Monday, August 4, 2014

Englewood run continues!

Oh hey its me again,
  Turns out Englewood and I are still besties :) Going 7 transfers strong!  But hey I'm super excited b/c we have tons going on and I have lots to accomplish here still.  Sister Colton and I are going to continue to see a billion new miracles this next transfer.  The way this companionship works is like this: Sister Colton is the brains, and I just throw things out there. She makes sure we get tons accomplished, and I just go along for the ride.
  But good news we have a big week planned this week with lots to do. I am kind of hoping that we calm down a teensy bit, b/c I'm getting super worn out with the fast pace that we keep. But ohh well such is life.  
  This past week we did pretty good.  We had 38 lessons, 23 being member present, 6 new, and 6 at church. Our zone did really well too, which was great to see. We had 25 at church, and 3 baptisms this week. cool beans huh?
   So on Monday we had a goal of 3 mp and one inv, wasn't there, our other cancelled, so we had the one, and then our member suggested we go and try the other inv again so off a knocking we went, and then Sister Colton and I were praying sooo hard that something would work, and God gave us a miracle. When we walked out of the appointment we found a new inv. It seems God is always showing me that He is the one in charge of this work, and I just simply need to do as He directs me too.  
  Tuesday we went to do FHE with the Hollands and we read the story of Jonah, I haven't read that since I was in 9th grade I think. But we had this super spiritual lesson on the restoration w/ them that was super awesome. Probably one of the best restoration lessons I have taught this past transfer.  That was cool.  We love our weekly FHE appointments. Oh and we didn't have time for dinner that day so it was nice that we were able to have some super good zucchini bread.
  We never seem to have time for meals, b/c we run from one thing to another, but this week we are changing that, b/c we both really love our food :)
  Dayton has a Senior couple nowadays they are super cute. They have only been married for 9 months, but I think it'll be good to have them around.
  We have called on a bunch of members all week long. Yesterday in his testimony Brother Morales kind of mocked us for asking him if he wanted to come spend quality time with us. It was all good tho :)
  Mission Leadership Council was awesome as always. I learned lots. I even got to give one of the 20 minute trainings. The Assistants called us Thursday morning and I had to do it on Friday. I was freaking out a bit, but the other Missionaries were really nice and told me it was good, so I'm going to go w/ that :)

I love you lots! I hope that you have a fun week and as you go to Idaho just remember that church is still important :)

Love you,
 love Sister Christiansen
I still need some good things to do w/ little kids. I am running out of creative ideas to do FHE and other such things, so some ideas would be stellar :)

One last bit Miracle!!!

This Sunday we had such a miracle at church.  We took breakfast to an investigator with a member.  When she came to the door she was wearing not church clothes which was not a good sign. Then she had a few concerns about church that we were able to resolve with the member, which was really really good. She said that she would be coming along in a few minutes she just had to finish getting dressed. I knew beforehand that unless we followed her to church she probably wasn't going to make it.  Turns out I was right. She never made it to church. Sister Colton and I were a little upset!! But its okay because God loves us, and sent a miracle our way.  There were a whole bunch of people at church yesterday quite a few that I didn't know, and Sister Colton saw some lady with 2 kids that she said we needed to go talk to after sacrament meeting, because I had no idea who it was.   She left before Sacrament meeting ended, but then a few members had a prompting to go and get her, one of them followed it and introduced Alexa to me.  Turns out her life is kind of in rambles right now, and she just felt like she needed to go to church. The one that she usually goes to was closed yesterday so she told the bus driver she wanted to come to the next closest one, which miracle of miracle was ours. She said that she felt so much better and we are headed over to teach her tonight.



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