Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Time an extraordinary pace!
  This past week I felt like we were crazy busy, and yet not that goes the weekly report.

  Monday:  I took a glorious 3 hour nap, it was straight bliss!! Definitely the high of my day.
  Tuesday: We were on exchanges, and I was in our area with Sister Rose.  We had a pretty productive day, which was nice, b/c I'll tell you what not many exchanges actually work out that way.  We were even fed lunch and dinner! What a treat.  My lazy streak could continue on.  
  Wednesday: We had district meeting, and b/c I have the best district leader ever we made microwave brownies.  It was really fun, and we went over the baptismal quadrant and I was reminded of those things that I need to do better on.  I am learning more and more the importance of changing who we are every day.  That is what the Atonement truly is about, changing us daily to be more like Christ.  We had a good visit w/ the Blantons, and we changed our usual time to earlier, and he was sooo lively it was great.  We taught the WoW, and it was soo funny to see his reactions...apparently we need to keep building faith before that one is going to work for us.  We had this prompting to go visit a LA and it was sooo great, b/c she was soo happy to see us. Her phone has been off, and so we haven't had any interaction w/ her.  It was a good visit.
  Thursday: Weekly planning, and we made those delicious brownies.....they were really, really good. I could have eaten the whole pan myself.  The Dupre's had their baby girl too. So that was exciting.
  Friday:  I left Englewood and spent the day w/ Sister Hall in Eaton.  It was a bit of a rough day, w/ all these appointments cancelling on Sister Hall, I felt bad for her, b/c usually that is what happens for me, when I am in charge of planning the exchange day.  As I was studying I was reminded of the importance of families, and how important FHE, fam prayer, and fam scripture study is.  
  Saturday: we did some service and then we made cookies for the baptism, but we had to be inventive about what to put them in, b/c we were making "to go bags" we cut the top off of sandwich bags, and cut electrical tape in half, and bagged 3 cookies. Inventiveness right?  Brother Dupre thought so, how do I know this, b/c he and I had a good chat.  Basically it was a crazy day. But good news Dan got baptized and is now a member.  It was a little unique but hey thats what makes it interesting and hopping right? :)
  Sunday: Brother Henderson spoke in church and had the whole audience captivated.  He has a fabulous way of rolling all of these stories together that seem to have no correlation and it was sooo wonderful. We had a good visit w/ Sister Spencer and Jennifer was there as well, b/c she knew we were coming so that was fun to see her again.  No worries she still loves me lots :)
  Monday: We had a few lessons w/ some peeps.  Brother Rhoudebush gave us a whole box of donuts, don't worry we didn't eat the whole thing, I probably could have tho....b/c you know me and sweets.
  Tuesday: Blessed day of Mission Leadership Council!!! I loved it sooo, soo, much!! It always inspires me to be a much better person.  The spirit was soo strong and it taught me sooo many things.  We spent a lot of time talking about where we were a year ago, and where we are now.  I know that I personally have made a lot of progress, but there are so many more things I need to do to become even more.  We talked about all the things that our mission does differently than other missions and how we have all of these tools, but we need to make sure that we are doing the basics.  It was sooo great. Also President taught me a lot about Church and made me never want to miss Sacrament ever in my life. It was very amazing.  We did the first half of the day at their house and then we ate lunch and migrated to the church for the second half. It was phenomenal tho!! After President spoke we did a testimony meeting, and then we ended up going an hour over. The spirit was so strong it was one of the best experiences.  
  Wednesday: Preperation day!!! I am soo grateful b/c I almost ran out of clothes!!!  I hope that your week is super fabulous!!!

I love you lots!!
           Sister Christiansen

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