Monday, August 25, 2014

Me again

Ohh hey,
  This past week was eventful and I learned soooo many wonderful spiritual things, but I forgot my lets see how much my brain remembers!!!
  Monday: Brother Cappelli came out teaching w/ us to Dan, and it was super fabulous b/c Dan quoted back half of his talk to him.  We were so impressed that he remembered.  He is working towards baptism this weekend on the 30th. That is exciting stuff my friends!
  Tuesday: We taught James w/ Brother Dupre, and Sister Morales came out w/ us to visit some people. We saw Sister Greathouse and enjoyed the time w/ her.  She is soo sweet.  Then we saw Sister Landis, and then Sister Campbell came w/ us to Dan's and we broke our tradition and went inside his house.  That was unusual.  Sister Helis took us out to eat. Pizzia is fabulous my friends.  Marion's is definitely a must if you ever go to the Dayton area. So we went to visit the Hollands and Sister Colton was a little out of it. Earlier in the day we had text Christian to see if he wanted to come out w/ us, but he had been busy, and when he walked in he asked us what did you girls need. Somehow Sister Colton thought that he had said are you Sisters going to eat w/ us. So she replied no we ate lots and lots of food. He gave us a pretty puzzled face and said you wanted food. I was laughing and said no we had a lesson, so we were just checking to see if you could come.  It was funny tho. If nothing else I had a good laugh.  
  Wednesday: Brother McMurtry came out teaching w/ us and then invited us over for lunch.  BLT's sooo good.  Tyler came out teaching w/ us and we had some super quick lessons w/ some peeps.  I thought I was going to die that day, it was soooo humid!!! Man when we go out in the mornings I feel like we are going to die, it is killer!  We had a good visit w/ the Henderson's and then we went and taught Brother Rhoudebush.  He is soo nice.  We had a lesson all set up w/ the Eyong's but they forgot so we taught Sam and gave him his own BoM and I even gave him a special inscription on the first page. We went to dinner w/ Sister Terry and then we went and taught the Blanton's.  It was good times.
  Thursday: Manna from heaven!!! Zone Conference! I received pages and pages of inspiration.  President Porter gave us more revelation on the power triangle and how to use it in our lives. It is found in D&C 103:36 in case you are wondering.  But in short here are some things I learned. Our obedience shows our love for God, and our diligence shows, our commitment to God.  He talked a lot about increasing our faith in Jesus Christ.  It was awesome.  I learned a lot of things about and for myself.  It is really cool to see the way the spirit directs us in the things we need to change and do better on. Because like President is always reminding us we need to be changing everyday.  We cannot be the same person or we are not applying the Doctrine of Christ into our lives.  We need to be repenting everyday and working on something new.  He used the example of one day we bury the selfish person and the next day we bury the impatient person. Everyday we need to be perfecting ourselves and the only way that is going to happen is if we think to God and allow Him the opportunity to help us change. Two other things that are super important was this. Find what is right. We have to look for the good.  He said that a person or situation is going to have as many bad things as we find.  It is our choice.  We have to be finding the good. We absolutely cannot be looking for the bad, or that is what we will see.  Secondly Lock your mind. We have to weed out garbage. We do not have time or space to dwell on bad things.  If we lock our mind on the good we will be able to be much happier.  It is super important to do that.  There was a lot of other things that I learned but those are some of the highlights.  I was inspired to be a happier person, who looks for the good in every situation.  Because lets face it, realists are pessimists.  They are indeed one and the same and I don't want to be one of those.
  Friday: We had a surprise meeting and so Thursday night there were 6 Sisters total  in our apartment. it was a little crowded to say the least.  But the good news is Sister Colton and I actually finished weekly planning in the time slot we had for it. Also Elder Campbell and Elder Giblette brought cookie dough Oreos, and those are good!! We then actually went on our exchanges and I was w/ Sister Lewis. We got to go see Sister Spencer and hopefully cheered her up a little, and we had a good visit w/ Miss Tammie.  Mostly though I was just reminded that we are put w/ certain people for good reasons, God definitely knows us best!! Sister Colton and I love being together.
 Saturday: We got to celebrate Brother Morales' birthday w/ him.  Also our server looked so familiar and I just kept looking at her. Turns out she was Amy, someone that I had found for the Spanish Elders a good few months ago. So it was fun to see her again.  We watched some of the Restoration on Brother Dupre's computer, Dan really liked the movie. Did a heart attack, you know all that fun stuff.
  Sunday: We went to ward council, and church and made the baptismal program. Taught our little cutie Brandon. he is definitely the person who is most excited to see us each time we visit, and he isn't even technically an investigator.  But hey its all good. He brightens our day so thats what really matters.  We had a good visit w/ Sister Mosier.  We went to a fireside in Greenville, and they have the cutest little building I have ever seen!!!!!!!! My goodness I loved it.  It really is so cute.  But anyways, it was a good Missionary fireside, the only problem was that there was almost an equal amount of missionaries as members....but hey it was a chance to see President and Sister Porter again so Sister Colton and I jumped at the chance.  We had a good chat w/ both of them and it was fun.  We were also able to talk w/ President Valencia for a little bit, which was good.
  I love you and I hope your week is  awesome.  Enjoy being a member of God's Kingdom on earth! :)

         Sister Christiansen

PS Keep Dan in your prayers b/c his baptism is on Saturday

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