Monday, August 18, 2014

Hey Everyone

Good Morning!!!
  So today I am really grateful that families are eternal.  A less active that I used to go visit a whole bunch died last week, and we were asked to give the prayers at the funeral. Ohhhhh my goodness it was sooo sad. I couldn't help it I cried a little at the funeral b/c the overwhelming feeling in the room was just utter and complete devastation.  It reminded me how important keeping our covenants truly is, b/c we honestly have no idea when the end will come.  I am so grateful that we can be w/ our families forever. I know that it is an eternal principle and it shows us how much God truly values and loves us.
  This week was interesting and I'm going to give you a quick rundown:
  Monday: We taught Dan and one of his friends. We also found out that some people don't live where it says they do on our ward roster.....but actually that is a common theme thru the whole week, b/c on our roster I don't know a huge number so Sister Colton and I are actually trying to find out if they still live there or if their records are just floating in our ward.
  Tuesday:We had some delicious BLT's for lunch. We taught Dan at a members home and had lunch.  We saw Gaylene, and she talked our ears off.  We tried to go heart attack our favorite family. We were able to do so, but as we drove off they saw us. But it was tons of fun.
  Wednesday: We took brownies to district meeting to celebrate Elder Tavake's birthday, and also I'm going to say so we could also celebrate Ty-o's and Jordans as well. District meeting was great. Elder Campbell always has games for us to play......We saw a fun LA couple who asked us "To what do owe this visit too?" We replied back that it was Wed at 3, and we were just keeping up w/ the last few weeks.  They didn't realize that we had set up a standing appointment I suppose, but hey we enjoy it. I ate some delicious cotton candy ice cream. We got to hang out w/ our champ member, Brother Dupre.
  Thursday: We never left our apartment besides for our morning run. Sister Colton was ill, it was not her favorite day of the week. I was able to spend some time doing some much needed record updating, which was painfully BORING!!!!! I text the Elders and told them I was bored out of my mind.  But luckily Sister Colton woke up and I was able to spend some more time w/ her. It was good bonding time that is for sure. and then we had to cancel some appointments we had, and Brother Dupre was going to come out w/ us but I told him we needed to cancel and he asked if we were sick and then he brought us some things. It was soooo nice!! We are really grateful we have someone to always help us out. 
  Friday: We were on exchanges and we had a good time. I was w/ Sister Hefner and it was good times.  Nothing too exciting happened but frozen custard, that my friends is always exciting!!!!!  Also we did some more heart attacking, b/c who doesn't like exciting surprises on your door??? Also b/c we live a ghetto life, we used....Electrical tape to make it happen #justdoit
  Saturday:  We got to go out of the mission, and see missionaries from Columbus.....weird eh?? I kinda felt like a rebel, no worries it was totally okayed.   We taught Dan and Brother Dupre came w/ us to that appointment.....also later that night we were walking around this neighborhood looking for some new people, and we got this text from Brother Dupre which said, "D&C 31:3-8. You are on the Lord's errand! You are doing great things." Ahhh isn't he nice??? Seriously if we ever need anything he is our go to guy. However we might need to find a new bestie b/c his wife is due like next week w/ their 4th child......
  Sunday: Sacrament meeting was probably the most spiritual moment of my whole week.  It was also much needed. The spirit really helped put things in perspective for me.  Brother and Sister Cappelli spoke yesterday and I just love them. They absolutely amaze me. They moved here strictly on faith. They are from Virginia and they just both had the impression that they needed to move and so here they are....quite literally.  My whole goal in life is to be as spiritually intune as they are.  Sister Cappelli talked about their story of moving here and some good take aways from her talk were "I asked the Lord, what do you need to tell me?", "I went to the one person whose opinion really matters....the Lord!", "There are many reasons to be fearful, but there are more reasons to be faithful". Brother Cappelli also had amazing things to say.  He really centered his talk on 2 principles. God will always provide for us, and The Lord is in control.
  It was simply outstanding!!!

I love you all and those that are doing the school thing good luck on your first week :)

           Sister Christiansen

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