Monday, August 11, 2014

Longest Week of my Life!!!!

Hey Wonderful people!!!
  First off I have an important thing to say: Tyson Happy, Happy Birthday I love you more than most! You're my favorite brother, and I hope you have a simply fabulous day coming into the land of double digits. :)
  Second off: Jordan I hope that your Birthday is simply fabulous as well! 
  Thirdly someone tell Colton Congratulations on his Baptism!! That is so wonderful!!! The more I learn about baptism the more important it becomes to me in helping others learn about it so they can decide for themselves to take the step of coming closer to Christ.
 Onwards to my week summarization!!!
  I am going to preface the report by saying that this week I learned that I need to be a better person.  Sister Colton and I still did a lot of things, but there was so much room for improvement. I feel that I learned a lot of things about myself, and with a fresh start this week I can again refocus and be a better person. :) I just love the Atonement so much!!!!!!
  Don't worry we still taught 34 lessons, 17 mem pres and had 6 at church. :)

Monday: We had a FHE at the Tiptons house with an inv. We learned that our game really wasn't so effective at holding little kids attention, but the important thing was that we tried ;)
  Tuesday: I ate the healthiest lunch of probably my entire life. We had fruit and vegetables.....that was it. Don't worry tho, I made it slightly unhealthy by drenching everything in ranch. Brother Dupre came out teaching w/ us again.  We gave him the rocking chair to sit on and you should have seen his face when I warned him against sitting on the cushion......priceless is all I have to say!!! He is fast becoming our best friend in the ward.  He always wants to come out teaching with us and help us out as much as he is so nice!!!! Then we had Christian come out teaching with us again. Miracles happened and we were able to drag him around a few different places to get 3 mp w/ him.  It is so nice that he is willing to come out and go around w/ us.  Then we had some lessons w/ Brother Morales, and in case you were wondering, we were on time!!!! It was a big deal for us. We had to text and tell him that we beat him because it was such big news :)
  Wednesday: We had Zone Meeting, and visited w/ the Henderson's. I had one of the more interesting "conversations" of my mission. I learned some enlightening definitions to a few words.........good times had by all involved.  Oh we finished Mountain of the Lord w/ the Ballards. It was a pretty good movie. I at least enjoyed it :) But they were just so lucky that they were able to see us 3 times this week. Once w/ Christian, once w/ Sister McMurtry and once at Church.
  Thursday: We watched the Restoration w/ Jeremy and Sister Estes. I think by time I come home I might have that movie memorized :) Good thing I like it eh? We went randomly to visit this investigator that we had planned on dropping and surprise surprise....she put herself on date. It was not at all the outcome we had expected, but hey it was a good one. :)
  Friday: Sister Haas saved us!!! I love her soo, sooo, much!!! She helped us out by giving us some much needed recipes, and also some supplies that we did not have.  Also she invited us to have some lunch while we were there, so we ate something w/ actual substance....which was nice.
  Saturday: We had another lesson w/ Jeremy.....this one went wayyyyyyyyy deep!!! But he just smiled and went w/ it w/ us. We found a new investigator that lives down the street from him that has 2 grills.  It is so sweet, one on top, and one on bottom. Can't get better than that :)  But we had a sweet miracle!!!! Peter came out teaching with us!!!! It was his first time teaching w/ us.  
  Sunday: We spoke in church. I never actually wrote my talk......slight problem eh? Also I found out that morning that our Stake President was going to be about no pressure eh?!?  Don't worry, I prayed really, really hard and lets just say that Lord really, really answered my prayers. I got up, w/ less than a page of notes, and ended up speaking for 17 minutes. It was a pure miracle. I must have been boring tho, b/c as I looked out at the congregation there were at least 5 people sleeping. :) that isn't a joke
  We are having a baptism this weekend. Dan is being baptized and we are quite excited. He still wants Elder Tavake, who he calls Sun, to baptize him. But no worries it'll all be taken care of.

I love you lots, and I want you all to know that I know that this gospel is true. and that as we apply the Atonement in our lives it truly changes who we are, into something much better.
 Have a great week!!! and Tyson and Jordan I really do hope that your day is simply the best!!!!

        Sister Christiansen

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