. Then we had a quick visit w/ the Eyongs, to round out our day.
  Sunday: We went and visited Sister Mosier, and had another visit w/ Sister Spencer.  Sister Mosier loves us, and we found the perfect commitment to help her out.... Poor Sister Spencer is still struggling lots, but we had a good open lesson w/ her last night.

Today is going to be an intense day of packing!! Expect to see at least one package in the near future.  I love you lots, and the good news is God is always in control, and the church is true no matter where you are.

I love you!!!!

            Sister Christiansen

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