Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hey everyone!
  So there has been sooo much that has gone on this week, and I want to try and fit as much in as possible, so there is a big chance it will just turn into a big word vomit of......everything important as it comes to my brain.
  First off: I am emailing today b/c we had a Sisters Conference yesterday, please stay tuned for more details.
  Monday: We had voice lessons. It was great, and happy day!!! I was able to actually touch my toes. Who knew that the only way for me to be able to finally touch my toes was going to be by going to voice lessons. I even sang a little something something in Italian.... We heard some real life music when we were out and about and we both missed hearing it on a regular basis...but no worries we love stuff too......
  Tuesday:We saw 10:30, and we taught Mitch, who I love a lot. Sister Kleeburg fed us dinner, and I ate some super delicious cheesecake!!! Then we visited a few other peeps. Exciting story of that day is that Sister Jacobson made chocolate cupcakes all the way from in w/ flour, cocoa, and extra baking soda.....! We did not have any baking powder so we called a member and she was a little worried about how our cupcakes were going to turn out. Turns out baking soda is 4xs more powerful than baking soda. She even called and left us a voicemail to find out how they turned out. No worries, they were delicious!!! We even gave her some to taste as well.
  Wednesday: Interviews day!!! We were at the church from 10:30-6 minus the time that we left to go get some Papa Murphy's pizza for the Porter's and the Assistants....... Lets just say we are their favorites..... :) We got to sit in and listen to the other missionaries teaching, which was good. Kind of monotonous, b/c we would watch them teach and then we would re-watch it w/ them.....I kept hearing Sister Jacobson out in the hall, and I missed being w/ her so much....Lets just say we are kinda attached to each other :) But no worries we did see each other occasionally. Isn't it weird how you can be such great friends w/ some people so fast??? I love it!!!! Poor Brian was sooooo sick of being the investigator "Woody Forrest" But hey guess what? He leaves for his mission the day that I get to go to the temple. Cool story huh?  I had a great interview w/ President and he just made me feel like a bajillion bucks as always. We had a good little chat :) We met a super cute dog named Lucy. Sister Jacobson got attacked by mosquito's. My favorite quote of the day, "Stupidity. Ohhh yes, there's lots of that going around in the human race." haha day made right there.
  Thursday: We had Zone Meeting, it turned out lovely.  Which is a good thing, we always like when the things we put some effort into turn out well. We went to a yoga studio and I videoed a Sister in our ward teaching us our cardio-kickboxing routine. Sister Jacobson learned it so that she could teach it to me, and everyone else as well.... :)  Good thing she picks up on things quickly.
  Friday: We began the day by doing the kick-boxing routine so we could teach it to others. Had a meeting w/ the Elders. Talked w/ Nick at Christian Ministries, and he decided to meet w/ us and start to legit learn about the church.....happy day!!! Sister Denison and Sister Jacobson had been working on him for awhile but now he has decided to learn so we are super excited. I used my sweet knife skills on some veggies for service, and thats about it for that day.
  Saturday: I couldn't hardly get out of bed.....I was soooo stinking sore!!!! We had a good lesson w/ Nick and Brother Kirk at the church. Our cute family that speaks Spanish are sooooooooo cute I love them. We had a bilingual lesson w/ them b/c of our sweet member. It was such a cool lesson. Sooo spiritual. We saw Jake after having not seen him for sooo long we were so happy to build bridges w/ him again. It was also Ball State's Homecoming and traffic was soooo ridiculous!! I have never seen tailgating as such. Talk about a whole new world.
  Sunday: I fasted for our special was good. We went to part of a baptism, and I met someone who reminds me so much of Kent it is crazy!! In looks, mannerisms, and soo forth.
  Monday: We went to OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooo happy I almost cried! No joke there is no place like Ohio to me. It was weird tho, b/c we did the conference in Englewood. I never thought I'd be back so that was interesting. Sister Jacobson and I did the routine and it went pretty well.....but only b/c Sister Jacobson had it down so well. Our day was super revelatory and I loved it soooo much!!! I just wish you could all hear President and Sister Porter speak b/c they change my life......w/out fail every time!!!!
  Tuesday: It is raining and Sister Jacobson and I have matching is good!! 

I love you all! Hope your week is super fab :)

         Sister Christiansen

PS We are Sister Montrose's fan club :)

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